Folio: A Digitized Wallet For Cards And IDs

An app to store all your IDs and cards without any hassle.

Updated on February 26, 2020
Folio: A Digitized Wallet For Cards And  IDs

We carry too many documents with us today. Whether it’s a debit card, credit card or even your driving license, these are important documents that you have to carry every day, at all cost. But here’s a thing, handling these payment cards or IDs today can be problematic at times. 

Nobody likes the hassle of those big bursting wallets filled to the brim, full of multiple documents and licenses. Lose one card along the way and suddenly life becomes a whole lot more difficult. Take an example, you’ve turned up for your first day in your new job, but you’ve forgotten your passport. Not a good first impression to make

But what if there’s an app that lets you store your IDs digitally, without having to carry all the plastic cards with you? Well, Folio is one app that makes life easier and your wallet a lot lighter by allowing you to store all your cards and documents in a digitalized wallet. The app comes with highly advanced security features to protect you from someone else accessing them without your consent.

So Let’s dive deep into the app and understand it better with our detailed Folio App Review.   

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Folio App: What Is It All About?

Designed to keep your security and comfort in mind, the Folio App is an all-inclusive digitized wallet where you can store your credit/debit cards, your passport, driving license, and other such important documents all in one place. Likewise, you can scan your loyalty cards and validate your membership status with just a tap. 

Folio Technologies, the developer of this app, has integrated advanced biometric security features in the app for the protection of your valuable IDs and other payment cards. Packed with additional features like an encrypted wallet and scanning of loyalty cards, there’s all the more reason to get rid of plastic cards. 

Standout Features of the Folio Wallet App

Features that stand out in any app are worth taking note of. Here are some features of the Folio app that are worth mentioning:     

1. Unique Biometrics:

The biometric feature of Folio is top-notch. It’s more like unlocking your phone with facial recognition, but a little more secure than that. The app creates a biometric key through which you can access your data. 

2. Encryption At Its Best:

With this app, you get an encrypted wallet protected by a biometric key. The best part about the encryption feature of the app is that neither Folio themselves nor any other third party can access your data. So you get to store cards privately.  

3. Share your Information:

The sharing feature at first doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, here’s a catch, you get to share information with only those whom you really trust with your information. 

4. Auto-Fill Feature:

Not only do you save your information, but you can auto-fill your information on multiple platforms as well with the auto-fill feature of the app.  

5. Easy Validation:

The Folio app allows you to validate your identity using just your phone camera and a valid government ID. 

6. Hassle-Free Backup:

It is easy to create a secure backup of all your data with the app in case you lose it. The best part, even then you only have access to your data.

How To Get Going With The Folio App?

Downloading and using the Folio app for Android and iPhone is easy. Follow the steps below to get started with the app:         

  • Download the app: Search and download Folio from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Sign-Up: Complete the sign-up process by creating your Folio ID and verify your identity using any national ID.
  • Create Biometric Key: The app will create your biometric key using your phone’s camera.
  • Scan Cards and Identify: The app will then scan your ID and match it with your selfie to verify that it’s really you.
  • Quick Biometric Check And View: Post that, you can see all your IDs you upload with just a tap after a simple biometric check.
  • Share with Tap: Once you have access to your IDs, you can share the app as well.    

The digital Folio app is free to use on both Android and iOS. 

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MAD Verdict: Folio App Review 

Many of us suffer the problems of overly filled wallets. Most of the time, our most important cards and other IDs get damaged. These are common day to day problems that we face with our wallets. But the presence of an app that digitally saves all our cards appears a real deal. 

Users can try the Folio app to keep their cards safe and eliminate the hassle of carrying plastic cards. The security features of the app are top-notch and protect your cards from any third party accessing them. The company cannot even access your data. That speaks a good deal about the safety of the app. 

As well as offering features like advanced biometrics, secure digital wallets and easy to view, users can scan their loyalty cards as well, adding more value to the app. So in case you’re worried about losing your cards or have some difficulty managing your IDs, you can give Folio a try and digitize your cards with ease while ensuring safety to a great extent.

Now that brings an end to our Folio app review. Tell us how you feel about this app in the comments below or share your suggestions with us. You can also head over to our website and read our other app reviews from multiple categories to gain an understanding of diverse types of apps. 

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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