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OBDeleven BMW Car Diagnostics - Scan Your Vehicle!

Looking for an app that can scan your car & clear faults automatically? Jump in for the best car health monitor app OBDeleven, to better understand your vehicle.

Updated on October 06, 2023
OBDeleven BMW Car Diagnostics - Scan Your Vehicle!

Technology has transformed the way we interact with our vehicles. Today, our automobiles are fully equipped with ultra-modern sensors to keep a check on the vehicle’s efficiency, features, and performance.

When your car encounters a problem, it gets reflected on the car's dashboard, which contains the warning lights to notify if anything happens inside. For beginners, it’s slightly difficult to diagnose what actually went wrong, just by looking into the dashboard. Conventionally, you’ll rush to a free mechanic shop that has the proper tools and know-how to fix the cause of the issue.

But, what if you could get the know-how with an easy-to-use card health monitoring app? In this article, we have OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app, that can smartly diagnose, read, monitor, and activate various comfort features of your car. It’s a user-friendly automotive diagnostic app that scans your car for errors and fixes them. This app works great for all Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, and Škoda vehicles.

So before giving it a try, let us brief you on what exactly the app does, how it functions, and the benefits it serves. Let’s get started with the OBDeleven app review.

What are the OBDeleven Car Diagnostics mobile apps?

OBDeleven currently has two different mobile apps – the OBDeleven app (for BMW Group and other car brand models) and OBDeleven VAG app (for Volkswagen Group VAG cars). The apps were developed by Voltas IT LCC in 2014, the creators of OBDeleven with an aim of comprehending and enhancing your vehicle. These app helps to diagnose your car, scan, analyze, read, clear, and share fault codes, program and monitor car systems, adjust and activate vehicle functions and more.

What is the OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app? 

To get stared, all you gave to do is download the correct mobile app from Google Play, AppStore, or App Gallery, create an account, plug your OBDeleven device into the car’s OBD2 port, and access your car’s dashboard with your smartphone. These apps are free to download and come up with a smart Bluetooth device operating with cloud-based automotive software that provides the functionality of professional diagnostic systems.

Technology has improved our vehicles and changed the way we interact with them, requiring advanced equipment to understand their needs. 10 years’ experience in authorized car service made us understand what daily drivers need the most. That's why we’ve developed an evolutionary diagnostic tool – OBDeleven.

-Edvardas Astrauskas, Chief Executive Officer

OBDeleven’s Key Features

OBDeleven offers unique features for different car brands. These features are then grouped into three main plans you can choose from –FREE, PRO, and ULTIMATE Plans. Each plan is designed for different driver diagnostic and budget needs. OBDeleven’s main features include:

  • Advanced Diagnostics to scan, read, clear and share fault codes, Professional Features to perform manual coding, and One-Click Apps (additional purchase) for car feature customizations for Volkswagen Group VAG.
  • Advanced Diagnostics and customizations with One-Click Apps (additional purchase) for select BMW Group models.
  • Basic OBD2 Diagnostics to scan, read, clear and share engine faults for all car brands manufactured after 2008, supporting the CAN-bus protocol.

Turn Your Mobile Into An Automotive Scanner

OBDeleven is officially licensed by Volkswagen (VAG) and BMW Groups. That’s why their mobile apps offer a perfect way to diagnose your car by providing smart features like automatic vehicle identification, sharing diagnostic data log sharing via email, observing battery status, etc. Let’s look over some of the features.

1. Automated Start/Stop System

Automated Start/Stop System

Both OBDeleven apps have the opportunity to help you deactivate the Start/Stop system with the help of a dedicated One-Click App on your Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda or BMW vehicle.

You can reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as it automatically shuts down and restarts the engine to reduce the time engine spends idling. For more details, you can watch a quick video on how it works.

2. Diagnostic Trouble Codes

OBDeleven’s mobile apps can read diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from all available vehicle control units. You can then clear & share different trouble codes – like the all-too-familiar check engine light (a.k.a MIL).

3. Multiple Control Modules 

Multiple Control Modules

The OBDeleven app reads information about each and everycontrol unit. The app supports all OBD2 compatible Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that your car supports.

4. Sharing diagnostics over email

The OBDeleven NextGen provides diagnostic data log sharing via email. This diagnostic data is collected and sent to you over email.

5. Status view with custom data 

Status view with custom data

OBDeleven mobile apps are cloud-based automotive software that provides real-time data from your car in digital gauges like observing battery status etc.

6. Engine, Equipment, and Fault code Reader

Engine, Equipment, and Fault code Reader

The OBDeleven apps show when the fault happened, how often, and other important information for resolving issues.


There are a lot of automotive apps that can perform basic diagnostics, but OBDeleven offers features of dealer level equipment. The main advantage – both the device and mobile apps are extremely easy to understand, even the Professional Features that involve coding and adaptations.

The FREE Plan comes by default with every OBDeleven device and supports all car groups. The PRO and ULTIMATE Plans include Professional Features for advanced VAG drivers only.

OBDeleven FREE Plan OBDeleven PRO and ULTMATE Plans
On OBDeleven app and OBDeleven VAG app. Available on OBDeleven VAG app only.
Offers Full Scan, Live Data, Basic OBD2 Diagnostics, Vehicle Information, One-Click Apps (with credits). Offers Full Scan, Live Data, Basic OBD2 Diagnostics, Vehicle Informtation, Coding & Long Coding, One-Click Apps (PRO), SFD Unlock, OCAbuilder (ULTIMATE), Unlimited One-Click Apps (ULTIMATE).

How can this OBDeleven app help you?

These car diagnostic apps help car owners understand and maintain their cars from their smartphones. As a driver, you can easily understand and take care of the car easily, without a need for complex and expensive tools.

OBDeleven’s mobile apps are designed to be intuitive and help understand and improve vehicles: diagnose, read, clear and share fault codes, program and monitor car systems, adjust and activate vehicle functions and more.

OBDeleven already has 1 Million downloads. This is an important confirmation that we are heading in the right direction by creating a product that can replace inconvenient equipment and be a part of driver’s daily routine,

-Martynas Šileika, Chief Information Office

This innovative automotive diagnostic software operates via a dedicated small Bluetooth device. Affordable and easy to use software that fully supports select BMW Group and Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles.

Awards And Accolades 

“The device became popular around the world for its easy configuration and ease of use.”

-Aivaras Astrauskas, Chief Operating Officer

  • At Deloitte Technology FAST 50 Voltas IT was awarded the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe 2019.
  • Last year in 2020, OBDeleven was awarded Silver in Automotive Accessories and Car Care Products Design Category by the International Design Academy 2020 at A’ Design Award competition.
  • OBDeleven has announced a winner in the Transportation/Vehicle accessories category at the “European Product Design Award”.

Future updates

The goal is to support all car brands, and BMW is next in the row (official BMW license received and work in progress). And vision is to reveal the ultimate possibilities of the vehicle and become the #1 automotive application in the world.

Pricing Details

While the OBDeleven mobile apps are free, they only work with OBDeleven’s Bluetooth products that can be purchased on Product prices start at 39.99 EUR. In-app currency - Credits - can be purchased from 1.99 EUR. PRO Plan yearly subscription is 49.99 EUR, ULTIMATE Plan yearly subscription is 139.99 EUR.


The OBDeleven mobile apps are available in the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, United States for the following models:

  • All Volkswagen Group (VAG) models;
  • BMW E (from 2008), F, G, and I-series, MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models;
  • All car brands (from 2008, with CAN-bus protocol).

OBDeleven’s offering for BMW drivers will include:

  • Full diagnostics
  • One-Click Apps

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The perfect app for every car enthusiast to interact with the vehicle. User Interface can be improved.
One-click app to customize vehicle features. OBDeleven device (FirstGen) has limited functionality.
Automatic vehicle identification from VIN.  
A cloud-based diagnostic software.  

OBDeleven Ratings and Additional Details

App Specifications of OBDeleven
Version iOS: 1.9.22
Android: 0.72.0
Ratings iOS: 4.3
Android: 4.5
Size iOS: 164.4 MB
Android: 36 MB
Category Auto and Vehicles
Last updated iOS: 14 August 2023
Android: 13 August 2023
OS iOS: 15.0 and above
Android: 6.0 and above.

MAD Ratings 

Design- 4.0 stars
Usability- 4.5 stars
Features- 4.5 stars
Reliability- 4.2 stars

Our Verdict 

OBDeleven apps are wonderful cloud-based diagnostic apps for car enthusiasts to activate or deactivate car functions. With new features like coding, monitoring, adaptations, Live data, basic settings, this app helps you monitor car systems in the most efficient way.

In the OBDeleven apps review, we found these apps easy to use and genuinely driver-friendly with an automatic vehicle identification system which makes it so strong in its domain. Say, if you forgot to tighten-up your seat belts or simply want to change the display of control buttons, lights, and use other car functions. Driving and maintaining your vehicle is really easy with this car diagnostics app. With a quick OBDeleven app download, you can personalize your VW or Audi experience in a new and exciting way.

Just go for it!

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