La Segura Mexico Insurance - Get Your Car Insured

Crossing the borders, and don’t have insurance? Tap the La Segura Mexico Insurance app to get your car insured instantly.

Updated on April 07, 2024
La Segura Mexico Insurance - Get Your Car Insured

If you are a road runner who loves to travel or have a driving profession, what is that one thing you hate when traveling between cities in Mexico?

Umm! Insuring your vehicle before every road trip? Legally, this is mandatory, but for daily life, it's annoying!

It does not matter whether you are a resident or a citizen, you cannot drive an uninsured vehicle on public roads. If you think insurance is not necessary, you need to check this fact – the US. has the distinction of recording the highest number of road accidents in the world. From people breaking traffic rules to accident-prone roads in your daily commute, there are many ways in which your car can be damaged. Therefore, auto insurance is a necessity.

Before crossing the borders in Mexico, conventionally, you would have to buy the insurance from an agent and keep its hard copy beforehand. But not anymore.

We have brought a useful app for drivers, the La Segura Mexico Insurance app which is a next-gen car insurance app that helps you to quote and buy insurance with the best coverage in Mexico.

La Segura Mexico Insurance app helps you find the best car insurance, based on your driving. Using the car insurance app, you can save multiple driver profiles, review your past policies, extend your coverage in 2 easy steps, and much more.

To know this car insurance app in-depth, let’s jump to its amazing policy insurance benefits and what are its pros and cons via this detailed La Segura Mexico Insurance app review.

What is La Segura Mexico Insurance App?

The La Segura Mexico Insurance App is a car insurance app that provides an easy way to quote and buy vehicle insurance with the best coverage in Mexico. The La Segura Mexico Insurance app provides you with a wide range of features, such as scheduling future policies, multiple drivers and vehicle profiles, one-click policy view, etc. The car insurance app helps you find best car insurance for your car or any vehicle you own.

La Segura Insurance Reviews

Why La Segura Mexico Insurance app is the best insurance app?

This policy purchase app makes it easy and convenient to purchase Mexico Car insurance for drivers that are crossing the border in their cars. The old method had to do with stopping at an agent and purchasing insurance ahead of travel, or buying it online and printing the proof of insurance ahead of time.

“Our app enables users to purchase any time of the day (or night), right from their phone and all documentation is easily available on the phone, making the whole process easy and convenient. When traveling to another country, it's stressful enough, insuring your vehicle shouldn't be something that adds to the stress.”

- Founder, La Segura Mexico Insurance

Top Features of La Segura Mexico Insurance App

Here are some of the best things the La Segura Mexico Insurance app can do for you. Let’s jump to these car insurance app features.

1. A comprehensive customer interface

La Segura Mexico Insurance app offers you a convenient way to check your insurance ID, billing, and policy information in one place. The car insurance app is available in English and Spanish language.

La Segura Insurance Reviews

2. Avoid the last-minute inconveniences

Additionally, you get an option to buy the insurance right before you’re planning to travel to Mexico. That saves your time and extra paperwork at the time of the journey.

La Segura Insurance Reviews

3. No Paperwork

The Car Insurance app provides a complete digital solution to your everyday problem. To date, you all must have bought your insurance from an agent, provided them with as many documents, and kept the hard copy of the insurance with yourself. While the La Segura Mexico Insurance app has completely digitalized the process with absolutely less or no paperwork.

4. Everything is sorted!

In the La Segura Mexico Insurance app, everything is automated, which saves a lot of your time. You can carry out car insurance actions any time of the day because most of the time-consuming tasks are automated; thus, you do not have to wait for authorization to do anything.

La Segura Insurance Reviews

5. Create Multiple Profiles

La Segura Mexico Insurance App is a boon for all those car drivers where the owner is one, but the drivers are many. It lets you create multiple profiles of drivers and vehicles on the app so that you can manage all the driver’s details from a single platform.

By using this La Segura Mexico insurance app, you can save on a variety of drivers and cars, review your previous coverage in collections or extend your already active insurance, all in order to boost your policy purchase. Everything on your La Segura Mexico Insurance app.

La Segura Insurance Reviews

6. Flexible Insurance Options

The car insurance app helps you find best car insurance that supports multiple insurance options like AIG and CHUBB.

7. One-Click Policy View

With the feature of the One-Click policy view, you can avoid keeping a hard copy with yourself while traveling. Using the La Segura Mexico Insurance app, you can show your insurance form on tapping once on the app.

La Segura Insurance Reviews

App Pricing

La Segura Mexico Insurance app download is a free car insurance app, free to download and use, with no in-app policy purchases.

What’s New!

Android (V - 12.1.7 - July 26, 2021)
iOS (V - 1.9 - Jul 27, 2021)

  • They've added a new segment of notifications, where users can receive alerts about promotions and events.
  • Users can now erase accident reports.
  • New menu section with insurance company phone numbers, so users can directly call and report an accident.
  • The new menu section is called "Emergency Guide" with all relevant information on what to do when in an accident.
  • The new menu section is called "Accident Reports" so you have a record of what, where, and how an accident occurred.

Awards and Accolades

The Founder is recognized for expertise in designing and building the best insurance systems, user experience and scalability.

Future Updates

La Segura is preparing to add an AI chatbot for customer service and offer other services to the traveling community.

About The Company

Incepted in 2018, La Segura Mexico Insurance app is an auto insurance company headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Hits and Strikes


  • Multiple drivers profiles
  • Multiple vehicles profiles
  • Save preferred payment methods
  • Encrypted and Secured data
  • Easy quote in less than a minute
  • One-click policy review
  • Car insurance comparison app
  • Easy 2-step coverage extension
  • Easily share policy documents with friends and family
  • Schedule your policies in advance and never run out of coverage
  • Free Car Insurance app
  • Available on Android and iOS


  • Contains ads

La Segura Mexico Insurance App Reviews, Rating, and other Additional Information

Additional Information

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.5
Navigation- 4.5
UI- 4.7
Security- 4.6

Our Verdict

La Segura Mexico Insurance app is a car insurance app that helps you drive safely on public roads in Mexico. Might be you have not heard of this car insurance app, but the La Segura Mexico Insurance app is among the best car insurance apps, which allows you to create multiple drivers profiles, secures your data with encryption, offers you a one-click policy review, etc. The best part of this app is the convenience, ease of use, and quality coverage at affordable rates for travelers.

The basic purpose of the car insurance comparison app is to compare and buy customized insurance, reduce dependency on agents, avoid last-minute inconveniences, and encourage paperless technology. We found the app easy to use and the go-to app for all drivers and travelers in Mexico. So, without further ado, get the La Segura Mexico Insurance app download and share your experience with us.

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