Latest Technology News & Updates in Mobile App Development World | 2

Latest Technology News | 2

Get all the latest tech news and update to make sure you never miss on the latest happenings. Find the mobile app latest updates, tips and trends for Android and iOS along with all the details and information. Know what are top tech giants such as Google and Apple are up to.

Know About React Native 0.60 Update With its Compelling Features

React Native can be defined as the open-source framework for developing sophisticated mobile apps. Being developed by Facebook, it is one of the widely used models that are used for engineering cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Embedded with the profound technological sta

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Flutter Latest Version 1.7 Released With Support For AndroidX and More

Google’s mobile UI framework, Flutter, is known for crafting high-quality native interfaces on Android and iOS in record time. It has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and its inception has paved the way for many flutter app development companies. In December 2018,  Flut

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

What to Expect Next in Digital Commerce With aiCommerce

AI technology has enabled e-commerce websites to perform various advanced functions, for instance, recommendation options for products in a uniquely suited format to shoppers that further enable users to search for products using conversational language or even pictures, in a similar manner as they

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Apple Launches Asocial Networking To Improve User Privacy

Apple announced its latest developments and some highlights of its new iOS13 at WWDC 2019 to reduce privacy issues everyday users face by sharing personal data on social media. It’s nearly impossible to set parameters for social networks as they are always on a look out to get more views on

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

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Everything About iOS 12 Features and iOS 12.4 Release Date

iOS 12.4 is expected to be rolled out before the commencement of WWDC, as it has not been officially announced. Currently, iOS 12.3 is the latest and the stable version of the iOS operating system until the time iOS 12.4 is not released, but it is anticipated to come out by June 3. However, iO

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Google And Apple Features Accessibility Focused Apps

“However difficult life may seem like there is always something you can do and succeed.” - Stephen Hawking Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Apple and Google have released a list of accessibility-focused apps featuring a collection of apps for hearing, speech,

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google Makes it Easier to Plan and Organize Your Trips

In a new announcement, Google has significantly updated its travel planning tools on the web. The tech giant first came up with a Google travel planning tool for mobile last year, and now, the company is planning to capture the web market as well. The new move from Google brings all Google travel

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google Marketing Live 2019 Major Highlights: New Discovery Ads, Google Ads App And More Updates

We still have not gotten out of the Google I/O 2019 conference and another Google annual event is making the rounds all over the internet. Google Marketing Live event has always been a very important event for digital marketers across the world.  Google Marketing Live 2019 finally pulled dow

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Get New Followers on Instagram With GoGram

Instagram has witnessed a vigorous growth and transformation into a modern, convenient platform for sharing not just photos and videos. Not just this, the social media channel is apt for building communities and networks.  A lot of personal and business brands have taken Instagram to the nex

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Google Adds Auto-Delete Controls For Your Web And App Activity

Google is everywhere. It usually keeps a record of everything you search and everywhere you go. Although Google gives us the functionality of deleting the search history, but it is a heck of a task to delete the web and app activity manually.  But not anymore! Recently Google announced th

  • Thu, 21 Nov 2019