Combster app: A video app that voices your choices

A futuristic app store for video alignment and streaming.

Updated on January 24, 2023
Combster app: A video app that voices your choices

The age of text and for that matter, the age of blunt images is passe. All the content, be it for work, personal or entertainment is mostly now available in online video content forms. Combster app is a video aggregation platform that already has millions of videos uploaded and are curating newer ones on a daily basis. The best part is these videos are categorized into easily searchable and entertainment trends criterias, wherein they are streamed individually as well as in connection with other streaming videos.

The most attractive feature of the Combster app is the honeycomb interface which makes it distinct at the outlook itself. The videos are presented and aligned on the basis of a series of connections, which may or may not be visible upfront. It seems to provide a whole new perspective to watching videos and further seeing where their content may lead to.

Combster App combs through all the Videos...

 As of now, Youtube has been the largest video streaming platform. But, the choices it presents for viewers are random options or vaguely connected. This is where the Combster app steps in. There are millions of videos uploaded through various sources and platforms around the world, including Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. Thus, the combster app acts like a video discovery engine backed with inherent logic, that enables viewers to analyze their choices of videos through newer real world connections of content.
The interlinking of various fascinating videos is based on their correlation in terms of time, place, andreal worlds and other data driven networks. This makes for a very interesting and novice way of looking at things; not just the videos, but the content that they represent as well.
Combster App is an entertainment-centric app. Thus, the videos uploaded and streamed are mostly connected to movies, tv shows, celebrities, games and lifestyle, etc. The app also features a list of events occurring on that very day in history in context of the same verticals as well as various celebrities born on that day. The app gives the viewer a clear picture of the celebrity events on a particular date.
For instance: Have you ever thought of Liv Tyler and Kelly Clarkson - what is the
connection between those two?
Combster gives you the answer directly. 

Combster lets its viewers browse through more than 6 million stories amidst 100 million
connections with more than 20 million uploaded videos. The numbers keep multiplying further by the day. It is one of the digital transformation apps that has given a new dimension to video viewing experience on the whole!!

Features of the Combster app that makes it one of the trendiest Video Streaming Platforms

The combster app is an innovative video platform that enables viewers to discover connections in video viewership and exploration. The various attributes that make up this app include:  

  1. Fresh Content Curated Daily:

    Combster app ensures its viewer gets to watch tending, yet fresh (not watched- as per their viewership history) content on every visit. The logic and work on finding these videos is diligently done by an adept set of video aggregators which form the team of Combster.

  2. Sorting of Videos

    New topics are first marked and separated by editors. The hottest entertainment trend related videos are then streamlined according to their connectivity and content features.

  3. Hexagonal Interface Design:

    The combster app does away with boring links and text connections differentiated by commas, lines or stops. The awesome interactive interface of the Combster app resembles a honeycomb  with every comb depicting a particular vertical of trending videos.

  4. Date Updation

    The app also notifies its viewers about the history of the particular date and its importance, especially in the entertainment industry.

Multiple Sources for Content: Video Content is nowadays uploaded on multiple platforms, in multiple forms. The expert team at Combster is on a constant lookout for them and divides the videos aggregated into trending interest contexts. This makes them look quite interesting and insightful.

settlement for arguments

Mad Verdict: Combster App Review

Design- 4.9 stars
Usability- 5 stars
Features- 4.9 stars
Reliability- 5 stars

MAD rates- 4.9 stars
The Combster app is a blessing for the smart-phone loving generation of today. It helps them to analyze and watch online videos that are available as per the entertainment trends, in a new light of contexts and connections. The honeycomb interface is a uniquely striking feature that gives the look and experience an unprecedented edge. The overall effect created is beguiling to say the least. User data and viewing history is stored for analysis to ensure the viewer gets to enhance user experience. MobileAppDaily provides your daily dose of the latest news on mobile applications, reviews and app store’s trending charts in our detailed app review section. It is a comprehensive platform that provides complete information about the usability, efficiency and market presence of the various applications entering and exiting the virtual space of the wide web.

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