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Importance Of Mobile Apps for e-commerce business

The mobile apps for e-commerce business are surely a boon.

Importance Of Mobile Apps for e-commerce business

In today’s world, almost every business is reigning with mobile apps, and it certainly assists in adding value to the brand. Apart from this, mobile apps bring more customer engagement and better connect the business with its intended users. And the same thing goes for the e-commerce business.

If you’re an owner of an e-commerce business like Velvet Caviar, you’ll know how hard it is to reinforce a strong client base and increase your sales. Well, what if there is an easy way too? Yes, it is possible to reach a vast number of potential customers and increase your sales, all with the help of developing a mobile app.

The mobile apps for e-commerce app are raving the market nowadays, and they are a sure fire way to increase your profits. There are many developers out there who can help you build a mobile application for your business. You can also visit online databases of the email list of app developers.

In this article, we will discuss in detail, about the importance of e-commerce mobile app business. Take a look.

Importance Of Mobile Applications In Online Businesses

1. Customers prefer mobile application

You cannot neglect the superiority of mobile applications over browsers in the present day. Everyone uses a smartphone nowadays and having a mobile application makes it very convenient for the customers to access your online store via their mobile phone.

Using a mobile app, users don’t have to remember lengthy URLs and log in every time they visit your site and also the speed of an application is way faster as compared to browsers. It results in better user experience and overall pleasant experience.

Also, with almost everyone having a smartphone now a day, coming out with a mobile app will only reinforce the credibility of mobile apps for e-commerce business.

In the below-researched graph by Statista, there is a definite rise in the number of users who are opting to shop on mobile, which is an encouraging sign for the mobile e-commerce app development.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

2. Mobile applications help boost the loyalty of the customers

Downloading an application shows that a customer is already much more invested in your business. While visiting a website, people basically look for detail and downloading the app shows their willingness to buy your products. Potential customers also tend to spend a lot more time in an application as compared to online sites.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

Source: invesp

3. A reduced response rate

When using a web browser people are generally concerned about how fast action will be completed. When it comes to a mobile app, the response time is much faster and the actions are completed way quicker than web browsers, thereby increasing the credibility of your business. Also, in a mobile application, users can set up their personal preferences making it easier for them to shop.

With options of commenting being available now, the users can also directly let the app owner know about their concerns and the following action can be taken accordingly. It cut short the time of improvement and thus the response rate is much higher.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

4. A better and enhanced UX

Proper presentation of an e-business also matters a lot. How you present your business to the potential customers can lead to the making or breaking of your sales. Mobile apps provide much better navigation and they don’t incorporate any unnecessary buttons keeping in mind the size of mobile screens. Lack of any kind of unnecessary distraction, helps customers focus more on the products and thus offer more chances of sales.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

Source: dynatrace

Also, with a better display of the products and the services, the sales volume is bound to swell at an exponential rate; as the user can take a look at all the services and take a smart decision.

5. Increase in conversion rate

The enhanced UX, usability and easy navigation of a mobile app lead to high conversion rates. Mobile apps play a significant role in increasing the conversion rate, so much that it is one and a half time higher than desktop or web browsers.

The ease to access various fields and options in the e-commerce apps encourage the user to stay for long on the app and thus, the chances of conversion rate increases multi-fold.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

The app engagement factor is steadily affecting the businesses and is in focus for app marketers. As per a researched report cited by eMarketer, about 25 percent of iOS users and 20 percent of the Android users open the app once a day after installing it. But the number drops down to 3.2 and 3.3 percent respectively after a month.

6. Engaging with the in-built features of your phone

Another plus of a mobile application is the engagement of the phone’s in-built features. Like, many mobile applications use your devices GPS to pinpoint the customers’ location, or the integration with microphone enables users to verbalize their search, etc. increasing the usability quotient of a mobile app.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

A great example of this functionality can be seen in both Android and iOS operating systems, i.e. Siri in iPhones and 'Ok Google' in Android smartphones. Apart from this, there are various in-built features that make our mobile devices even more engaging then they already are.

7. Higher order value

The average order value using a mobile app is much higher compared to websites. We have already stated that mobile applications help boosting conversion rates and the cart abandonment rate in a mobile application is much lower, resulting in higher average order value.

Here, the high order value is profoundly affected by the feature of push notifications and how mobile applications utilize them. One thing that you need to keep in is not to frustrate the users by sending multiple app notifications in a short period or not to abandon the users by not sending a notification for a more extended amount of time.

Mobile Apps for e-commerce

Final Takeaways

  • Design a complete e-commerce mobile app and keep upgrading it.
  • Reward the user for leaving feedbacks.
  • Engage the users with negative feedback.
  • Encourage the users to leave the negative comments in the customer support center.
  • Regularly come up with surveys to know the user behavior.  

Here you have it, all the reasons why a mobile app helps boost your business. Take heed of this guide and start developing your mobile app for a successful e-commerce business today.

For more insights, comment below and let us know your concern. We at ‘MobileAppDaily’ will resolve your issues ASAP.

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