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Redesign Your App Transform your existing mobile app with a complete makeover to increase business potential.

App redesign can be recommended on the basis of several factors that might be preplanned or can be discussed later as per the business analysis.

Every app owner launches the app with a hope to get maximized profit and most of the apps perform well to bring amazing outcomes for the businesses. But, what’s the reason most that the shine of all these apps fades away after a while which also affects overall profit?

The major reason observed is the introduction of thousands of similar mobile apps that appear on the web every day. Among these new bright mobile apps, the old mobile apps most often get buried and also lose the power to attract the target audience.

Is this the reason you’re planning to redesign the app? Or you’ve come to this decision after getting inspired by the competitors, breathtaking graphics updates and the latest UX and UI design trends?

This is the biggest question! How would you get to know that your app demands a massive overhaul or it would be on the track again by making a few modifications?

Here’s a complete guide on when should you redesign app or how to proceed with it in effective ways.

When Do You Need to Redesign Your App?

If you want to earn a maximum value from your app, it’s important for you to know the reasons that when your app actually requires a complete redesign. 

Reasons For App Redesigning

1. Users Don’t Find The App Worth Using 

The top reason which enforces you to redesign your app is the users’ negative feedback. You won’t find these negative feedbacks generally on the portals. But, when you explore the best app review websites and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you’ll see how people are marking your app as the worst and the best app to be used. 

You can certainly recognize red-flagged negative feedback through the below points:

  • Low app ratings (3 or less than usual rating)
  • A number of negative reviews from old and new app users
  • A definite problem that users are facing and explaining them in their reviews
  • Users’ angry comments that define their unsatisfactory gesture

Analyze your app based on these aspects. And if you really find these issues in your app, you have start redesign your app without wasting the time. 

2. Conversion Rate Is Extremely Low 

Weak growth of user-base leads an app towards less-profitable results. It also results in low conversions which you should take as a green signal to redesign your app. Low conversion rates might be because of the less-enthusiastic users or non-attractive UX. You should work out on the areas where your app is lacking

You can increase the conversion rate by:

  • Enhancing the UX of the app
  • Working on the weak areas to make them strong enough
  • Add additional features to ensure easy usage 
  • Integrate appealing layout to grab users attention

3. App Idea Has Changed 

Suppose a client approached an app development company with a definite app idea. Even after getting started with the same idea, the client comes again with a completely different concept which doesn’t match a bit with the previous one. This is the peak time when you have to rework on the app idea to meet clients' expectations. 

Undoubtedly, it will incur much cost and effort but, in the end, the app has to be redesigned with a completely new outlook and ideas.

App idea can be changed due to:

  • App competition growth
  • Social change
  • Change in the app features

4. Outdated App Design 

The app development market is flooded with so many new apps incorporating new features, eye-catching graphics, and navigation functions. Do you think your app can compete with them in terms of all these aspects? 

Think twice! Basically, your app got outdated and simultaneously giving users a solid reason to uninstall it at once. Why people should use your app in front of the amazingly designed newly launched app? It simply means that your app is outdated and needs a huge step in mobile app redesign. 

You can redesign your outdated app by:

  • Modifying the app layout design
  • Following the latest design trends
  • Updating the app version
  • Including animations in mobile app

5. Targeting The New Audience 

The biggest reason for the mobile app redesign is the change in your target audience plan. Every business changes the marketing plans which ultimately affects the plan of the target audience. Also, there are chances when your business plans to target an additional majority of the audience along with the existing one. 

Here, the priorities of your app get changed which can be the biggest reason for the app UI redesign. 

Audience segregation can be done on the basis of:

  • New product vision
  • The latest marketing strategy
  • Modern user requirements

6. Company Rebranding Ideas Are There 

If you’re planning to rebrand your business, it’s quite necessary that you rebrand your web and mobile apps too. To target your audience, you have to be consistent so that your customers can recognize your brand and make regular purchases. 

Rebranding might not be targeted at modifying new functionality and features. But, it’s the major concept of making brand updates. Application redesign is necessary here! And, on top of it, user awareness shouldn’t be missed in all this. 

Company rebranding requires app redesign as:

  • You might have changed the branding concept
  • Your branding graphics have changed
  • Your app functionality has changed

7. App Migration To Another Platform 

Sometimes, an app doesn’t perform well on its existing platform which needs a quick platform migration. When app migration is needed, it’s obvious that the entire app interface and functionality might also get changed. 

Here, app redesign can be done with strategic planning which includes platform migration, advanced feature integration, and functionality updates. There are so many apps that have migrated to a suitable platform to improve functional requirements. 

8. Complicated App Interface Design 

A mobile app is useless if it confuses users in terms of usage and navigation. No matter how wonderful your app is or how amazing it is designed, it doesn't matter when it is unable to satisfy users’ needs. A complicated app design is a topmost reason to redesign your app. 

So, don’t complicate your app interface design by injecting a hoard of navigation features and graphics. Make it simple and try to incorporate as few as possible designing aspects to clear the path of user navigation. 

Your app design might get confusing due to:

  • Excessive graphical intervention
  • Useless fancy images
  • Confusing navigation functions

How To Redesign Your App? 

Now, you have realized that you’ve to redesign your app to earn a lot of profit, what’s your strategy for effective app design

Let’s understand the mobile app redesign process with the help of below-mentioned points:

mobile app redesign process

mobile app redesign process

1. Study your app analytics 

Analytics is the best way that makes your app growth and problems visible. It provides you the ways so that you have a track of your app’s progress and negative impressions. Analytics include different factors which most probably let you know the performance of your app. These aspects include:

  • Goal completion factors
  • App activation rate
  • App drop-off rate
  • Active user ratio
  • User satisfaction

If you know what are your goals with the app, you can seamlessly carry out this first step of the application app redesign. 

2. Explore users reviews 

User reviews and feedback play a vital role in making an app user-oriented and successful. These are the staircases that help app owners and developers start the development in real-manners. Users generally give their statements for an app that they thought and actually want from the product. Hence using them to seamlessly carry out app redesign process will be highly beneficial. 

So, if you’re planning for a mobile app redesign, try to focus on user reviews based on real usage and user experiences. It would be a great deal if you implement the features and functions that users have mentioned in their posted feedback.  

3. Communicate with the audience to get insights 

It’s again a masterstroke to directly communicate with the users about what an app should be integrated with. Surveys are always the best alternatives to get users’ insights about an app or product. 

You can use the online tools that are proficient in accumulating users’ opinions about a particular product. Many of the marketers utilize this technique to carry project progress in a managed and positive way. Opt for this tactic to get your app redesigned in a systematic manner. 

4. Evaluate and implement users feedback 

Many times, app owners take the users' feedback for granted which in the end doesn’t offer the desired results they were expecting from the product. As discussed users only take an interest in the app they find suitable for them. Else, there’s no other reason they will use any application. 

If you evaluate the users' feedback properly, you’ll find the users' demand in them. So, try incorporating them in your app and definitely you’ll see drastic results for the same. 

5. Check competitors and market trends 

Market competition has always been a great reason that encourages app owners to update their products to meet users’ requirements. If you have decided to redesign your app, it’s necessary to check that why competitors app is gaining tremendous accreditation among users. Try to get the points and implement these in your app to make it worth using for modern users. 

It’s not a tough task to accomplish. All you need is to have an eagle eye on competitors' products and the latest mobile app design trends. Besides competitors' strategy, you can also keep a close tab on the latest app design trends. It will help you a lot in taking the right decision for mobile app redesign. 

6. Conduct a test for new app design 

Google follows a trend of testing the update by sending the notification to a few communities to check whether everything is fine. And it’s not about Google, most of the top app design companies maintained an app testing community where there check the app functionality before making the app live for global users. 

If you haven’t tried it at the time of your traditional app development, try it now to get better results that last in the long run. 

7. Fix the bugs if needed 

There might be possibilities that you encounter bugs after conducting the app test. Maturity is in fixing these errors to give users a flawless experience to the users. Fixing the bugs is a general practice app developers always follow during app development or redesigning. 

Your app might not be having errors, but, don’t ever try to make your app before conducting a short app test. This will make you more confident about app accreditation and success. 

8. Wait till the changes settle down 

Changes that you made as per bugs encountered might not get reflected instantly. So, wait for some time till the changes reflect and get absorbed into the existing app functionality. It’s the best strategy that needs to be considered by every app developer and owner. 

App redesigning is not that easy but implementing suggested changes with care and precision is the key that helps make the path far simpler. 

Is App Redesign The Right Solution? 

Of course, it’s the best practice to make your brand updated and well-acknowledged among users. Sometimes, app owners approach reliable mobile app design companies for app redesigning without having an idea that their app is already earning great by satisfying users’. Here, the right choice is not the app redesign rather, the app owner can make a few modifications to update it as per today’s trends. 

If we talk about the benefits of app redesign, the list is not that small. It has several factors like happier customers, increased sales, bring more new users, driving sales and enhanced brand visibility over the web. 

Keeping the aforementioned advantages in mind, we can say that app redesign is absolutely a better solution to earn maximum business profitability. 

Benefits of App Redesign 

Let’s discuss in brief the major pros of opting for application redesign:

Benefits Of App Redesign

1. Best to Fill Gaps in the Existing App Design 

If you’ve planned to redesign your app, your agenda should be to solve users’ challenges. In short, your app should be designed keeping the actual and real facts of the users that not only make them satisfy but also invite users’ to come again and again with the same enthusiasm. 

For example, if you've redesigned a flight booking application platform to update your existing online flight scheduling app, you must have added advanced functions to it. But what if only a few users get the chance to reach the checkout option and rest get tired of using the confusing app layout design? In this case, your efforts are useless. Your app should design for all types of users so that it could not take too much time to reach the finish line. 

2. Advanced Usability  

When you redesign your app, it obviously gets the new look, advanced functionality, and yes the improved UX which users demand a lot in their day-to-day apps. The usability of an app can be justified with its usage, regular downloads, and stability of users’ devices. If these all work well, you can consider your app a successful venture. 

Users will never be happy to use your app if it doesn’t solve their purpose. Redesigning an app improves an app’s usability potential and makes it a better version that users not only love but use it for long time frames. 

3. Proven for Meeting Users’ Expectations

App UI redesign can get you the chance to experiment with your luck by implementing new technologies in trend. Technologies are meant to change the perception of the world and if you bring something new to your app, users’ will like it and make it the top app in the market. 

By employing the UI redesign process, you can make the target customers happy. Apart from this, you will also get the opportunity to convert them into your fixed customers for a long time.

Redesigning UI and UX will be an added advantage for any app to garner new users.

4. Provides a New Cool Look to Your Product 

Who doesn’t like updated features and a cool look to the interfaces they are using for long in their app. It’s especially a great step for apps that need to be redesigned and are in the market for so long and earning great money for their brilliant services. 

Don’t be so much happy as it sometimes results in customer loss and low profitability. Mobile app redesign not only brings life to your existing app layout but also ensure to help the business earn the utmost profit. 

The Verdict

The journey of redesigning an app can either be a victory or can be a risk that can lead your business towards loss. Make sure you’re redesigning your app with confidence and also by following the defined app development standards. 

It’s a crucial decision to make and you have to make it wisely with a clear objective of what you want from the output. Careful consideration always helps in taking the right decision. Therefore, follow your target of apps that need a redesign and start redesigning your app to set a success line for your business. 

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