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Updated on January 09, 2020
InstaSize Editing Photos

Whether it’s personal or for business, social media platforms have become a significant part of our lives. It’s important now more than ever for content creators to circulate attractive and engaging content on their social media channels to get their messages across. 

Social media is all about quality images and videos that you will want to share with your friends. To stand out among the sea of feeds, it’s important that your images and videos reflect your distinct and personal style. Good thing, we now have top photo editing apps that come in handy to achieve the same.  

Today, we will be sharing an app review of one such app that is a complete bundle for people who are seeking the right editing tools to create a consistent aesthetic. 

What Is the Instasize App All About? 

Instasize offers fast and easy editing options that can be utilized to make your social media images more eye-catching. With the app, you get a vast collection of filters and a variety of professional editing tools. 

The video and photo editing online app is a comprehensive creation toolkit for users to enhance their images and videos. On top of that, you can also turn your raw video and images into traffic-generating posts on social media. 


Notable Features of the Instasize App

You don’t need to be a big influencer to create big edits, edit anytime and anywhere and add a professional touch to your photographs with the help of the Instasize app. Here are some of the features of the Instasize application that make it different from other editing apps. 

1. Naturally Enhancing Filters

Using this feature of the app you can bring an HD look to any photo and maintain a cohesive feel across all your social media platforms. The app has around 80 photographers inspired by the best filters for pictures. 

2. Advanced Editing Adjustments

This photo editor app helps users to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness and much more using this app. It will help you finely adjust the details within your photo. 

3. Collage Maker App

Using this feature you can instantly combine multiple photos and can form a collage. The Instasize app gives you access to hundreds of background, text and photo collage ideas.

4. Social Media Formats

Share your photos in the way they are meant to on different social media platforms with the photo border editor app. Instasize video app lets you resize images as well as videos to get the perfect fit on every social media platform. 

5. Beauty Tools

Use Acne spot removal to whiten your skin and bring attention to certain areas of the photo, all with the help of the beauty tool option of the Instasize photo editor.

6. Pro Fonts and Text Editor

The app features a font editor through which you can add text to your pictures in 50 different unique fonts and designs.

Why should you opt for Instasize?

Explore the best photo editing apps that have been made specifically for content creators. Other than the basic features of the Instasize app, if you take a subscription to the app you will get to use these premium features. 

  • Access to 100+ premium features
  • 80 unique borders
  • Advanced beauty tools 
  • Exclusive content from social influencers to learn tips

Instasize App Review

How Much Does The Instasize App Cost?

The photo editor app is free to use for both iOS and Android users and if users wish to use premium features they can opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

Subscription Plans for Instasize App 

The Premium membership of Instasize gives you unlimited access to exclusive tools and editing options which are updated every month for premium users. 

Instasize premium membership is available for only $4.99/month and gives members full access to all the premium text fonts, beauty tools, and more handy editing options. Check out the below-mentioned Instasize App subscription plan. 

For iOS Users:

The following are the in-app purchase options that you can avail:

  • For Ad-Free InstaSize Version - $1.99
  • For Monthly subscription - $4.99
  • For Yearly subscription - $19.99

MAD Verdict - Instasize App Review

Everyone nowadays has a good phone to shoot photos but you still need an editing app to make your photos look good on social media platforms. 

There are many apps in the app store that offers photo editing tools but the Instasize app lets you resize your photos according to the platform you want to upload on. Your social media accounts are connected within the Instasize app. 

The best thing about the Instasize app is that you can connect with 500,000 social content creators over the app itself, and the app has some premium features that no other photo editor app offers to its users. 

In case you still have any doubts regarding the app, then feel free to comment on the section below and our experts at MobileAppDaily will get back to you ASAP. You can also take a look at the detailed app reviews of Android and iOS apps that are currently trending in the mobile app industry. 

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