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Is App Preview Video Good For Your App?

The app preview video helps the users to known about the app in detail. App Preview Video Good For Your App?

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There are almost 3.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store. Besides, thousands of the apps get submitted to these app stores every week. The app market competition is fierce than ever, and the app marketers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that their apps penetrate to a huge community of users. In this crowded of apps, most of the newcomers get lost and never able to get the limelight for themselves. Wait am I discouraging with all the bad news? No this the fact you need to be very smart creative as well as different to beat the others. However this doesn't mean you have nothing on your side, there are plenty of marketing strategies and ASO tips you can leverage from. But, today I have picked up the preview video option for the app promotion and acquiring more downloads.

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What is App Preview Video?

You must have downloaded apps from the Google Play Store or App Store, after gettings the search results what you do? Go through the reviews, screenshots, description, and ratings to know whether the app worth your time or not. Similarly, the app preview videos are the short video for the users. The app promoters use these videos to give an idea about the app. The user can watch the short video and know what exactly the app has to offer. Where Google Play Store embedded the app preview video option a long time ago, Apple waited till iOS 8 to provide the feature in the App Store.

The app preview video is very helpful for the users, as the screenshots aren't enough to describe the app’s functionality. With app preview video the user can watch the app in action and make the right decision.

What About The Google Play Store App Preview Video?

 Google Play Store App Preview Video

Google was the first to introduce the app preview feature in the app store for the users and developers. Along with the screenshot, the developers are allowed to add a short edited video showing prime functionalities of the app. However, with time the developers stopped using the feature. During writing these article, I checked the top 20 Top Grossing apps on Google Play Store, and I found no app with app preview video. The prime reason behind this is the Google recently introduced ‘Try Now’ button that let users use the app without installing it. With the help of feature, the user gets the limited access to the app to experience its functionalities. The Try Now’ feature directly eliminates the need for app preview video for both developers and users.

Apple App Store’s App Preview Video

Apple App Store’s App Preview Video

As Apple doesn't have any Try Now option at least for now, it emphasizes more on app preview video. The company has a dedicated page sharing the guidelines and tips for preparing and submitting the app preview video. In the App Store, the developers have the option to submit a short video explaining about the app. In order to know the influence or effect of app preview video over users, I checked the iOS apps on the Apple app store. Among the Top 50 grossing apps only 22 apps were found with the preview video showing some details about the app. But, it is quite surprising that this count of iOS apps are still using this feature. Moreover, these apps are already topping the charts and have millions of users, but still, these apps have app preview video in the description.

Impact of App Preview Videos on App Downloads

The idea is good, without wasting the user’s time you can give a detailed idea and picture about your app to the user. The options not only saves the user time and effort but also shows the user what the developer has to offer via its app. However, the case is not same all the time, especially for developers. After implementing the app preview feature, many developers found that their conversion rate has decreased exponentially. There could be two reasons behind this, the first is short and simple video was not good and users don't like your app. The other one is that the video delay the time for downloading the app by the user and the downloading time is a crucial factor for conversion.

Besides, there is a number of studies and research on the effect of preview videos on app downloads. In the report “Video Preview: Costly, No Study Confirms Increase In CVR,“ by Anna Pratskevich on Smashing Magazine. According to the report, the addition of video in the app description doesn't have significant influence over the CVR. Along with this Lior Eldon from Venture Beats wrote, ”After examining dozens of App Store Optimization (ASO) projects, we’ve noticed that videos sometimes have a negative effect on the app’s conversion rates.”

Should You Make App Preview Video or Not?

There are mixed reactions about the app preview video from developers where many believe it hinders the growth other thinks its an informative addition. If you ask me, I believe that you should go for one of the following opinion depending upon the factors-

  1. If your app really required to show the potential users that it has something cool and interesting that they like then you should go for the option. More important you must have the good resources and editing tools to make a quality video for the users.
  2. On the other hand, if you don't have enough resource to create a quality video for your app, then you must restrain from this step. The poor quality video without any professional help could cost you users at large scale.
Akash Singh Chauhan
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Akash Singh Chauhan

Akash Singh Chauhan is a senior writer at MobileAppDaily and he mainly covers all the latest happenings and tweaks in mobile app technology. Being an Engineering graduate he is always compelled to the technology and tries to discover new trends in the tech world. Along with any tech news he also never misses a single episode of ‘Dragon Ball’.

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