10 Great Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in Education

On average, a school student has at least one education related app on his device.

Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in Education

There are over 62,000 education-related apps available in the various app stores, which are revolutionizing education. But how? 

Today’s students benefit from the powerful new ways of mobile technology and mobile apps take away a major chunk of it. Mobile apps are taking education out of the classroom and putting it into the pockets of the learners.

Earlier, students learned in a classroom, but with the rise of mobile technology, the classroom is all around students and the school day never stops. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the importance of using mobile apps in education and why you should consider adding apps to your education, whether you are in high school, college, grad school, or are seeking continuing education as an adult.

Digital trends in higher education

Mobile Apps Categories for School

Before diving deep into the importance of mobile applications in education, learn about trending mobile apps for education.

  • Managing workbook & worksheet apps
  • Storytelling for kids apps
  • Online tuition apps
  • Attendance management apps
  • Quiz and puzzle with answers apps

Reasons to Use Mobile Apps in Education Sector

The mobile apps can be utilized in many ways in educating people. There are so many advantages of using mobile apps in our daily life, the following are the top reasons that make more sense if we use mobile apps in education:

1. Enhance Classroom Performance

Learning through mobile apps like Byju’s help students to enhance their classroom time by empowering them to take control of aspects of their education. They can look up answers, enhance their classroom experience, and access supplemental content.

For instance, after a lecture, the students can go through the lecture content as many times as they want. This way, the students who are slow learners can easily learn the subject, that too, without anyone’s help.

2. Maximize Time Usage

Students waste a lot of time on activities that aren’t related to learning. E-learning apps for students can help them use their downtime for educational purposes. Instead of surfing the internet or watching TV, students can read e-books, listen to recorded lectures, or complete online homework assignments.

By giving students the power to control when and where they learn, they can make the most of their learning time.

3. Improve Tech Skills

Tech skills are in high demand in today’s marketplace, and e-learning apps can help students to develop their tech skills early on. The more students practice with apps, the better they will be at navigating the tech world when they move on to the workplace.

For example, SoloLearn is an excellent app that offers courses in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and Java.

A well-designed e-learning app can inculcate relevant tech skills without students even recognizing that they are learning. For example, an educational game might teach coding under the guise of a game, helping kids create a foundation for future IT work.

4. Making Learning Fun

As stated above, learning through gamification is a great way to build student engagement and help them remain interested in school. Sometimes, difficult topics become more fun when presented in game form.

For instance, the top language learning apps assist the learner with new words and sentence formation by incorporating the learning process into a game, which ultimately makes learning fun.

By introducing competition and rewards, apps like Brilliant can turn the learning process into an easy task and motivate students to want to go deeper. Also, it will induce interest in subjects which students might find boring. Brilliant stands out to be one of the best mobile learning apps.

5. Individually Focused Learning

In a class of 30-40 students, it’s tough for the teacher to focus on all the students equally, that too in like 40 mins class. On the other hand, mobile education apps can be used individually. While a teacher has to gear a lesson to the whole class, an app only has to reach one user at a time.

Moreover, Apps learn from users who are using them. As a result, the app can adjust to make learning content appropriate for each learner’s unique style and level of learning. There is no more confusion or boredom because each lesson is always right on target and never pitched too high or too low.

6. Video-Oriented Learning

In today’s media environment, videos are the new books—and the new book reports. Access to video editing software and apps allows students to create engaging video projects that generate interest and keep students focused on learning in ways that old pen-and-paper essays never did.

As per a report of Living Laboratory, adults have depicted that a learner perceives, learn and remember best when he see and hear events. Going by this trend, video-oriented learning is bound to help the students in a much better way.

7. Effective Communication

Sometimes, every student doesn't get ample time to discuss his/her doubts with the teacher, which can significantly affect the learning process. When students need to communicate with their teachers and vice versa, apps make it easy for students and teachers to connect. Announcements and instructions can be delivered in real-time around the clock.

It further allows instructors to handle late-breaking problems and concerns, even off-hours; so that there is never a break from classroom communication. You are always connected, even while you sleep.

8. Automatization of Boring Parts

A lot of time gets wasted on the boring parts of education, particularly record-keeping activities like taking attendance, turning in homework, and delivering assignment instructions. Apps can automate the process so students can check-in and instructors can deliver information without having to take up valuable class time on busywork.

Regarding the learning process, mobile apps can help students who can’t concentrate and easily get distracted. The handy nature of mobile apps is an add-on for the students, as they don’t have to make the extra effort of cracking open a book.

9. Ecologically Friendly Options

Students today are concerned about the environment, and e-learning is the friendlier way to learn. Think of the trees that will be saved when students stop reading expensive, wasteful paper textbooks in favor of dynamic, frequently updated e-texts and use the online forms to submit homework rather than printed worksheets and essays.

As per a Stockholm Environmental Institute research, students who go for e-learning through an online college degree program emit 90% less CO2 than those who travel to schools.

The shift to e-learning can turn out to be an effort to reduce the use of paper and other fossil fuels.

10. Online Essay Writing Help

Many students face challenges in writing essays, and online learning resources help connect students to writing help. Right from formatting guides to ways to pay someone to write your essay, mobile apps can do it all.

It can further help the students to fragment their tasks further efficiently. This way, students not only will complete their assignments on time but also, will be able to learn new things and techniques.

The epilogue of Mobile Apps In Education

All the above-mentioned apps are for young learners who are ready to embrace technology and bring it into their good use. With these e-learning resources, it has become easier than ever to skip over the hard parts of education to focus on the best parts of the learning process.

To make it easier for the learners, we have listed the top educational apps in various categories; take a look:

  • For Teachers and Students: Kahoot
  • For Teacher to Make Announcements: Google Classroom
  • For Exam Preparation: StudyBlue
  • Helps Students Starting from a Class Level: Socrative
  • For Solving Mathematical Problems: PhotoMath

Some people may debate on the advantages and disadvantages of educational apps, but in the age of millennials, mobile apps are preferred over conventional ways of learning.

If we have missed anything, you can let us know by commenting below and we will try to embed the missing information or education-related apps in our article.

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