Fire Emblem Heroes: Free & fun strategy RPG

One of the best free to play RPGs with addictive storylines and characters

Updated on April 05, 2024
Fire Emblem Heroes: Free & fun strategy RPG

Nintendo has published its very first real android game. It comes from a long heritage of RPGs (Role-play games) which have been fan favourites for years and has a dedicated following. Fire Emblem Heroes is the first Fire Emblem mobile game in a long-running and greatly respected turn-based strategy series from renowned studio Intelligent Systems.

Fire emblem heroes game follows a freemium model which means it is free to play but requires real money payments to unlock certain heroes and powers during different stages of gameplay. Buying these items, which range between INR 75 - INR 5,900/item isn’t necessary to play the game but will give the buyer an upper hand over the free players. 

Fire Emblem Heroes has gathered a reputation for its smooth gameplay, captivating storylines and references from the past games of the series. In this Fire Emblem Heroes review, we will see some of the features which make it arguably one of the best role play games for android and iOS devices.

best online RPG game for android

Heritage of Fire Emblem Heroes and what makes it great-

For those of you who are new to the Fire Emblem series, it is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. There are 16 games in the series and Fire Emblem Heroes is the first one for phone users. Fire Emblem timeline started in 1990 with the release of their first game Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Since then, the game has gathered a dedicated following and appreciation from around the world. These are turn-based war games with many interesting characters and fancy storylines which interact with each other. Some of the modes showcase death of a character by removing it from the Fire Emblem timeline, making the health and recovery of heroes crucial, unlike other RPGs. 

Fire Emblem Heroes Features 

  1. Be a part of quests of heroes

    Fire Emblem Heroes is a journey of another quest in the long list of Fire Emblem universe. Here dozens upon dozens heroes from the entire universe meet. Players make their move on their turn and can play with a team of up to 4 heroes with different powers. Each level has various maps and requires distinct strategies. You can choose from several Fire Emblem heroes characters which unlocks as you ladder up the stages. It is the easiest game in the Fire Emblem series and Intelligent Systems has done a great job of optimising it for mobile phone playability. 

  2. Fight battles and use strategies to overpower opponents

    Fire Emblem Heroes makes you a part of turn-based battles fought between you and your opponents. Take turns with your opponent on an 8x6 chess-like 2D board to wipe your opponent’s team before they do the same to you. Players need “stamina” to fight which is limited or to be purchased. Fire Emblem Heroes characters also consist of many great icons from the previous games from this series like Marth and Roy. The game is also loaded with PvP mode (player vs player) which requires Dueling sword instead of stamina. Despite the element of grinding it is hands down one of the best Android RPG games around today.

  3. Mesmerizing visuals and graphics

    The graphics for this game are effective and sharp which gives the player an immersive experience. Intelligent Systems has made sure that the game looks great without compromising performance. The landscape featured is beautiful which created a world of its own. The castles, forests, fields and lava playing areas capture the imagination and great support by convincing voice effects. Selection of characters is done through Fire Emblem Heroes portraits which are captivating in their details. They have got the graphics parts down and with a good margin. 

  4. Captivating stories and sounds 

    There are over 1100 intertwined stories in Fire Emblem Heroes including all modes. The music and sound effects for the game are generally good. There are limited voice-acted lines and much of the dialogue is shown through text boxes, taking stories forward. The sequences are presented as hand-drawn models that appear during dialogue. Sound effects, combined with the storyline make this game a must-play for every RPG lover.

In-game purchases and are they worth it?

Fire Emblem Heroes is built on a freemium concept which means that though the game is free to play, everything in the game is not free. This makes the cost relative to the player. For someone who is not competitive and doesn’t want to spend money on a game can play this for free, provided he is ready to wait long hours to refill, play with mediocre weapons and don’t mind losing to noobs. Others can make fast progress and play for unlimited hours just by spending some money. 

Hits -

  • Great graphics - Good graphics, beautiful backdrops, high-definition Fire Emblem Heroes portraits, this game is a treat for your eyes. It holds high that any other RPG available for phones.
  • Organic gaming - The game promotes strategic playing and compliments its characters with powers and weaknesses. Combinations of players and strategies to use them are crucial and make it fun.
  • Technical support - Nintendo, the publisher of this game is a giant and maintains flawless support for all of its games. The game is regularly updated for smooth operation. For tips and other support, Reddit fire emblem heroes and you will find a huge community. 
  • Zero-cost entry - The game is free-to-play, which is different from absolutely free but you can still enjoy the game without spending money.


  • Monetization strategy - The stamina system makes the game annoying for some users. Making a one time purchase is preferable by some rather than being trapped in a money-draining pit. Check out any Fire Emblem Heroes review, you will find people complaining about pricey items and high stamina requirements in higher stages.
  • High stage conundrum - After chapter 6, free players may find it difficult to survive without spending money or collect the stamina for big fights, which seems unfair.


  • D.I.C.E. Awards - Mobile game of the year 2018
  • SXSW Gaming Awards - Mobile game of the year 2018

Fire Emblem Heroes review

MAD Verdict

For someone who has been playing Fire Emblem for a long time, this game will be very alluring and rightly so. It is captivating, detailed and follows through on its legacy. For someone from the Fire Emblem universe, it may be the best online RPG game for android or iOS. For others too, it is surely worth trying. We would suggest that if you are into RPGs, you should give it a chance. Though the “freemium” thing is annoying and the way developers use “stamina” to monetize the hours is off-putting, you can still make the most of it without spending money. Mobile App daily has published many games and app reviews featuring some of the best in class and this is easily among the good ones. 

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