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Pandora App Review- Music Everywhere you go

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Updated on April 03, 2024
Pandora App Review- Music Everywhere you go

We live in the golden age of music streaming, where finding free music isn’t challenging anymore. No longer is piracy the easiest way. Nowadays, you can find any song with just a few clicks. With top music streaming apps, you can explore millions of songs in the palm of your hand with no storage woes, and most of them are free to use. You can easily find various free music apps for iPhone or Android on their respective application stores. Along with that, you can also check out the free podcast apps.

With numerous top music streaming apps available in the market, it is challenging to get one reliable option that offers the best sound quality and a growing library of content. To help you get the best music app, we prepared an in-depth Pandora app review.

In this Pandora music app review, we will discuss its features, background, pros, cons, technical requirements, availability, and content library. We will rate the Pandora app considering the diverse aspects that constitute the best music app.

Background of the Pandora App

Pandora Music, formerly known as Savage Beast Technologies, was founded in 2000 by Tim Westergren, Will Glaser, and Jon Kraft. It initially started as a music recommendation engine called Music Genome Project. The company, after experiencing a series of setbacks, came up with new business models and advanced toward online music streaming.

With renewed funding and new leadership, Pandora music was officially launched as an internet radio service in September 2005. In 2009, Pandora music posted 20 million monthly users, and later down the line, by 2014, after the acquisition of Rdio, a San Fransisco-based streaming service, they launched ‘New Pandora Premium Service’ poised to compete with the likes of Spotify platform noted an all-time high of 81.5 million users.

Currently, Pandora Music company operates under its parent company, Sirius XM Holdings, an American satellite radio broadcasting company.

Some interesting facts about the Pandora Music App:

  • In the first Q1 of 2022, the Pandora music app averaged 50.55 million monthly active users. 
  • The number of paid subscribers in 2022 are 6.328 million.
  • Pandora’s revenue in 2021 was $2.072 billion.
  • Most Pandora’s users fall into the age bracket between 23 and 34 years old, representing 28% of all listeners.

Features of Pandora Music - Best app to listen to podcasts

It is one of the top music streaming apps available in the market that offers a massive content library, top-notch features, and ultimate audio capabilities. There are several music and podcast apps for iPhone and Android, but Pandora music has been on the list of best music apps since its relaunch. To provide you with a better understanding of the app, we will now discuss its crucial features in this detailed Pandora music app review.

1. Pandora podcasts

Pandora music app not only offers various online and offline music streaming services but also provides a massive ever-growing podcasts library. It is one of the best apps to listen to podcasts, as stated by various users in the Pandora podcasts review in the community. The app has over 1400+ podcasts, including SiriusXM shows and many more. You can always get on-demand podcasts with Pandora premium, plus, or radio.

Pandora Music app

2. Search and play

The Pandora music app offers search and play options to users to explore the music library. You can just find your favorite songs, artists, genres, latest releases, and global hits and add them to your collection by tapping on ‘+’. The Pandora music app algorithms will also suggest recommended stations for your mood or activity.

Pandora Music app

3. Personalization with voice mode

The Pandora music app offers personalization to its end users, i.e., you can create music stations depending on your mood preferences, and the app will personalize your recommendations. The new voice mode lets you search, play, skip, pause, control volume, and thumb up music with a simple voice command.

Pandora Music app

4. Alarm clock

The Pandora alarm clock feature was added to the app in late 2013. This features offers an alarm clock so that you can wake up to your favorite Pandora stations instead of the same old screeching tunes of your standard alarm music. This alarm clock also includes a snooze button that can be set for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.

Pandora Music app

5. Clean design

Pandora offers apps for a tremendous variety of devices, including Android, iOS, Sonos, Windows, Kindle fire, and Xbox. The mobile app is easy to navigate with a clean design interface which is highly attractive. The app is continually innovating and iterating to make the user experience more personalized, enjoyable, and enchanting.

Pandora Music app

6. Multi-platform and devices support

Pandora music app is among the best music apps for Android and iOS; however, it’s not limited to it. The app supports multiple platforms like Windows, web, Kindle fire, and more. The app also offers adds in-home connected devices for users to enjoy free music wherever you are. The app also offers Carplay support for uninterrupted music playback while commuting.

7. Music Modes

Pandora music reviews, either on the web community or the app, are positive. The major reason for this is the music modes that this best music app provides to its users. The music mode is the new way to customize your station experience. You can choose from 6 different modes to switch the music type. The six modes are

  • My station
  • Crowd Faves
  • Deep cuts
  • Discovery
  • Newly released
  • Artist only

Pandora Music app

8. High-Quality Audio

Pandora music reviews are diverse; some of them say it’s one of the best podcast apps that offer high-quality audio. We vetted the app in terms of audio signal quality for both music and podcasts. On the web player, free listeners get one level of audio quality at 64 kbps AAC+, while on the mobile app, listeners can switch between high (128 kbps) and standard audio quality in settings. For paid users, subscribers get to choose three audio quality options- Low (32 kbps), Standard (64 kbps AAC+), and High (192 kbps mp3).

9. Playlist sharing

The free plans of the app offers endless streaming of music, but you can’t create your own playlists. All you can create are stations, and Pandora’s algorithm will suggest the next songs. To get a better experience, you can thumbs up or down the song to help Pandora learn what you like. Pandora Premium allows you to create playlists, personalize them, and even share them with other users.

10. Recommendations

Pandora offers a better recommendation engine with algorithms that personalize filtering music based on a user’s choice of music, stations they listen to, and the geographical location of the users. The engine uses about 70 different algorithms that analyze content, process collective intelligence, and personalize filtering to deliver an ultimate music streaming experience.

Pandora Music app

Pros and cons of the Pandora Music app

Hopefully, the above features might have given you an idea of why Pandora Music is among the best music apps. Moving forward in this Pandora Music review, let’s know the pros and cons of the Pandora Music App.

Pros of the Pandora Music app

  • Pandora Music app download is free
  • Excellent user experience
  • Great navigation
  • Growing content library
  • Insightful album commentary
  • Displays artist tour and ticket information
  • Optimal student, military, and family packs

Cons of the Pandora Music app

  • Distracting advertisements
  • Intrusive listening requirement with free tier
  • Playlist creation is only for premium members

Pandora Music Plans and Pricing

Pandora offers diverse plans for users to match their different needs. All subscribers for Pandora plus can avail of a 30-day free trial, while subscribers of Pandora premium and all its variations get 60 days free. Here are the details of all the packages offered by the Pandora Music App.

Pandora Music app

Additional details of the Pandora Music app

Additional details

MAD Rating

Security - 4.7
Features - 4.8
Pricing - 4.8
Navigation - 4.7

Wrapping up

Hope after reading this Pandora Music App review, you become more familiar with the app’s functionality and understand how it can be used to get an unforgettable experience of personalized listening. There are various free top music streaming apps available but Pandora’s increasing user base and app downloads showcase the user’s reliability and trust in the app. The oldest and best music app offers a massive song library and the app’s algorithms work best in identifying your musical taste. Download the app and start creating stations to experience what’ve been talking about.

If you want to get your app reviewed, you can reach out to us.

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