The Happiness Planner: An App for Happy Go-Getters

The Happiness Planner app helps you with personal development and infuses positive thinking.

Updated on April 07, 2024
The Happiness Planner: An App for Happy Go-Getters

Lord Buddha once said,

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

But is there enough happiness around us? We doubt.

According to the 2019 World Happiness report, people around the world are progressively getting entangled in negative feelings. And it has spun us in the web of melancholy and bleakness.

It’s often said that our inner world drives our outer world. So, if you wish to make a change in your life, start making improvements from within. To achieve the right balance, we have got one of the best productivity apps called The Happiness Planner that is designed to streamline your life through planning and journaling tools.

The app’s vision is to,

"To inspire people to live a purpose and passion-driven life, and to find happiness from within."

The Happiness Planner app is available in two versions:

  • January - December
  • July - June

If you want to know more, scroll down and check out our detailed The Happiness Planner app review.

About The Happiness Planner App

The goal planner app helps you in exploring the values, beliefs, strengths, personality traits, and weaknesses. You can set goals to understand emotions, thoughts, and behavioral patterns better.

To put it simply, the inspirational planner app helps you with:

  • To stay happy
  • Align the actions and goals as per your nature & core values
  • Gain self-awareness
  • Manage your emotions effectively
  • Master your habits

The app is designed based on the following four key sections: 

1. The Happiness Roadmap

This section comprises of a set of questions that you need to ask yourself to set goals. Once these goals are achieved, you are bound to feel truly fulfilled. In short, the section helps you to be more self-aware.

2. The Planning Pages

At the onset of every month, there is a page on the app where you can set personal and professional goals. Then the self planner app presents you with visualization and positive affirmations to keep you boosted to achieve the set goals. It, in turn, will keep you stay focused and motivated.

3. The Daily Pages

As the name of this section suggests, it focuses on making every day awesome by infusing inspiration and in the end, you will end up breathing a great week. And if followed in a cycle, you can get a charge out of fulfilled months, years, and so on.

4. The Reflection Pages

When you set goals, it’s crucial that you track your progress after intervals. This section highlights the highs & the lows of each week and month. Also, it suggests you with ideas to better your score.

How to Go With The Happiness Planner App?

To start, you need to devise a happiness roadmap that will include questions about your life. Consequently, in the first section itself, you will become more about your lifestyle and habits, which you might be performing unconsciously.

Many of you might get entangled in the goals and period you need to set. Cheer up; you can actuate the 100-day planner if you have any specific goal that you wish to achieve. The 100-day planner combines:

  • Daily layout with weekly planning
  • Reflection pages
  • Daily inspirational quotes

The self planner app is a phenomenal tool to balance both work and personal life throughout the year.

The Happiness Planner App Features

To keep up with the mood of the user, the planning application is packed with tons of features that are stacked in different sections. The following are some of the promising sections of the app:

1. Daily Inspirational Quotes

To go on with, you need motivation and starting the day with inspirational quotes seems to be a decent idea. The inspirational planner app commits daily inspirational quotes so that even if you had a bad day before, these quotes could keep you going on with positive thoughts and energy.

2. Today I’m Excited About

It’s good to stay uplifted throughout the day and in this section, you can remind yourself of the things you are excited about.

3. Today's Goals

We all start a day with some motive. For some, it can be getting a job, and for some others, it can be their productivity that they wish to better. In this section, write objectives of the day and the to do and calendar app remind you of the positives you want to achieve.  

4. Exercise & Meals

If you are the one who wants to strike the right balance between your meals and exercise, then you this little section to keep a track of the diet and lifestyle. After all, meal and exercise go hand in hand.

5. Schedule

Rather than taking note of the schedule on a notepad or scratchpad, it’s better that you list your schedule on the planning application. Here you can pen down all the details of your schedule like Skype calls, webinars, and TV shows.

6. Good Things About Today

You can’t expect every day to be perfect. There are times when may get embroiled in something or else and such incidents can make you sick at heart. Therefore, in the ‘Good Things About Today’ section of the motivational planner app, you can write down about the glimpse of the day and focus on the good things.

7. What I'm Grateful For

At the end of the day, better you spare a couple of minutes for yourself and ponder over the things that you are grateful for. A sense of gratitude can completely change your perspective and help you to brighten up the day.

8. What I Hope for Tomorrow 

As the great Albert Einstein says,

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

The impact of positive affirmation is unparalleled. Everything starts with a dream and if you dream big, nothing can stop you from achieving it. 

The Happiness Planner App Subscription Pricing and Terms

The productivity app is free to download and use, but that if for the first 30-days. In this period, the app will offer all the features including the premium ones. Once the period is over, the premium features will be rolled back and you can access only Schedule & To-Do features.

To reaccess the premium feature, you need to shell out some bucks. The premium subscription plan includes access to the web app, as well. The subscription plans of the task calendar app are as follows:

  • Monthly: $3.99
  • Annual: $36.99

The subscription is auto-renewal and if you wish to discontinue your subscription, you need to cancel it before 24 hours of the renewal date.

MAD Verdict: The Happiness Planner App Review

Who doesn’t want to be happy? And if it’s through one of your best buddies like smartphones, it becomes convenient because of the sense of insecurity. Ofttimes, there are things that you can’t share with not even with your closed ones. In such a scenario, an app like The Happiness Planner can come really handy.

Not only the to do list calendar app will guide you on the right path, but also, you will understand yourself better and can figure out your emotional patterns. As not every habit is healthy and everyone needs soul-searching.

With this motivational planner app, you will live in the present rather than worrying about future complications and eventually, you will end up with inspiring stories.

The Happiness Planner app has all the ingredients to weave a happy and contented life.

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