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News in Bullets App Review - Read News in Short

News in Bullets app lets you read or listen to the news in one-liners by curating the most crucial information.

Updated on May 21, 2021
News in Bullets App Review - Read News in Short

If you love keeping up with whatever is going on in the world, but have less time, News in Bullets is just the app that you need. This one of the best news apps shortens every important news trending in the world and provides a summary for you to read. News in Bullets app keeps an eye on the digital news platforms and chops all the unnecessary information from them.

The News in Bullets app download gives you access to the news database of thousands of publishers. You can also shortlist your favorite topics to read and all the irrelevant news will disappear from your food.

In this blog, we are discussing the News in Bullets app review in detail. We will go through its features and rate the app accordingly. So, if you are curious to know more about the News in Bullets app rating that we will give, stay tuned to this blog until the end.

Features of News in Bullets app

This app entered into the market, not a long back. But it has already created an impression due to its stunning features. Thus, we are discussing these features for your reference. Let’s begin then!

1. Newsreels for real-time news updates

bullet point news app

With the Newsreels, you can always stay updated with the latest daily trending news. The app displays full-screen reels just like Instagram. You get features such as like, share, and comment on each reel. If we have to put it in short, News in Bullets has found a way to make daily news updates sound interesting.

2. Read news in the shortest way possible

bullet point news app

News in Bullets app saves your time and gives you only the info you need. In the form of daily news bullet points, you get to stay updated with the latest news. Moreover, if curious, you can also click on the news to read the detailed version of it.

3. Choose your favorite genre to read

bullet point news app

Be it sports, crime, economic, or international, you have the freedom of shortlisting your favorite genres. Accordingly, you will see the news on your feed. There are topics like tech, science, politics, and lifestyle, among others existing on the app as well.

4. Listen to the news anytime you want

bullet point news app

Even if you are not free enough to read the news, you can always ask the News in Bullets app to read it for you. The app has an intuitive reader algorithm that reads the news in the realistic way possible for a program.

5. Use dark mode to protect your eyes at night

bullet point news app

The app allows you to read news bullets in the dark or light mode as per the time. This feature is integrated to offer you a smooth app user experience. Moreover, the dark mode also protects your eyes at night.

6. Access local or global news easily

bullet point news app

With this bullet point news app, you can easily select the preferred city from anywhere to explore local news. Moreover, you also get to enjoy international news instantly from anywhere in the world.

Pros and Cons of the News in Bullets app

Moving further, we will discuss a few pros and cons of the app to figure out its current potential in the market. Moreover, it will also give an insight into issues that users might be facing.

Pros of News in Bullets app

  • Free access to local and international news
  • Available in many languages such as English, Albanian, Afrikaans, and more
  • It allows you to mark a city to access local news
  • You can even listen to the news if you want
  • Explore news of many genres such as tech, science, weather, etc

Cons of News in Bullets app

  • It includes advertisements

Other information for the News in Bullets app

bullet point news app

MAD Ratings

UI- 4.6
Features- 4.7
Navigation- 4.7
Security- 4.5

To conclude, News in Bullets app is the future of the news reading apps. As the world is getting faster and people do not want to invest much time into reading detailed articles, News in Bullets has a great future ahead.

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