PartyShark App Review- Locate Parties Around You

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Updated on April 04, 2024
PartyShark App Review- Locate Parties Around You

Partying does not need any reason- whether the day is special or you are just in the mood for partying, you deserve to have a good time. But being a party host every time can be a hectic affair, so we want to introduce you to the PartyShark app. This PartyShark app review will show you how by using this amazing party app, you can host awesome parties or find them to join.

“Organizing a party is fun but coordinating everything is nothing less than a headache. PartyShar app for Android and iOS targets that problem and helps you in finding the perfect vendors for your party whether you require bouncers, DJs, or food trucks. But again, you are not limited to being a host by using the PartyShark APK or .ipa apps. Simply locate parties of your type and RSVP to get invited.”

Background of PartyShark

“We recently released PartyShark Version 1.1. This new build is extremely important to us because it is our first-ever update to the app. For this reason, we have made sure that it is improved and more user-friendly than ever. We are working hard to impress the party community and are excited to share our new developments.” 

- Derek Van Haeren, CEO & Founder of PartyShark

Disruptive Technologies started the production of this amazing app to find parties in 2019 but launched it on November 24th, 2022. You can download the PartyShark APK or .ipa from their respective app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on your smartphone’s operating system.

Now, to understand why this one of the best apps for parties is worth your time, let’s have a look at the features in the next section of this PartyShark review.

Features of PartyShark

The PartyShark app for iOS and Android is ideal in terms of features, UI, navigation, versions, etc. Additionally, at the time of writing this PartyShark review, developers have updated the app recently to make it more user-friendly and impressive. Let’s see what features you can expect from the PartyShark download.

1. Locate nearby parties

PartyShark app

If you want to avoid all hassles included in the process of hosting public or private parties, you can download PartyShark and explore parties happening around you. The ultimate party app includes a list of parties on an in-built map or on the home screen.

You can check the additional information as well such as entry fee, timings, dates, location, hosts, etc. Once you have found the party you want to attend, sign RSVPs or let hosts know you are attending from the app itself.

2. Create and manage parties

PartyShark App Review

If you are in the mood to invite people to your own parties, you can go for the PartyShark app download to access a database of vendors in your area of choice. Decide the theme of the party and explore a list of vendors who can help you with DJ, food, preparations, etc. You can also read reviews of vendors to make sure     you have the best people helping you to host awesome parties.

3. Negotiate with vendors

ultimate party app

Whether you are hosting private parties or public parties, it is no secret that budgeting is important for the success of the event. So, you can prepare a budget and negotiate with vendors accordingly. The best thing about the PartyShark app for iOS and Android is that it also allows you to communicate with vendors so you can pitch customized prices according to your requirements.

How to use PartyShark?

It is super easy to download PartyShark and start your fun journey on the app. Further steps will make it easier for you to create or attend parties from the app. Let’s have a look.

  • Find PartyShark on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Open the app and sign up with your Google account or email address
  • Accept the Terms of Service on the next page
  • Complete your profile by entering info like Display Name, Location, Phone Number, Birthdate, and Gender
  • You can choose to hide your gender and birthdate
  • Once done, verify on the next screen by entering the code sent on your phone number or skip the verification part
  • Select one of the occupations if you are a vendor
  • Press on the continue button if you are not
  • Explore the map to find parties in the neighborhood of your choice
  • Find people near your location to add them
  • Under Vendors, you can locate people offering their services
  • The app also includes a list of organizations that you can hire
  • You can use the Home Page to get additional information about parties around you
  • The Activity section of the app will let you review your past activities on the app
  • You can make modifications to your profile by going to the Profile page

In-app purchases on PartyShark

There are no in-app purchases involved in the app to use its services. You will, however, have to pay party hosts to buy tickets or vendors you are hiring.

Additional features of the PartyShark app

Additional features

Our thoughts on PartyShark

There are very less best apps to find local events in the market that specifically care about the party freaks. This automatically gives PartyShark an advantage to tackle the global market apart from the amazing quality of user experience offered by the app.

With the potential to connect with like-minded people whether, for friendships, hangouts or to collaborate to create successful parties, PartyShark fulfills the requirements of the modern user. So, you should definitely consider giving this best free party planning app a shot.

Lastly, we hope you found this PartyShark review helpful to understand this app to find parties better. If this PartyShark app review inspires you to create an app of your own or if you already own one, you can get your app reviewed as well by our experts. These app reviews open an opportunity for apps to be visible to a massive potential userbase hidden among our readers. So, that can be quite helpful for the growth of your digital product.

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