Spotty Time App: Need for Digital Wellness

Want your kids to be safe from digital threats? Here’s how you can track, monitor, and control your kid’s screen time with this smartphone app.

Updated on November 06, 2020
Spotty Time App: Need for Digital Wellness

In the rise of Covid-19, digital platforms have become an essential ingredient of our daily lives. Since most of us are locked apart in our homes, we have lost our physical interaction with society but we are compensating the same by staying active online.

Pick one of your favorites either it is Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat each one of these tech giants has seen exponential growth in their daily traffic.

Let me give you some idea by giving you a factual anomaly, Youtube which has one of the most extensive cloud infrastructures under the sun has narrowed the bandwidth for its mobile data users upto a resolution of 480p, which is an effort by the company so that users can stay online for longer duration without running out of data.

And, the company can sustain and improve their QoQ profits, which is quite reasonable as they are in business, so they will try to maximize their assets. But, it is a completely different scenario for the users, who are using these services provided by these companies over a long span of time.

Users are just getting addicted to these services which have resulted in the negative aspects of the digital era, we have named a few below...

Negative impacts of increased digital interaction 

  • Reduced efficiency.
  • Reduced quality and duration of sleep.
  • More distress calls reported in the US.
  • Increase anxiety levels.
  • No low physical workouts.
  • Decreasing book readers.
  • More constraint on eyes.

Now we since we know the hazard, let’s move to the cure. ????

Spotty Time App: Limit screen time and block apps

Spotty time app is a one-stop application developed by STA srl, that works on the fundamentals of digital wellness and responsible parenting.

Limit screen time and block apps

Basically, it allows you to limit your loved ones’ digital interaction by limiting their screen time and blocking apps that cause a distraction. While they are meant to do something more innovative and cognitive. 

At the same time, they offer lucrative rewards too. More detailed information about the app is given below.

Top Features of the Spotty Time app under the hood

Get ready to experience some of the best features available out there in the digital wellness industry with the Spotty Time app.

1. Manage screen time

You get a completely personalized experience, the duration of the screen time limit can be managed for all days of the weeks separately. That means you can schedule the duration for each and every day in a more concise and cohesive way. It is one of the best ways to limit screen time, as they offer you a max of 180 minutes of blocking time for every 24 hrs.

Manage screen time

2. Block apps

Blocking inappropriate and distracting apps is not a complex job anymore. Everything can be controlled just under one dash, which makes it a lot easier for the responsible parents to get control of the content that their loved ones are interacting with, without wasting a lot of time on managing the access to various apps each time.

Block apps

It is just a one time process and the schedule for the whole week can be created at once, which is quite efficient in our view.

3. Rewards are on the way

Rewards are the best way to make someone learn in a more efficient and enthusiastic way. Especially the kids they love rewards. Particularly when rewards are given for being healthy and moving a step towards a more focused and healthy lifestyle.

Rewards are on the way

We think it is the best of both worlds so give it a try. Each time you go offline and move away from your phone, you are rewarded. I think this is one of the unique features that is offered by the Spotty Time app.

4. Quick sessions save the day

Quick sessions are one of the features of the Spotty Time app that allows you to quickly set screen time limits and phone usage limits. It works whenever you are in a rush and want a quick solution for your loved ones well being, digitally. 

5. Calls are there for you

In the whole process of protecting your loved ones against digital addiction, your kids never get disconnected from you. Since the app only restricts internet usage and limit app usage but the calls are never down they work the same so no worries!

Now let us see some of the contrast points


  • Proactive scheduling of screen limit time. 
  • Better app blockage. 
  • The call feature remains as it is.
  • Lucrative rewards. 


  • Only a maximum of 3 hours lock time provided per day.

Spotty Time App


This Spotty Time app offers interactive in-app purchases ranging from INR 70 – 1,550 per/item. Thus prices are quite reasonable and selective and can be worth considering.

MAD verdict 

So if you are a responsible and aware parent, who doesn't like helicopter parenting and wanted their loved ones to have a healthy and quality life. 

Spotty Time app is a must-have application on the google play store for you to give it a try. It is a well-balanced mixture of features and benefits. The best part of this stay focused app is that you get rewarded every time you improve your loved ones’ digital well being so according to me it is the best of both worlds. 

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Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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