Norton Family App: Make Web Surfing Safe

Keep your children protected from unsuitable web content and keep an eye on their internet habits with Norton Family App.

Updated on April 03, 2024
Norton Family App: Make Web Surfing Safe

The Internet can be a dangerous place, especially for young ones with vulnerable minds and sensitive hearts. It's a concern for every parent to control what kind of content is accessible to their children and how they should be allowed to use it. Existing internet freedom may be essential for adults, but children’s access to the internet should be monitored deeply. It is the responsibility of every adult to inculcate healthy internet practices in children around them and educate them to balance their digital and real-life, to make their futures better. 

Though the above said lines were easier said than done but Symantec Corporations has created a perfect solution to make “internet parenting” a much easier job. Norton Family App is a perfect way to keep your children safe from the filth of the internet and beyond. Moreover, it gives much more control in the hands of the parents, to not only supervise what and when their children are visiting, but it also allows them to supervise the screen-time to check how much time their kids have spent on the device. 

Norton Family protection app comes with a long list of features which are quintessential to keep your children away from the hazards from the internet. From keeping an eye on their social media accounts, to save them from trolls and cyberbullies to supervising their searches, keywords and terms to get a deeper understanding of their interests and inclinations, Norton Family mobile app does it all. It helps the parents to block unsuitable content on the internet and set online time-limits for every child individually. Currently, Norton Family App is free for download with all of its features for up to 6 months. 

In this Norton Family App review, we will explore the ins and outs of this amazing parental control app. Keep reading to know why it’s the best time to download this app and try its premium version with all the features, absolutely free and with no financial obligations.

Norton Family App will help you keep your kids safer online and teach better internet habits

Norton Family App comes with a long legacy of internet security. It is a part of the Norton product family, developed by Symantec Corporations over the years. The company has created successful and hugely accepted products including Norton Security (the famous anti-virus software), Norton Small Business, Norton Mobile Security, Norton Online Backup, Norton360, Norton Utilities, Norton Computer Tune-Up and many more. To enhance transparency between parents and children and attempting to create an open and ongoing dialogue between them, in 2009 Symantec launched a beta version of Norton Family Control App with the announcement of Norton Online Family Advisory Council. Since then Norton Family has amassed more than 1 million users on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Supervise your children and help them develop a balanced life with Norton Family protection

Norton Family has been designed to give parents everything they need to make sure that their children can browse the web in the safest and organised way, without losing track of their off-screen life. 

Supervise web activity

With Norton Family parental control, parents can supervise what their children are surfing and visiting over the internet. Parents can use up to 47 filters categories, like alcohol, violence, pornography etc. to block the unwanted content while their children browse the internet. Parents can monitor all web activities through the app's dashboard.

Norton Family

Monitor time spent with the device

Norton Family allows parents to monitor how much their children spend on which apps and websites. Parents can review in-depth analysis of their child’s internet habits and can initiate conversation whenever seems necessary. Patents can allot screen time per device for every child and can monitor their activity easily through their device. Different schedules can be created for weekdays and weekend usage. 

Norton Family

Block unwanted content and lock your child’s device

Parents can use the Norton Family parental control app for blocking websites on their children’s devices. They can also lock the child’s device to stop unwanted access. Norton Family allows parents to keep a healthy on-screen and off-screen balance in the lives of their children.

Norton Family

Get email alerts and monitor social media accounts of your children

Social media can be destructive for children especially if not supervised by parents. Many cyberbullies and trolls find ways to distract young children and hard them in the process. Norton Family is a complete parental control app, allowing parents to monitor social media accounts of their children and also get their email notifications. 

How to set up Norton Family App

Setting up Norton Family App is like setting up any other user-friendly software. It would be much more familiar if you have experience of using any Norton Products. Here are a few steps you can use to set your children’s devices with the Norton Family protection.

Step1: Visit Nortal Family, download the app and register for a 30 days trial period. (If you download before 30th September 2020, a 6-months premium will be awarded for free.) Set up your child’s account.

Norton Family 

Step 2: Now follow the given instructions and download the software client in your system. 

Norton Family

Step 3: Link your child’s device with the client and allot a login password to the child. 

Norton Family

Step 4: Install Norton Family app on your child’s phone. There are a Norton Family Android app and Norton Family app iPhone for both platforms. Use the App dashboard to monitor, filter and block the content on all the devices connected with the forward client. 

Norton Family

Use Norton family for 6 months Norton free of cost

Users can download Norton Family free version and use all of its features for 6 months. This option is only available till 30th September 2020 and users downloading after that will only get a 30 days trial period. After that, the app has to be used on a paid subscription basis.

Hits -

  • Easy to install and connect
  • Sync all devices and keep monitoring easy
  • Select who will use the device and when
  • Keep an eye on social media and emails
  • Elegant and minimalist design
  • Comes with lock feature for devices
  • Find the location of your child
  • See the search preferences of your child
  • Free for 6-months

Strikes -

  • Only 30 days trial period after 30th September
  • Not available for Mac

The verdict

Design- 4.1 stars
Usability- 4.3 stars
Features- 4.2 stars
Reliability- 3.8 stars

Rating - 4.1 stars

This Norton family review highlighted a few features of this amazing app.  This app not only allows you to let your children explore the web in a safe environment but also saves them from bullies and cyberattacks. You can keep an encouraging atmosphere and yet have complete knowledge of your children’s habits and interests, all from the dashboard on your screen. With a 6-months free period, there is no way anyone should miss this amazing app. This Norton Family Parental Control review highly recommends this app for every parent who wants their kid to be safe from unwanted dangers. It is easily one of the top parental control apps for iOS and Android platforms today. For more app reviews, stay tuned to MobileAppDaily.

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