Kindu App: Get romantic date ideas for couples.

Spice up your love life and tell your kinks without getting awkward. Explore thousands of romantic ideas and find what your partner loves.

Updated on April 07, 2024
Kindu App: Get romantic date ideas for couples.

What is open love? Is there an app for couples to meet other couples? Looking for something like this, hold on, we’ve got your back. Kindu, a romantic app for couples has identified and addressed a great problem which many couples experience. Love is like a lamp which has to be refuelled regularly. But due to several reasons, the flame of that lamp starts to shimmer after a while. Kindu for couples has figured out a brilliant way to revitalize lovemaking and make you twenty-something again. 

Kindu provides a solution to an age-old problem faced by couples all over the world and that how to break the ice with your partner. Even after being with each other for some time, people hesitate to discuss or share what they feel about their love life. People usually don’t discuss if they want to change or add something to their merrymaking or if there any hidden desires or kinks they want to explore. The reason for the hesitation is simple, the fear of rejection. Kindu has solved this problem with the help of technology. It is not only a great app for couples to play but is full of thousands of relationship ideas for you to explore. In this Kindu app review, you will know everything which makes it the best apps for couples. 

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What is Kindu?

Kindu is one of the best dating apps for couples which helps you to communicate with your partner like never before. Don’t want to talk about something that may make your partner uncomfortable? Kindu will take care of it. It was created by a team of doctors who are inspired by sexual health. It has thousand for ideas for couples. From romantic date ideas to romantic places in cities to be visited with the person you love, from deep desires to your secrets, it will guide you back to the heart of your lover. You can explore these ideas and wink the ones you like. If your partner likes them too and winks as well, you both will be notified. If not, your partner will not get any notification. 

Kindu - Why to use?

Kindu was created to bring couples closer and make them try something which is deep inside their hearts but they are unable to express. The purpose of the app is communication, connection, novelty, and joy. It allows couples to explore their innate carvings and share them with their lover, privately and safely. It will put the adrenaline back where it belongs and set the hearts racing. It keeps suggesting romantic ideas and help you bring some excitement into the bedroom.

Some sweet features of Kindu 

Kindu is packed with features tailored specifically to make your love life better. Take a look at some of its attributes 

  1. Full of ideas

    It features thousands of couple fantasy ideas, romantic ideas to date ideas or suggestions to heat-up the things. There is so much that one life isn’t enough to try them all. 

  2. Blind match system

    Kindu features a system which protects you from getting embarrassed in front of your partner. Feel free to wink the kinkiest of your desires. If your partner doesn’t concur, he/she will never get to know about it.

  3. Protects your privacy

    Kindu uses password protection to keep your private life private. They use a secure channel using SSL for all data transfer. 

  4. Use on different devices

    FIt is difficult for users to remember after some time what all they bought but this shopping list remembers everything.It’s a true couple app, hence, if you get the paid version, it can be used on two separate devices..

  5. Create favourites

    If you like a romantic idea, you can mark it as a favourite and create a list of your favourite ideas. 

  6. Leave your mark 

    Wildcard feature lets your partner see your idea. Propose anything, get creative. 

How it works - 

This dating apps for couples is made easy and is almost intuitive. 

  • Once you have downloaded the app and created a profile, connect with your partner by searching them with their username. 
  • Once you are in, select categories to see ideas
  • Saw an idea you like? Wink it right. If your partner winks it right too, in his/her app. You will have a match.
  • Match means you and your partner have winked on the same idea. It’s time to act.

Pros -

  • One of the fun apps for couples, it helps to share your desires.
  • Innovative and address a real-life issue.
  • Full of great relationship ideas.
  • Password protected
  • Maintains anonymity
  • The free version offers a lot


  • Slow, specially Kindu app for android
  • Developers need to address the crashes and bugs which happens a lot
  • No response for bugs and lags
  • Fewer updates

 Kindu app for couples

MAD verdicts: Kindu app

Design- 3.8 stars
Usability- 4.1 stars
Features- 3.5 stars
Reliability- 1.0 stars

We hope, Kindu app has ended your search for - Is there an app for couples to meet other couples? Kindu app for couples can be one of the best relationship apps out there if developers resolve the problems many users are expecting, evident from the comment section of both app stores. Developers need to find ways to make the user experience better, and hold accountability especially related to paid products. The never-ending wait and slow response take the fun out of it. If this problem is taken care of, then there is no doubt that it is one of the best apps for couples available. Kindu is full of couples fantasy ideas and quirks like good code words for couples. If these problems are resolved, it can easily become favourite for many couples. For more such app reviews and updates on mobile technology, explore MobileAppDaily.  

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