How to Realize Effective Email Marketing for Mobile A
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How to Realize Effective Email Marketing for Mobile Apps 2019

By 2022, 333 billion emails will be sent and received each day.

How to Realize Effective Email Marketing for Mobile Apps 2019

Many exciting and progressive trends continue to hit the world of email marketing since the emergence of emails four decades ago. Particularly in the last decade, email marketing has been on an upward path and continue to rise to its tipping point.

Email marketing has become a trusted marketing channel because the majority of consumers nowadays rely so much on the internet to check everything. Nowadays, there are software and tools available, like marketing platforms that help you to build compelling campaigns. 

If you are not yet familiar, email marketing is used to promote products and services through email. The other platforms include newsletters, announcements, sales promotions, and press releases.

Significance of Email Marketing for Mobile Apps

In 2019, email marketers will be able to access more valuable tools and improved technologies. With all the emerging trends, you better believe that effective email marketing tactics will produce tremendous results. And it will be effective enough for the products and services that only started to emerge a few years ago, such as mobile applications.

Why is promoting mobile applications becoming a trend now? It is because mobile usage is growing so fast worldwide. In fact, there were over 3 billion mobile internet users as of 2018.

Business owners, bloggers, and other professionals are now making use of an effective email marketing campaign to stay connected and promote new applications. And there is no better way to get in front of your audience consistently than email marketing.

Email Marketing Guide for Mobile Apps

If you are eager to improve on your email marketing game and want to learn about the effective email marketing tips for mobile apps, here are the ways to follow:

1. Plan Your Goals Ahead of Time

The first step to elevate your marketing strategies for mobile apps is to do some careful planning. The beginning of the process is usually the right time to develop thoughtful goals and curate your marketing approach.

Think about your main goal. Ask yourself the following: why would you want to market your mobile app? Would you want to have more users? Are you looking for better engagement?

Regardless of your reasons, it is important that you come up with a measurable goal. In that way, you gain a clearer idea of the level of growth that you would like to reach.

2. Choose an Email Service Provider (ESP)

An email service provider (ESP) helps you track your emails and improve email deliverability.

Finding the ESP that suits your needs is a crucial step in the process. For email marketing for apps, choose an ESP that is optimized for commercial use. Using an advanced email tool helps you reach a wider audience and gain access to features that are not available in free email providers. Gmail and Yahoo Mail are two such examples.

3. Build a Subscriber List

Your subscriber list consists of the people who receive your marketing emails. These people are usually interested in the product that you are promoting. 

Depending on the nature of the product, there are multiple ways to build a network and expand your marketing reach. The most usual method is to offer sign-up forms on your website. Give your audience the opportunity to subscribe to your marketing email when they are browsing on your website.

It is also important to note the target audience of your marketing emails. To whom do you want to send your emails? The targeted users of mobile apps are usually quite specific. For example, a mobile game application can be targeted to young people who have specific kinds of interests.

Make use of your demographics when calling for subscribers.

4. Create Your Content

Since you are sending emails to market mobile apps, careful planning in regards to your mobile design will also be required. Mobile UX has to be at the top of your design priorities as consumers should be able to read easily, download, purchase, and navigate through the content. This is particularly important if they receive your mobile email campaign on a mobile phone.

The trend for more personalized content in email marketing is also becoming widespread among email marketers. With a personal touch in the content, it becomes easier to attract your readers’ attention.

In marketing emails, the first thing that the reader sees is your subject line. The attention of the readers depend on the first seven words of your email, so make sure you leave a striking subject line. Also, be careful not to use words that may be flagged as spam.

Here are other important things that must you must take note:

  • Keep your headline brief and concise
  • Include only the important points in the body of the email
  • Add a call-to-action
  • Give your readers the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email

5. Test Your Campaign

After outlining email marketing strategies for apps, test your campaign to ensure that your email arrives in your audience’s inbox and not in the spam folder.

You should also test it on a variety of mobile devices and platforms. You can use an email list validation tool to avoid deliverability issues due to sending complex and high volume emails.

6. Launch

At this stage, your marketing email should now be ready for mailing. You may want to construct some hype before launching depending on your campaign. For example, you might release announcements and teasers before you launch your mobile app.

Other than marketing emails, you can use blog posts and social media to generate interest in your upcoming marketing campaign.

Wrapping up

In the last decade, so much has already evolved in email marketing. From interactive design to personally tailored contents, the fast-growing channel really shows that it’s getting into unparalleled heights.

Till date, email is regarded as one of the best channels for nurturing leads and generating sales, but it would only click if the right strategy is followed.

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