10 Best Navigation Apps to Guide You to Your Destination

These best navigation apps will help you in finding the easiest route to your destinations. Some of these apps will also allow you to access maps even without the internet.
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November 12, 2021
Best Navigation Apps
Gone are those days when you were dependent on paper maps, positions of constellations, and people to guide you so you could reach your destination. We are lucky to be alive now when smartphones are smart enough to guide us through the world. With other categories of useful apps, the best navigation apps play a crucial role in our daily lives. From assisting food delivery executives in finding locations, to helping explorers in exploring the world they are unaware of, best mapping apps are doing it all. Thus, we decided to have a look at not only top-notch navigation apps but also those that are not very popular.

Our Top Picks

Furthermore, we are discussing the list of best GPS phone apps along with their features and other details. If you are intrigued enough, let’s proceed to the list.

Best GPS navigation apps you should have on your smartphones

Now, we will discuss these best navigation apps along with their features. You can also click on the download buttons below each app by clicking on the name of your preferred OS.

Google Maps

Apple 4.7
android 3.9

Widely famous among the best mapping apps, Google Maps might have the largest user network using its mapping services. From everyday routes to traffic updates, the app has got it all. You can even review if the route that you usually take is active or blocked and plan trips accordingly. The best part about this app is, you can download and save maps offline so even if you do not have an internet connection, you do not get lost.

Features of this best GPS app

  • Available in hundreds of countries and thousands of cities
  • Listen to traffic updates and navigation instructions
  • Customize the voice of the instructor
  • Explore alternative routes for any destination
Download this best offline navigation app for Android and iOS


Apple 4.9
android 4.1

This best navigation app for Android and iOS devices will not only give you traffic updates but also alternative routes if needed. You can check real-time updates like accidents on the route, police checkpoints, hazards, and more.

Features of this GPS app for iPhone and Android

  • Explore traffic routes and real-time conditions
  • Listen to music and podcasts from the app itself
  • Locate nearest fuel stations
  • Locate parking easily to avoid no parking tickets
Download this best GPS phone app for Android and iOS


Apple 4.4
android 4.2

This navigator app for iPhone and Android is an all-in-one package. You get to check traffic routes, real-time updates, speed limits, and more. The app also lets you access live traffic cams so you can monitor the real-time traffic situation.

Features of this best GPS navigation app

  • Review real-time traffic with the traffic cameras
  • Find alternative routes easily
  • Use night mode to protect eyes
  • Customize icons to make the app fun
Download this best GPS phone app for Android and iOS


Apple 4.6
android 4.5

This best offline navigation app comes with 3D maps that you can access without the internet if saved. Moreover, it is trusted by more than 200 million drivers globally. The app is free and you can install it to get voice-guided navigation for comfortable travel.

Features of this best GPS phone app

  • Download 3D maps offline
  • Find millions of interesting checkpoints
  • Use Pedestrian GPS while walking for a better experience
  • Find traffic updates with the help of the data collected from 500 million users
Download this best offline navigation app for Android and iOS
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Scout GPS Link

Apple 3.7
android 3.4

This best GPS phone app is available for free to install. The app has a UI designed to make it convenient to use while driving. Locate nearest restaurants, fuel stations, and more easily just with a few taps. Moreover, you can also compare gas prices at different locations.

Features of this best navigation app for Android and iOS

  • Use Split Screen view to multitask
  • Explore real-time traffic to find the best routes
  • Connect the app with your car seamlessly
  • Includes a live view map with 2D/3D visuals
Download this best GPS app for Android and iOS

CoPilot GPS

Apple 3.5
android 3.8

This app is perfect for the best offline maps to use for your traveling plans. Trusted by millions of drivers, CoPilot GPS comes with a 14-days free voice-guided Navigation system. Moreover, if you drive heavy vehicles such as trucks or buses, you can check for low bridges and truck restricted routes as well.

Features of this one of the free navigation apps

  • Check best truck routes to your destination
  • Plan optimized trips as per your vehicle type and load
  • Offline maps will accompany you always
  • Locate millions of rest areas from the app itself
Download this one of the best offline maps for Android and iOS

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation

Apple 3.7
android 3.9

One of the top map apps, HERE WeGo comes with an easy-to-use interface. The app supports transportation data into more than 1,900 cities from all over the world to ensure that you have all the information you need for a seamless trip. Some features like marking places on the map you visit often and downloading maps offline make the app a perfect pick. 

Features of this one of the best mapping apps

  • Freedom to add places you visit frequently
  • Find bike or car-sharing options from the app itself
  • Co-organize trips together with other users
  • Save maps offline so you never get lost
Download this best GPS navigation app Android for iOS

TomTom Go

Apple 4.3
android 4.1

This GPS app for phones comes with a one-month free trial. Moreover, the maps are guaranteed accurate as they have more than 20 years of experience. With this one of the best navigation apps, you can monitor traffic in real-time.

Features of this best GPS app

  • The app has a mapping technology that has 20+ years of experience
  • Speed camera warnings give you alerts if you Overspeed
  • Weekly map updates make sure you know the conditions of routes
  • The app comes with no advertisements
Download this best offline navigation app for Android and iOS


Apple 4.7
android 4.4

This best offline navigation app is trusted by approximately 140 million travelers globally. The app lets you save maps offline. Moreover, you can also save your preferred destinations with bookmarks to access them faster.

Features of this best navigation app for Android and iOS

  • Save maps offline and access them even without the internet
  • Optimized maps do not consume much of the space on your phone
  • Search locations like Restaurants, Cafes, and more
  • Find driving, cycling, or walking routes
Download this one of the best offline navigation apps for Android and iOS


Apple 4.6
android 4.6

This one of the best navigation apps lets you save maps offline. Moreover, you can also review hillsides and contour lines. The GPS track also allows you to record your trips. Moreover, the street-level imagery lets you review real images of the destination.

Features of this best GPS app

  • Save maps offline
  • Record GPS tracks of your trips
  • Follow markers to reach your destination
  • Find different modes for different types of traveling
Download this best GPS app for Android and iOS
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