Rave App - Keeping Movie-buffs Closer

A scintillating social networking app that allows you to watch popular videos and chat with friends online

Updated on April 07, 2024
Rave App - Keeping Movie-buffs Closer

The technology has transformed almost everything over the past decade and is still evolving. Now, we have an app for almost everything, from shopping to even for keeping notes. Whatever you can think of, just name it,  and there you have an app serving you.

There are so many things that have enabled us to connect with others seamlessly and weave a strong bond and one of them is the growth of messaging applications. Your every basic necessity now has a touch of technology which has also made it possible for us to enjoy the videos or connect with friends on a chat within small screens, right on our palm.

Innovation can lead to many things and now it has entered your video streaming session, have you ever thought about watching videos with your friends while being able to message each other on the same screen?

Well, Your binge-watching sessions can be enchanting and fun with the Rave party planning app. With the help of this app, you can enjoy any video while chatting with your friend and can stream videos from multiple platforms that you can easily enjoy with your mates by organizing a Rave watch party anytime you want.

Let’s explore what Rave streaming app has to offer with our detailed Rave app review.

What is Rave App All About?

Founded by Mr. Michael Pazaratz on December 25, 2014,  Rave stream app is the combined version of messaging and video streaming apps to give you unimaginable experience.

Consider this, you found a new funny video on YouTube and want to show your friend by pointing out the funniest scene of that video. With the Rave watch party app, you and your friend can watch the video on your respective devices and still chat on the same screen.

Rave watch party is the only tool that enables you to sync your Netflix or YouTube account and set up a movie night without any hassle. Another important fact worth mentioning in this Rave watch party review is, in Spite of a totally unique idea of delivering the service, the app has a very intuitive design that makes it more appealing.

How to Use the Rave App?

Downloading and using Rave is hassle-free. Users can easily follow these steps to get going with the app:

  • Head over to the Google App Store or Apple App Store. 
  • Search for the Rave app and download it. 
  • The Rave app is free to download and works on both Android and iOS. 
  • After installing, open the app and log in through your Gmail account.

That’s it, it’s done. Enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Binge, chatting and so much more.

Key Features of the Rave App

The Rave app comes with features that are unique and attract users because of the multiple choices of music, videos, and chat option it offers even through this app you can watch movies with friends online. Here are some of the stand out features of the app that deserve a mention in this Rave watch party review:

  • Watch Netflix Videos With Your Friends

The Rave Netflix streaming app offers multiple opportunities to watch a movie with friends online. Users can watch things together with their loved ones while chatting with them. 

  • Stream the YouTube Videos While Chatting

Watch your favorite YouTube videos with anyone and share any video you like with the Rave video sharing feature.

  • Text and Watch Videos With Friends at the Same Time

The best part about the app is that you get to watch a Rave video and chat with friends at the same time. 

  • Synchronize Your Music

You can sync the music files and listen to all your favorite tracks in one app. That means you get double benefits in a single app.   

With Rave watch together endless videos with your friends and explore varieties of content. Rave is also the world’s first multimedia messenger app that lets you watch movies with friends online.

Can Rave App Be An Essential Part Of Your Life?

There are many distinguishable facts that apps exhibit and this is what makes every mobile application different from others. Watching movies and videos can be monotonous but with Rave, you can watch it together with your group.

The app gives you a perfect opportunity to socialize while being at your home and adds a zest to your streaming experience.
Rave app is designed to keep you safe without having to compromise on your enjoyment. There are many free movie apps serving users currently but Rave you are receiving and sharing endless content through famous streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, History, etc.
What’ more? The app not only allows you to watch videos posted on a daily basis but you can also share and watch Google Drive videos together with your closed ones.

Latest Features Introduced By Rave App

This watch together app is growing at a very fast and the latest breakthroughs made by Rave in exceptional in its own way. Let’s see what more this app has to offer:

  • RaveDJ

This feature is being talked about a lot lately. RaveDJ allows you to create your own mashup that can amalgamate 2 or more of your favorite songs while letting you listen to mashups created by users of the app. These remixes can give yo something unique to listen to.

  • Karaoke Parties

Karaoke are enjoyed by everyone and with Rave, you can host your own parties. Choose or search from a wide range of songs and sing your heart out without missing out on any lyric.
The app also offers you to join ny random watch party where you can connect with people from different regions and talk via texting or microphone. The app is perfect for people who like to socialize and connect from all around the world.

Is Rave The Movie App Free?

Rave is stacked with exceptional features can be unveiled after you choose Rave’s premium services. Below mentioned are the pricing plans of the app that allows you to watch Rave videos with no ads:

  • 1-month subscription plan comes for $1.58
  • 6 months subscription plan comes for $8.18
  • A year subscription plan comes for $13.20

Rave app continuously strives for improvement and if you subscribe to this app you would be able to enjoy unlimited functionalities provided by the app in the future.

watch movie with friends online

MAD Verdict: Rave App Review

After installing the Rave app, you will be able to stream the videos from various channels and watch with friends online. You can chat with your friend while you both watch the same video. The app is easy to use and all you need to do is to open it and you will be ready to go.

Likewise, the messaging service offers all the features of a basic chatting app including symbols, emoticons, and much more. In case you’re a web series fan, the Rave video sharing allows you to stream Netflix videos to watch with your friends. Enjoy listening to music and other videos with users across the world. You can also upload your videos to the Dropbox or Google Drive to save them for the movie nights.

For users who don’t just love listening to music but also music junky, the Rave app is a perfect blend as you can make your mashups of the song by mixing different music with the help of its DJ tool. Be that as it may, the Rave app is definitely worth a try for users who like to get an all-round experience.

So if you like this app review or have any suggestions for us, leave your views in the comments section or head over to read some of the best app reviews from various categories to gain detailed insight about other apps.

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