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Bike Computer

Best Bike Computer application lets you turn your mobile phone into an energetic bicycle computer.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Bike Computer

With the swift progress of the health and fitness industry technology has found a place in people’s health routines. 

With advancements in technology, the consumer is also getting aware of the new advancements and convenience that the technology is offering. Technology has benefited both the consumers and the gym trainers. This has further lead to the high demand for top fitness applications, today we will be sharing the in-depth app review of one such trending fitness app i.e. Bike Computer. 

About Bike Computer App

The bike computer is a simple app that lets you turn your phone into a GPS enabled Bicycle Computer. The app is already helping 10,000 cyclists to enjoy their ride. The app has several characteristics that make it different from other health and fitness apps. 

  • GPS tracker app - Navigate and find your friends 
  • Track accurate metrics 
  • Pair with other heart rate monitor and train smarter 
  • Premium deals available 
  • Get detailed analytics of your work 

The Bike Computer GPS tracker app application is available for both Android and iOS users. The app also provides a premium version to provide more safety and improved benefits to cyclists. Bike Computer’s premium version aims to make every ride enjoyable while ensuring your safety. “We want to help cyclists discover the best gear for them. 

bicycle computer app

Maria Smith, partnership manager at Bike Computer says,

“We want to connect them with bike shops who are working hard to deliver modern and cool products. They create the gear that cyclists can enjoy, and we have the community that appreciates the effort. It is an easy match”

Notable Features of Bike Computer App 

Improve your cycling performance and get personalized metrics with a bike computer app. Check these basic key features that you will surely find in the bike computer mobile application:

1. Super Battery

Bike computer app works very efficiently and uses 12% less battery than any other health and fitness app. 

2. Great compatibility

You can connect your bike computer application with all types of Bluetooth activity trackers and monitors.  

3. Elevation

You can track the elevation gained during a ride with this cycling tracker. It is mostly used by competitive cyclists. 

4. High Speed

The app will also let you know how fast you are going and will measure your current speed. 

5. HeartRate

The app will show what is your current heart rate while cycling and will also give more accurate calorie calculations. 

6. Strava Compatibility

You can now share your personalized metrics and cycling activities with Strava. You can sync all your cycling activities if you use Strava with this cycling tracker app.  

Why You Should Opt For Bike Computer? 

Other than basic features of the bike computer application if you take a subscription of the app you will get to use these premium features.

Bike Computer Plus 

Here are some of the key features that Bike Computer Plus has to offer its users: 

  • Keep Me Safe
  • No interference of ads
  • Dark theme

You can change your theme according to your preference. The app has a theme for both day and night rides. 

The Bike Computer app has a unique premium feature ‘keep me safe’ that will inform your emergency contacts through a message about your location in case of some accident. Keep me Safe is awesome for cyclists who often ride alone, and want to make sure their family and friends know that they are safe. 

This best cycling app continuously monitors various sensors on your smartphone and notifies it in case of any emergency. Keep me Safe can literally save lives, as the featured video demonstrates.

Bike Computer Pro 

Here are some of the key features that Bike Computer Pro has to offer its users: 

  • All features included from bike computer plus and in addition
  • Get detailed analytics of each ride you take
  • You can choose from 15 different metrics to track what is more important for you. 

bicycle computer reviews

How Much Does The Bike Computer App Costs? 

The app is free to download for both Android and iOS users and if a user wishes to avail of some premium features they can take the monthly or yearly subscription based on their requirements. 

Bike Computer Subscription Plans

Below are the different subscription plans that are currently being offered by the Bike Computer application to their Android and iOS users:

For iOS Users:

The following are the in-app purchase options that you can avail:

Bike Computer PLUS subscription plans:

  • For one month: USD $0.99
  • For one year: USD $6.99
  • For Lifetime: USD 12.99

Bike Computer PRO subscription plans:

  • For one month: USD $3.99
  • For one year: USD $19.99
  • For Lifetime: USD $39.99

MAD Verdict - Bike Computer App Review

Undoubtedly, health and fitness apps help you to stay in the right shape without hampering your daily schedule and with a bike computer app you get, full functional bike computer and access to some attractive features. 

There are many apps in the play store that offers health and fitness services but the bike computer application has an advanced battery management system with Strava compatibility. 

The best thing about the app is it is easy to use and has a keep me safe - an accident detection system option because they keep safety first. In addition to this, we highly recommend going through detailed app reviews of mobile applications before directly installing them on your smartphones. 

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