Adobe Partners With OpenAI To Share AI Capabilities

Adobe Partners With OpenAI To Share AI Capabilities

Date: April 16, 2024

Adobe is in the early stages of forming a partnership with OpenAI to allow third-party generative AI capabilities with its services.

Adobe is in the early stages of forming a strategic partnership with OpenAI. The partnership will allow third-party generative Artificial Intelligence tools such as OpenAI’s Sora, among others, across applicable Adobe services. The U.S. software maker is now one of the early adopters of AI-sharing techniques, as opposed to the worldwide skepticism around its risks. As Adobe partners with OpenAI, more players may consider forming partnerships to enhance their services using AI.

Adobe’s Premier Pro will be one of the first pilots to integrate AI features into its video editing software. The California-based company plans to enable AI-generated objects, remove distractions, and eliminate any other mundane tasks of the video editor. These features will rely solely on Firefly, an AI model developed by Adobe. Firefly is already in use in Photoshop for editing still images. 

A representative of Adobe also said on Monday that the company is exploring ways to allow third-party AI tools apart from OpenAI, like Runway and Pika Labs on Premium Pro. This integration will unlock generative capabilities within the software’s ecosystem, eliminating the need to rely on other applications. This move can help Adobe recover from a sharp 20% fall in its shares’ value owing to the rising standpoints around AI’s risks. Integrating AI in services has led to a decline in revenues for multiple tech giants, and Adobe was one of them.

"Our industry-leading AI ethics approach and the human bias work that we do, none of that's going away," Subramaniam told a media journal. "We're really excited to explore a world where you can have more choice beyond that through third-party models."

This step marks a leap into trusting AI’s potential to improve the business bottom line while pioneering new-age innovations. Artificial intelligence tools are gaining credibility as they improve compliance with international bodies. With new players stepping into the AI industry with creative alliances, a productive environment is soon to evolve.

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