Silver App: Addictive AI-Powered Card Game

Silver game is an addictive and free single-player game from the card games app series Silver.

Updated on May 10, 2023
Silver App: Addictive AI-Powered Card Game

Playing cards is fun when you have some free time in your hand. People have loved card games for ages and still, when we may not find to play full sets with friends, card games stay relevant through various mobile phones game adaptations. Trade card games or sum cards games have found digital transformation via many popular games on app stores. Silver App is a great card game which will hook you no time if you like card games. Even if you don't, there is a good chance you will still love what this game has to offer. 

Silver game is a great card game which uses artificial intelligence to give players a realistic experience of playing with a real person. In this Silver card game app review, we will see how it stacks up with other popular games on app stores today?

AI-backed way of playing cards, perfect for single players

Silver game is a single-player card game which allows the user to play with Artificial Intelligence. The AI adapts to the style of the player and reacts like a real opponent would react. To keep the experience engaging, the AI behaves in different ways to make you feel like you are playing with a different person every time you play a set of the Silver game. The game starts with a detailed description of the game and how to play it. The game is easy to understand and within a full set, you will be able to find your ways with this game.

Silver is created by Bezier Games, who have also created successful single and two-player games like Castle of the Mad King and One Night Ultimate. However, the goal for launching the Silver game was more than creating a great card game. It was created to be a digital adaptation or a preview of a physical board game of the same name from Bezier Games. In the past, Bezier Games had created app games adaptations of their board games, but this time they did two things differently. First, they launched the app version ahead of the physical game and second, unlike previous app games, they are offering this game for free. Bezier Games have learned that apps work as a great way to promote board games and that is how they are going to use Silver game app. Well, this is great news for us, because we get an amazing card game, free of cost. 

Overview of the Silver game

There are 14 roles, known as “residents” in this card game. Players will be trading them to decrease their total points and use their special abilities to help them along the way. The player with the least points wins the round. After four rounds, the player with the lowest total score wins the game. A game takes 10-15 minutes to complete and is full of excitement! On each turn, players have to draw a card from either the draw deck or the discard pile. They can play the card to activate its ability or exchange the card with one or more matching cards in their village. In a nutshell, it is a matching cards game with many twists. The AI’s role in the game is amazing and feels different when compared to other computer games. The game offers much more realistic than any other game in this segment.

Overview of the Silver game

Each player, in the beginning, gets five cards which are faced down, this is known as the village. Players can preview two cards from the village and proceed with the game. In the next rounds, players either have to draw new cards or reduce their deck by matching cards. In the end, the resident with the least number of cards takes it all. In a nutshell, it is a matching cards game with many twists.

What features make the Silver game a perfect past-time?

The silver game app is created by precision and offers a great experience through various features:

  • Amazing look and feel: Bezier games have completely knocked it out of the park in terms of looks and the feel of this game. It doesn’t seem like a free app. Every resident is drawn gracefully and the attention to detail is impeccable. 

Amazing look and feel

  • AI is great: One of the top AI-powered games - Silver is simply amazing. It feels like the other two-player games when you play against the AI. 
  • Practice before you take up challenges: If you play the physical Silver games, you can practice with this app before actually taking up challenges from others.
  • Detailed descriptions: The Silver app gives a couple of pages of instructions and rules for the app when you launch the app. You can access these rules anytime in the app as well.
  • Great to practice for other Silver games: Silver has other popular card games like Silver Bullet and Silver Dagger which are multiplayer. You can practice your skills with this free app before you compete with others.
  • It is FREE: No tricks, it is fully free and we also explained why.

Silver App Review

Hit and Strikes


  • Great graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Detailed instructions
  • AI makes things interesting
  • Great for single players
  • Fully functional in offline mode.
  • Introduction to other games from the series


  • No double or multiplayer mode.

MAD Ratings: 3.9

Design: 4.2
Usability: 3.8
Features: 3.6
Reliability: 4.0


In this silver card game app review, we showcased a great free game which can help you during your short breaks or your commutes. The app is created by game development veterans and it is visible in the quality of the experience the silver game app offers. The game is a digital representation of a boards game and does so effortlessly. It is easily one of the best playing cards out there and is free. I don't know why are you still reading and not downloading it right away?

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