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Kebotix: AI & Robotics Company Goes Big In Materials Innovation

Harvard scientists created this AI and robotics company for building new materials

Kebotix: AI & Robotics Company Goes Big In Materials Innovation

Kebotix, a new Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI and robotics technology company that is created for the sole purpose of promoting the future of new materials discovery. This company also recently received a $5 million funding in the initial seed round that was led by one of the well-known organizations, One Way Ventures.

The main aim here was to build the world’s first self-driving lab powered by artificial intelligence and robotics for materials innovation of new materials that are more efficient in nature. That's why the tech company Kebotix commits for speed-up discovery and exploration, which also includes the production of more materials as well as molecules.

According to the company's CEO Dr. Jill S. Becker

The list of investors also includes leading names like Baidu Ventures, Boston-based Flybridge Capital Partners, Los Angeles-based Embark Ventures, Norway-based Propagator Ventures, and New York-based WorldQuant Ventures. Kebotix is basically built as the world’s first and largest A.I. brain for fields of chemistry and materials.

This research is based on research conducted by scientists at Harvard University. This lab for materials discovery with the help of combining AI decision making with laboratory robotic platforms. The system consists of an R&D cycle that loops over a time span of a few months. The company's founders are looking forward to effectively processing huge amounts of complex molecular data in order to discover new material or even generate some new formulations of particular products.

Becker also added in the statement

It would be only fair to say that the upcoming months regarding the future of this AI and robotics technology company will be interesting to witness. Also, make sure to visit the 'News Section' of MobileAppDaily to get updated with the trending tech updates.

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