MMGuardian App: AI-powered Parental Control

MMGuardian App helps parents in keeping an eye on what their children are getting exposed to and keeping control of their activities.

Updated on October 08, 2020
MMGuardian App: AI-powered Parental Control

Parental control apps have been a popular choice among parents for managing their children’s online activities and screen time. The reason is increasing cyberattacks and the number of cyber predators. There are more dangers on the internet today and naive children are most vulnerable to those dangers. As much as phones and other internet devices have helped our lives, they have also surfaced some new problems for us. 

MMGuardian parental control app is a perfect way for parents to stop stressing about their children’s phones. MM Guardian app offers parents a complete solution which will help them in keeping an eye on the online activities of their children, scanning their texts for any alarming words, scanning exchange of media and social media activities. MMGuardian parental control app was founded in February 2012 by Pervasive Group Inc to offer parental control, promoting family safety and safety of parents, children and teens with mobile devices. Since then they have scanned more than 2 billions of messages and saved people from unseen dangers.

In this MMGuardian app review, we will discuss the best aspects of this parental control app, see if it's lacking anywhere and should you give it a shot or not? 

A Parental Control App that will help you protect your children 

The Internet is full of cyberbullies and attackers who can hurt your children and loved ones in more ways than one. With the increasing number of devices in our lives and our dependency over them, it is important to engage a solution which can help you monitor what your children are getting exposed to online. It is also becoming difficult to find a balance between digital life and real life. 

With the MMGuardian app now parents can have complete control on what their children should consume on the internet, set a schedule for the usage, set a timer for apps and also block them out wherever necessary. Parents can have a detailed report on what their children do with their devices, check their messages and other conversation and also keep an eye on their social media activities. One of the best parental control apps, MMGuardian app gives complete control of the children's devices in the hands of parents. 

MMGuardian app safeguards the internet surfing experience for children and eliminates any risk of bad social conduct on the internet. A survey reports that more than 90% of teens have an online presence and of these 37% face some kind of cyber-bullying in their lives. 27% of teens have been sent cruel messages online and 42% of teens have faced harassments of social media platforms like Instagram. In conclusion, a whopping 83% of teens feel that social media companies should take more steps to stop cyber-bullying and related crimes. 

Well, this is where MMGuardian comes and bridge the gap. MMGurardan provides all the necessary tools which social media fail to provide. Packed with various safety features, it is a one-stop solution to ensure the safety of your loved ones online. Apart from giving a complete report on online activities, it also services as a filter for inappropriate content which can be used by parents. To complete things off, it always keeps the parents informed about the location of their children making sure of their safety at all times.

MMGuardian Parental Control App is a complete parental control package for modern parents

guardian app offers a whole bunch of parenting solutions which are necessary for keeping your children safe and monitoring their productivity. Here are some of its top features:

Check messages and get keyword-specific alerts.

MMGuardian scans all the messages your children send and receive and also make them available for your review. You can also use specific keywords like “suicide”, “drugs” etc to receive instant notification if that word is used in the conversation. 

MMGuardian App

Screen time tracker which offers a complete analysis

With MMGuradian parents can check the screen time their children spend on their devices and also can get an app wise detailed analysis. MMGuardian reviews the child’s phone and the track notification to parents of any illicit activity.

MMGuardian App

Control the app usage or block when necessary

Parents can use its app control function for scheduling the usage of apps like Snapchat and Instagram, can check children’s activities, track notification of apps and also enable parents to lock unlock screen of those apps on the child’s device. Give the time limits screen when children are allowed to use the app for a limited time.

MMGuardian App

Call and message blocking 

Parents can block calls and texts from a particular number or completely block the phone use whenever necessary. 

Web search filters for safe surfing

Keep children protected from internet hazards, Filter content that reaches your children's phone and save them from something they should not be getting exposed to. 

MMGuardian App

Track location of phone

MMGuardian app can also be used as a tracking app to track location of phone your children use at any given moment.

MMGuardian App

How to use MMGuardian

MMGuardian is easy to set up and use. Follow the steps. 

Step 1: Download the app on the child's phone, register the app with an email account and put a password.
Step 2: Follow the instruction to set up 
Step 3: Download app in parents phone
Step 4: Login using an email account and password
Step 5: Use the app to manage, monitor and keep an eye on your kids

MMGuardian App

Hits and Strikes


  • Easy to set up 
  • Notifications for illicit activities
  • Keyword specific search
  • Location tracker
  • App control


  • Bugs and crashes
  • No effective uninstall protection

MAD Ratings - 3.8
Design: 4.0
Usability: 4.2
Features: 3.8
Reliability: 3.2


MMGuardian is a perfect app for every parent who is concerned about their children’s digital presence and wants to save them from all kinds of internet hazards. It come with some really useful features like keyword specific notification, app control and much more. It is designed to ensure a supervised online experience for the children and taking away the pressure, parents have to deal regarding their children’s online activities. It allows parents to block unwanted content, harmful websites and unnecessary social media platforms from being opened. For better time management and life balance, parents can schedule the usage of apps and change the time according to their preference. It gives complete control of the children’s phone without hindering their privacy. If you find your children trying to access something which is dangerous or talking to someone they should not, you can talk with them and make them understand their mistake healthily, without jeopardising your relationship with them. It is a perfect app for ensuring yours and your family’s safety and with its 14 days free trial, every parent must give it a shot and decide for themselves.

We hope that this MMGuardian review has brought some insight to you and helped you know more. App owners who want to reach more people, get your app reviewed by our industry experts.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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