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Heart Watch App: The Holistic Heart Analyzer

Heartwatch is a heart rate monitor watch iphone app that intricately analyzes heart rate patterns in various scenarios to ensure an in-depth understanding of a user's heart health.

Updated on December 31, 2020
Heart Watch App: The Holistic Heart Analyzer

If the human body is meant to work like a machine naturally, the ‘human heart’ is its engine. And, we are all well aware that no machine works without a well-oiled engine.

The Heart Watch app is the best heart rate monitor app for apple watch that ensures complete monitoring of the user’s heart activity to ensure its wellness. WHO reports suggest that, ‘Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year’. Moreover, the current trends prove that against earlier claims, Cardiovascular diseases can happen to anyone , anytime; with no limitations on user gender, age, etc. These can only be avoided by continuous monitoring, detection and timely treatments. Making ‘heartwatch’ a part of your wearable ensures you are always in control of your heart health avoiding these unwanted life scenarios.

A Heart Health App for the Health Conscious Individuals

Heart and Health go hand- in- hand. An issue in the former will cause an impact for the latter and vice versa. Wearables are the latest in-trend technology gadgets that are helping individuals to monitor their health regularly using several parameters. The apple watch tops the list of these wearables with several iphone heart rate monitor apps  already developed and the app watch app in itself being an admired version. But, it does not seem to analyze and notify the intricacies involved with the invaluable heart information in the most detailed manner. It also does not ensure continuous monitoring. Heart Watch has been developed over and above Apple's Health App. It fully embraces the functions and features of an Apple watch with heart monitor.

Heart Watch App Review

Imagine, if there is an issue with the lung of any body part of your body, with the bodies of your old parents, a young wife or any other loved one. These intrinsic body issues are not realised easily and timely detection is a man’s best chance of survival in these cases. All these body organs receive oxygenated blood from the heart and send back the deoxygenated blood to heart again. Thus, a change in their working parameters can be gauged through spikes and lumps in heart rates, if measured continuously over periods of time across patterns. The Heartwatch App is an apple watch heart app born through similar health monitoring requirements experienced by David Walsh, the founder CEO of Heartwatch; the man behind the app. He had lost his father, a fit, sports loving individual to an immediate heart attack, when he was mere 20. Walsh’s desire has forever been to help people stay healthy and safe, whether it's during a workout or just going about their normal day.

An Apple Watch in itself is a highly sophisticated instrument with an in-built apple watch heart monitor that measures and captures the user's heart rate and much more data throughout the day. HeartWatch helps to monitor heart rate with a very high level of accuracy and analyze the gained information as per the already stored user’s wellness, activity, sleep and workout readings created by the watch. The insightful information thus, gained is exhibited to the user in a simple, intuitive way.

This  Apple Watch App for Heart Rate basically inculcates the following features for maximum effectivity:

1. Heartwatch during Activities

Every person inculcates certain habits and so does their hearts. For instance, if a person takes a lift for an office every day; it would feature in their health and heart habits. 

Heartwatch during Activities

To improve certain lifestyle habits, you need to gradually maneuver these activities in order to reach your ultimate physical aims (stairs instead of a lift, could be a good starter). The user might want to decrease these activities on some days in order to make the right balance. The Heartwatch Activity feature  has been designed exactly for this habit tracking. The heart rate apple watch app, automatically recommends activity details like movement, step & distance goals based on the individual results and goal levels set. 

2. Heartwatch during Workouts

The best heart monitor app for apple watch records exercise sessions like gym sessions, walks, runs, rides, swims, etc. using the connected Apple Watch. They all appear in the HeartWatch Workouts section. 

Heartwatch during Workouts

A complete day of all kinds of workouts combined into one graph can be viewed under the Workouts section of the apple watch heart monitor app, letting the user analyse their complete workout scope.  With customized zone ranges for all users  as per their routines; from the most intense including Extreme; High Intensity to Warm Up Health and Resting, Heartwatch gives a clear picture of the user’s complete  Workout Summary. 

Heartwatch during Workouts

A 6 week breakdown can also be viewed herein to let the user analyse where they are spending the most energy, time or training load through workouts and  activities. 

3. Heartwatch for Wellness

Wellness of the user’s heart is best measured and analyzed through the initial view of HeartWatch. The HeartWatch app monitors the wellness of the user's heart and overall health across six simple views or tiles that include Daily Heart Rate readings, Sedentary Heart Rate, Sleeping Heart Rate, Recharge Battery, Waking Pulse, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Blood Pressure am, Blood Pressure pm and Body Temperature. Each of these views provide different insights into the user’s wellness. They are also intrinsically connected to the user’s overall health.

Heartwatch for Wellness

The HeartWatch App is a Holistic Heart Health App that ensures complete tracking and notification of the user heart and thus, complete body wellness in an easy to use manner.

MAD Verdict: Heartwatch App Review

Design- 4.8 stars
Usability- 5 stars
Features- 4.7 stars
Reliability- 4.9 stars

MAD rates- 4.8 stars

Heart Watch App Review

The Heart Watch app is one of the best apple watch heart rate app that helps the user monitor their pulse rate, heart beats and heart rate averages during daily activities, workouts, routines and even sleeping. The data thus collected is well exhibited in crystal clear and simple ‘tiles format’  that helps the user and doctors analyze health issues using their patterns and comparing them with those collected earlier.  The heart beat rate app has also proven to be especially useful for detection and monitoring of people suffering from cardiovascular or other related diseases like POTS, etc. The heart watch has thus been featured by MobileAppDaily in its list of best heart monitor apps. The comprehensive app platform also features several other app reviews, along the lines of Heart Watch Review  in its app listings; apart from all news, company listings, reports and other nitty gritties of the mobile app industry. You could have a look at them too.

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