Fret Zealot App: The New Guitar Guru on the Block

Fret Zealot App is an incredibly smart way to learn and play the guitar for novices, learners and even the pro’s. It is one stop shop for all Guitar Enthusiasts out there.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Fret Zealot App: The New Guitar Guru on the Block

It is well said that Music speaks the heart’s language of the musician. But, what if the musician is unable to speak to the instrument in the correct manner? Playing Guitar has been a passion for millions around the world. Its humble, yet soulful strings are known to strike a special chord within the minds and hearts of the listener and the musician as well. But, playing the guitar well is no child’s play and certainly not a day’s job. In fact, most of the immature tend to play very hoarse sounds from this angelic instrument; with no actual fault of theirs. The concept of playing a musical instrument involves learning its technical notes, their usage, and stream of sounds which in all takes a long time. Fret Zealot is the best guitar-learning system that accelerates this complete process at an unbelievable pace. 

Fret Zealot Review

Gauging a Guitar Genius

Some of the best and the most passionate Guitar players have honed their skills with years of practice on the various scales and chords, learning them and mastering them before a worthwhile tune plays out from their favorite instrument. It requires lots of focus, patience, time, money, and efforts. Thus, there are a whole lot of Guitar enthusiasts who end up buying the Guitar and then not playing as they are unable to learn how to play the guitar. There are another lot of individuals who leave the art mid-way or tend to come back to it not knowing exactly where they left off, leading to a lot of time and effort wastage. 

"We want people of any skill level to be able to play," these are the passionate words of entrepreneur Shaun Masavage, co-founder FretZealot; also a guitar enthusiast. In accordance, Fret Zealot is a holistic guitar tutoring system which includes a fretboard(hardware) and a synchronized guitar lesson app, which together form the best way to learn to play guitar.

The user may purchase a guitar model that may inspire them or match their particular taste. The guitar fretboard is a LED-enabled tool that can fit into any or all of these models. When synchronized with the free Fret Zealot App, it transforms the guitar into a fret zealot guitar that the user can play with ease and precision.

The Fret Zealot app enables the user to learn to play guitar at their own sweet pace. The app inculcates more than 10,000 scales and chords and notes that lets the user learn to play the guitar in the most engaging manner possible.  In fact, the user may play a part of a song that the user may find tough to play in particular. The Fret Zealot led guitar learning system ensures help for each guitar enthusiast all the way.

  Best way to Learn Guitar

With no requirement of downloading notes and documentations, or looking for personal sessions to learn the guitar, Fred Zealot enables users to learn while playing  their favorite track on the guitar itself. Once the guitar fretboard is attached to the app, the best app for learning guitar then guides the user about the string and the placement of the thumb required to play every note in the form of LED lights that flash through the fretboard.

Best Way to Learn Guitar with the Fret Zealot led Guitar Learning Accessory

Learn to play the guitar at an initial or an advanced stage with one of the best e-learning apps includes the following steps:

1. You could be using a standard tuning guitar or an open e-tuning guitar, the Fret Zealot works with all models and sizes. If the user knows how to tune a guitar, it is a first step ahead. Or they may learn about tuning a guitar using the courses available on the Fret Zealot App. 

2. The LED lights based Fretboard (priced at USD200) can then be attached to the stem of the guitar just over the frets. The fret lights guitar is ready to play. Now, the user needs to download the free fret Zealot app, which is undoubtedly the best guitar lesson app from the android or the iOS store.  

3. The fret zealot guitar shall display the perfect spaces for the user to put their fingers on for playing that perfect tune. The host of colors on the LED lights are another treat for the viewer's eyes. As the best learning app, Fret Zealot can be made to show the notes, chords, and scales for easy playing as well. 

4. The Fret Zealot app inculcates several courses that help to learn to play guitar easily.

Simply stating, this guitar learning app system is the most intelligent way to learn guitar.

Features that make Fret Zealot the Best Way to Learn Guitar

1. A beautiful LED backed guitar accessory.

Fret Zealot includes an LED accessory that lights up the user’s fretboard finger locations in any color and various patterns. It gives an overall ‘rock concert’  look to the guitar.

2. Learn how to play the Guitar

With Fret Zealot installed on your guitar, this app lets the user learn quickly and intuitively without the constant distraction of looking at books, videos, or sheet music to find out where to put their fingers.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

The Fret Zealot App connects to the guitar fretboard wirelessly via Bluetooth. It makes the overall usage of the system pretty easy and approachable.

4. Holistic courses to learn how to play guitar

The app has a number of clear and distinct Video Lessons, Full Courses, Chords, Notes, Scales, Metronome, information, etc. which help any learner to learn the intricate sound details as well as playing tunes on the guitar.

5. A long Playlist of Songs

Fret Zealot includes more than 70,000 already and a further expanding set of Songs, for a commendable guitar playing experience. Thus, it in itself also serves the purpose of a holistic music app for music lovers.

6. One Size ‘fretboard’ fits all

Fret Zealot has versions to fit all full-size guitars (scale length 24.75” - 25.5”). The fretboard fits both acoustic and electric guitars. Even Concert and fret zealot ukulele versions are now available.

7. Enables Self-Learning of the Guitar Playing Process and Details

With varied options of chord progressions and chord diagrams and arpeggios to choose from, the user can self learn what he or she may wish to play. These details aand technicalities are well enumerated to ensure the user understands them in first go.

8. ‘AI Mode’

The is a special AI-backed mode feature in Fret Zealot . While playing on the fretboard, the app waits for the correct note or chord to be played by the user before moving on to the next note.

standard tuning guitar

MAD Verdict: Fret Zealot Review

Design- 4.8 stars
Usability- 4.8 stars
Features- 4.7 stars
Reliability- 4.8 stars

MAD rates- 4.8 stars

Fret Zealot is one of the best ways to learn to play guitar. It is a simple instrument that is pasted on the stem of the guitar with LED lights that shows the user exactly where to place their fingers to strike the correct notes of a tune, song, etc. The simple-looking intuitive app makes guitar learning seem easy and fun, without leaving any stress on the user's neck or mind to read the notes from a tutorial or book again and again. The colorful lights also attract attention and give a rock concert feel to the learning experience. All-in-all a fun app meandering through a tough task successfully. The app has thus made it to the MobileAppDaily‘s exclusive list of learning apps. In line with this Fret Zealot Review, there are various other informational app reviews and knowledgeable content about apps entering the mobile market in the app review section of MobileAppDaily.

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