AXEL Go App: Fast and safe file sharing

The fastest, safest and private way of sharing data across platforms.

Updated on April 04, 2024
AXEL Go App: Fast and safe file sharing

File share feature is one of the most common and useful ways of sharing information these days. From professional work to personal tasks, from students, business owners and housewives, everyone shares files in one way or the other. We share data, sheets, documents, images, videos and whatnots in our everyday lives. File sharing is such an important part in our lives that now we can’t imagine our lives without it. 

With an increase in file sharing the dangers of leaking the information has also increased. A survey indicates that about 49% of users experience data leakage in their day to day file share methods. Though the need is imminent, it has given rise to a new risk when it can be dangerous in various ways. From leakage of important information to audio-video hacking and financial losses, there are many kinds of dangers which are associated with data sharing. Though there are many apps for file transfer, none of them provides sophisticated methods of file share which can be free of all kinds of possible interventions. 

AXEL Go App is the perfect solution to avoid the dangers involved in file sharing. It is a fast and reliable way of file share which is supercharged by blockchain. Blockchains are a type of diary or spreadsheets which contain various transactions. Its cryptographic algorithm and decentralized nature make it immune to attack, making your file share risk free. AXEL Go app downloads are available for iOS and Android devices and are easy to be used by anyone with a basic knowledge of digital devices. 

In this AXEL Go app review, we will see some of its best features and what makes it the best file sharing app.

File Sharing App Supercharged by Blockchains

Blockchains are a new method of recording transactions which are impervious to hackers and all kinds of external attacks. AXEL GO file sharing app uses blockchains or conducting any file share. This technology makes it free from all dangers of information leakage and makes the transactions fully encrypted. IPFS transfer protocol and encrypted passwords the data transferred through the AXEL Go file share app is broken into small packets, unlike in HTTP protocol. This makes it harder for hackers to intercept the transfer and keeps file safe during the transit. 

Working on the lines bringing awareness in data custody, AXEL Go app for file transfer has created a flawless system to transfer files between devices which can not be intercepted by any kind of attacker. Utilising the power of IPFS and Blockchains, AXEL Go transfer file app makes sure that no exchange is vulnerable to foreign attacks and maintains its privacy at all stages of transit. The end-to-end password makes any risk of piracy obsolete and guarantees the safest and fastest way of sharing any kind of data from one device to another. AXEL Go enables you to share files over wifi or on any network, without the risk of being hacked or intercepted in between.

File Sharing App

Best file sharing app for fast and safe transfer

AXEL Go has considered all aspects of file sharing, making it one of the safest document sharing apps. Here are some of its features:

Blockchains for complete safety

AXEL Go transfer file app uses blockchains, which are impervious to foreign attacks and can not be intercepted. Hence the transfers made by this file share app are also safe from all attacks.

IPFS Protocol to better safety

Normal apps use HTTP protocol which is susceptible for many kinds of attacks. However, AXEL Go file sharing app features IPFS protocols which break the data to be transferred in small packets. This makes it impossible for hackers to intercept or damage any transfer, making the file sharing safe.

Password encryption

All transfers made by AXEL Go transfer file app are protected by AES-256 password encryption. The transfers are impossible to be broken into and fully safe from foreign attacks.

File Sharing App

Take control of your data

You can choose from many settings and take control of your data. Make sure that your data is safe from attacks and is kept intact even when in transit. 

Cloud storage with maximum security

Unlike other cloud storages which are targets of the majority of data attacks, AXEL Go file transfer app guarantees cloud storage which respects your privacy as much as your hard disk.

Share to those who don’t use AXEL Go file share app

Select the “secure fetch” feature to share links to those who don’t use AXEL Go file transfer app. The links are safe and avoid all possibilities of data leakage.

Cross-platform sharing and share files between Android and iPhone

Axel Go can be used to share files between Android and iPhone or devices with their operating systems. The app works seamlessly between both platforms and maintains the security standard to their fullest, provided both users should have AXEL Go accounts. 

How to use

Follows the steps to use AXEL Go

Step 1: Download the app from the Google play store/App Store
Step 2: Install and register.
Step 3: Put an encrypted password.
Step 4: Select file you want to share
Step 5: Select device you want to share with (You can also scan QR code of the recipient device)
Step 6: Put the encrypted password in the recipient device.
Step 7: Share.

File Sharing App
Hits and Strikes


  • Safe and fast data transfer
  • IPFS protocol
  • Blockchain-enabled
  • Password encrypted transfer
  • Free to use
  • Cloud protection and safety
  • Constant updates 
  • Responsive developers


  • Hard to find

MAD Ratings - 4.9
Design: 4.9
Usability: 4.9
Features: 5.0
Reliability: 4.8


Take a look at AXEL Go reviews available on different platforms, it is difficult to find any complaints related to it. AXEL Go app download guarantees the safety of your data and makes sure that your transfers are risk-free every time. The app addresses a vital issue and offers a great solution for that. It is free to use and there is no hidden cost, so there is no chance to go wrong. It is apt in what it does and offers smooth functioning without any interference in its operations. It is a must-try for everyone. There is hardly any reason why you should not try it.

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