Map Note 2 App Review- Write Without Limitations

Write without worrying about the space!

Updated on November 26, 2021
Map Note 2 App Review- Write Without Limitations

With the invention of smartphones, the burden of keeping diaries and notebooks to keep the information safe is so old-fashioned now. Today, tablets and smartphones are all you need to keep documents, long notes, and books safe with other features such as easier accessibility.

However, some offline and online notes makers still come with limitations. You either do not get enough space on single pages to make notes of everything, or endless ads keep interrupting you between your crucial tasks.

To save you from such issues, Map Note 2 for iOS was brought into existence. On this amazing note creator app, you get to organize your notes hassle-free. It’s simple to use and designed to ensure that you have nothing but a comfortable digital notes maker that you can use anytime.

In this blog, we will go through some important features of Map Note 2, a digital sticky notes maker for your smartphones. So, stick with us until the end to know more.

Background of the Map Note 2 for iOS

Founded by Naoya Enokida on January 09, 2020, Map Note 2 infinity notes app is designed to eliminate issues like the limited size of papers. It allows you to put your ideas on digital paper without having to worry about space availability.

“ I think the way the brain works when thinking about ideas is random and radial rather than linear. Traditional notes that need to be written sequentially from left to right are not very suitable for this process. If you use this infinite size notebook application, you can freely spread your ideas from the center of the page, so you can come up with ideas more naturally.”

-  Naoya Enokida, Founder- Map Note 2

Features of the Map Note 2 app

This best notes app for iPhone is designed with some amazing features that users will surely find crucial. From students to professionals, the notes app for iOS is a suitable tool for every age group of users. To understand more about how the best note-taking app for iOS can benefit you, let’s have a look at its features.

1. No limitations of page size

Map Note 2 app

The first feature that we have to talk about in this Map Note 2 review is the freedom it gives from the limitation of page sizes. You can write as much as you want on a single page, and the app will support it. Thus, no more making multiple pages or using paint apps to create simple graphics. Just write and create those graphs on a single page without losing track or having to find them separately later.

2. Add images easily

Map Note 2 app

In this notes maker app, you can also easily add images by using the copy-paste feature. Pick an image from anywhere and paste it on the page to add. Also, the note creator will let you magnify each part of the image anytime you want.

3. Use folders to organize notes

Map Note 2 app

For each day of the class or every note for meetings, you can create separate folders. These folders will help you in finding these notes easily and, you will be able to keep a track of each and every piece of information you save on this online notes maker tool.

4. iCloud backup

Map Note 2 app

One of the top features that you will love in this one of the top aesthetic note-taking apps is the ability to enable iCloud backups. So, no more losing data even if you lose your phone or face any hardware or software crash.

5. Pricing

The last feature that we think we should talk about in this Map Note 2 review is the pricing factor of Map Note 2. The digital notes maker does not have annoying interruptions like ads. However, you need to make a one-time payment to buy Map Note 2, the top notes app for iOS. It costs $5.99 to get lifetime access to the app.

Pros and cons of the Map Note 2 app

To understand the best notes app better, it is crucial to understand its pros and cons. 

Pros of the Map Note 2 for iOS

  • No ads
  • Unlimited page size
  • iCloud backup support
  • Easy to use
  • Available on iPad and Apple Pencil as well
  • Suitable for students and professionals

Cons of the Map Note 2 for iOS

  • No free version is provided

Other information for this Map Note 2 app review

Other information

MAD rating

Features- 4.6
Navigation- 4.7
Pricing- 4.1
Security- 4.3

This Map Note 2 app review gave us an insight into its features and technical information that can be helpful for us in judging. The online notes maker is a perfect tool that will surely come in handy in related needs. The best feature that we personally liked in this best productivity app is, you can create notes, drawings, and more on a single page without worrying about it getting filled. Also, the scaling feature helps us in zooming in a specific part of the page, which is also a great advantage.

So, in the end, we think that you should definitely go for the Map Note 2 app as it’s reliable and it has every feature that you need. Now, if you own a smartphone app as well and want to get your app reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily experts and get it done. It will help your app from a marketing perspective.

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