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LightInTheBox review A shopping platform that understands your taste!

A retail giant, LightInTheBox is a name popular around the world. The shopping platform is headquartered in Beijing, China. However, according to a SimiliarWeb analysis, in March 2023, 30.22% of the traffic on LightInTheBox came from the USA while Germany accounted for 10.05% of its web traffic.

According to LightInTheBox reviews, this one of the top shopping apps is popular for products like clothing, home decor, footwear, bags, and accessories among other products. Users can access its services directly from the website or can install the LightInTheBox app on their Android and iOS devices.

Moving forward, there is a lot more to this LightInTheBox online shopping platform. So, in this LightInTheBox, we will talk about its background and features before we can judge the quality of the platform. Stay with us until the end for our in-depth LightInTheBox analysis.

About LightInThe Box | What is LightInTheBox?

LightInTheBox is an online apparel e-commerce retailer that ships products at discounted products across the globe. The site is packed with a wide selection of goods spread over different categories. From clothing items to electronics, you can find them all at LightInTheBox at affordable prices. 

This China-based online global retailer is known for offering deep discounts and affordable prices for all its products. You can shop for products under Home Decor, consumer electronics, Lifestyle products, fashion, and more. However, as per the LightInTheBox app reviews, the company is best known for selling fast-fashion products at affordable prices. 

Background of LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox was founded in 2007 and has a headquarters in Beijing China. Quji (Alan) Guo, Xin (Kevin) Wen, Liang Zhang, Jun Liu, and Chit Jeremy Chau are credited for co-founding the leading marketplace. Initially, until March 2008, the company was known as Light In The Box Limited which transformed into LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. 

In June 2013, the retail platform managed to join the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as well. There it became well-known as LITB, the abbreviation used to refer to the name of the company.

Financial analysis of LightIntheBox

At the time of right this LightInTheBox review, the market cap of LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. (LITB) was $164.34 million. In a report by Yahoo! Finance, the financial data also showed a gross profit of $275.08 million for the fiscal year ending on December 30, 2022. In 2021, the gross profit data showed $206.71 million in its financial report.

Market Cap (intraday) $164.34M
(For the Fiscal Year ending on Dec 30, 2022)  
Profit Margin - 11.24%
Operating Margin -2.83%
Revenue $503.57M
Revenue Per Share $4.45
Quarterly Revenue Growth (YoY) 38.20%
Gross Profit $275.08M
Operating Cash Flow 35.83M


Features of LightInTheBox

Apart from a website, the services of LightInTheBox are accessible on Android and iOS mobile apps as well. According to the LightInTheBox app reviews, its features are loved by the majority of users from 200+ countries where its services are accessible. Some features of the LightInTheBox online shopping app are -

1. User-Friendly Interface

light in the box ratings

The best thing about the LightInTheBox online shopping platform is its simple and intuitive user interface. The platform is designed to remain an easy-to-use option for any age group. As the above review of LightInTheBox posted on TrustPilot by a user describes, from selecting the process to making the payment, the user experience of LightInTheBox justifies great LightInTheBox online shopping reviews big time.

2. Personalized selection of products

LightInTheBox app

Whether you want to buy a cool shirt, a skirt, or something for an occasion, LightInTheBox has a great selection of clothes. If you want to change home interiors or just want to add decorative items, this one of the best marketplace apps is a great choice for that too. 

On top of having an extensive selection of products from multiple categories, LightInTheBox online shopping reviews show a great positive influence on them due to their personalized recommendations. The platform uses user behavior data and provides potential customers with a choice of products that they might love to purchase.

3. Multiple Payment Options

reviews on LightInTheBox

You can pay for products on LightInTheBox online shopping app and website with multiple payment options including credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. The platform supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Diners Club International, and other top payment options. 

In Australia, Canada, and the USA, you can also choose to pay for products in 4 interest-free installments using Afterpay. There are other payment wallets supported by the platform as well depending on your country.

4. Fast Shipping

LightInTheBox has warehouses all around the world which allows the platform to offer fast and safer shipping of products. It also has a global partnership with DHL making it a perfect shopping platform with fast delivery services for over 200+ countries.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

You can contact the customer service of LightInTheBox anytime as it’s available 24/7. There are many FAQs as well to help customers faster. But with your account, you can directly contact the customer service executive by logging into the platform to get your queries answered.

What can you shop from LightInTheBox?

While going through the customer reviews on LightInTheBox, we discovered a wide selection of items at wholesale prices. Some of the main categories offered by this shopping site are listed below:

a. Women’s and Men’s clothing
b. Sports & Outdoor equipment
c. Shoes & Bags
d. Home & Garden
e. Weddings & Events Decor
f. Phones & Accessories 
g. Beauty & Accessories
h. Toys & Hobbies
i. Consumer Electronics

Pros and Cons of LightInTheBox


Pros Cons
Available across 200+ countries Delivery time can be longer in some locations
Supports multiple payment systems Does not support Cash-on-delivery for now
24/7 customer service You need to signup or sign in for query resolutions
Includes a range of products Quality control is an issue on the platform



What are the advantages of shopping from LightInTheBox?

1. Reasonable Prices

Many LightInTheBox app reviews are filled with praise for the wholesale and affordable prices offered by the company. The app is known for selling fast-fashion products, consumer electronics, decor items, and a lot more at affordable prices for all consumers. 

Its reasonable prices and quality products give this site an edge over its competitors, including Shein and others.

2. Simple LightInTheBoxApp and website

Both the website and the app offered by LightInTheBox are extremely simple and intuitive. The designs are simple, enabling consumers to easily navigate through the site to find their favorite products. A decluttered interface ensures that users are able to spot the product of their choice easily, without wasting much time on it. 

3. Special Offers and Discounts

The website is known for offering multiple promo codes and discounts for all its customers. The items are regularly updated with heavy discounts and offers. It offers 10% off on certain product categories if you shop through the LightInTheBox app. Most of the items in their catalog are available at discounted prices. 

4. Extensive Catalog

One of the primary advantages of shopping through this app, as per the reviews on LightInTheBox is the huge variety of products offered by the site. It has over 2,00,000 product listings with 1000+ products added daily. It is a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs, right from fashion to consumer electronics. With multiple categories and high-quality products, LightInTheBox is undoubtedly the best shopping app available today. 

5. Customization and Personalization

A major advantage that sets LightInTheBox apart from its competitors is the availability of customizable products on the site. Users can get their products customized as per their requirements in multiple categories, including wedding dresses, home decor items, party and evening gowns, and more. 

Users can tailor the products as per their requirements and preferences. This feature of the site ensures a personalized experience for all its customers. 

6. Secure Payment Options

One of the major concerns of consumers while shopping online is privacy and security. However, the LightInTheBox app resolves this problem by offering multiple payment options for all its users. These options are safe to use and will protect all your important details and information. 

Users can choose to pay through PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or other options as per their preference. 

Potential drawbacks of shopping from the LightInTheBox

Many customer reviews on LightInTheBox app highlight some major drawbacks of shopping from the site. Though the app offers best quality products at extremely affordable prices, there are some potential drawbacks that you must consider before making a purchase from LightInTheBox. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Delayed Shipping

The app offers to ship all its products within 3-5 business days. However, LightInTheBox app reviews reveal that the app takes over 10-15 days to ship items. The delivery time can also vary as per your location and availability of the product. 

2. Poor Customer Support

Many customers have complained about the poor customer care services offered by the company. As per the reviews on LightInTheBox, it takes too long to process refunds and return items. The staff is not cooperative at takes a lot of time to respond and resolve the issue.

3. High Shipping Rates

Compared to its competitors, LightInTheBox charges higher rates for shipping products. Depending on the shipping method, the cost can differ for different users and locations. Higher shipping and delivery costs draw consumers away from using this app.

How To Ensure the Best Shopping Experience with LightInTheBox?

In our LightInTheBox review, we will guide you through some of the best practices that can ensure a smooth experience with LightInTheBox app. Here’s a closer look at some of the important considerations. 

1. Check Reviews

Before finalizing the product, thoroughly go through the customer rating and reviews of the product. LightInTheBox reviews tell you about the quality, size, color, and other important details of the product. A customer’s viewpoint of the product will help you decide better. It is recommended to buy products with over 50 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 or more. 

2. Check the Number of Items Sold

If an item has not been purchased by consumers, its quality might not be appropriate. However, if an item has been purchased hundreds or thousands of times, there’s a good chance it’s a high-quality product. 

The popularity of the product and the high number of items sold justifies the quality. We’d recommend you to not purchase goods with less than 500 previous purchases and reviews. 

3. Purchase Tax Insurance

The app provides duty and tax insurance on multiple orders, that can be confirmed during the checkout process. If you are charged an additional tax on the purchase, LightInTheBox offers a 100% tax refund. 

4. Carefully Choose the Shipping Method

The company offers multiple shipping options for users to choose from. As per the reviews on LightInTheBox. To avoid delayed delivery times, you must opt for a secured delivery option. Choosing the cheapest shipping option will not guarantee on time delivery. 

We suggest you to opt for Priority Line or Expedited Express shipping, incase you have purchased an expensive item. 

Is LightInTheBox Legit?

Yes, absolutely. LightInTheBox is a verified and legitimate company that deals in wholesale fashion items at affordable prices. The company reportedly generates annual revenue of $200M to $500M by supplying goods to different parts of the world. 

Online LightInTheBox app reviews by the customers are solid. Most of the customers are well-satisfied with its services and products. The company promises guaranteed shipping within 3-5 business days and thus attracts many consumers to buy from the site. 

The rock-bottom prices offered by the company are the key attraction for most of its consumers as per the LightInTheBox ratings and reviews. The site has successfully built a 100% trust score and is completely safe to use and shop from. 

Many LightInTheBox reviews also highlighted that the company offers legitimate and secure payment services which firmly suggests that it is a completely protected and among the best marketplace apps for fashion items available in the market today. 

Wrapping up: Thoughts on the LightInTheBox App

Lastly, it’s time to share our honest opinion of this leading marketplace. In our opinion, our LightInTheBox app analysis helped us in understanding that the platform focuses on offering a convenient and easy-to-use experience which is a big perk of this platform. 

Its ability to personalize recommendations for users works as the cherry on the cake in terms of user experience. Overall, its quality of services justifies all good LightInTheBox marketplace reviews and high ratings that it has managed to secure on multiple review platforms including app stores as well.

If you are a seller, it is also easy to become a part of the LightInTheBox Affiliate Program and list your product to sell it to a global network of customers. Well, that is all we had to say in this LightInTheBox review. Hopefully, it helped. Don’t forget to check out a range of other in-depth app and product reviews we have on our platform to find some amazing software for your devices.

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