Snap Introduces Watermarks To Highlight AI-Generated Images

Snap Introduces Watermarks To Highlight AI-Generated Images

Date: April 18, 2024

To enhance user experience and safety, Snapchat has introduced an automated watermark that distinguishes AI-generated images from others.

Since Gen AI boomed, Snapchat has brought interesting AI features to the platform. In recent news, the social media app has announced plans to bring watermarks to posts that contain AI-generated images. The watermark will look like a translucent version of the Snapchat logo with a sparkle emoji. 

The watermark will be added automatically to any AI-generated image uploaded on its platform. Interestingly, the images that will be saved to its camera roll will also show the watermark emoji. The company said on its policy page that removing the watermarks from images will violate its terms of use. However, the company did not reveal how it will identify and prosecute violaters who post content outside the app. The company has not yet revealed any details publicly.

This step comes after Microsoft, Meta, and Google have already taken action to label AI-generated content and enhance content transparency. Snapchat’s move will help its 800 million monthly user base experience improved transparency in filtering AI-generate images from other media. 

Snapchat introduced its in-house AI feature, Dreams, allowing users to get creative with their images. The latest watermark will also highlight images produced by Dreams. Outlining safety and transparency around AI, Snapchat will also give visual markers to its AI-powered features, like Lenses. The AI-generated images posted on Snapchat will also contain context cards to explain the artwork's intent.

“We want Snapchatters from all walks of life to have equitable access and expectations when using all features within our app, particularly our AI-powered experiences. With this in mind, we’re implementing additional testing to minimize potentially biased AI results,” the company said while announcing the strategy.

Accurate identification of AI-generated content can help Snachat execute unique policies separate from those created manually. It will also help control the faster propagation of deepfake images created using AI. In January, Snapchat partnered with HackerOne to aggressively test its latest AI image-generation features. Snapchat’s move after its My AI chatbot spurred global controversy for being inaccurate and highly delusional can revive its reputation in the AI landscape.

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