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The Actual Cost Of Mobile App Development You Must Know

Know the cost estimate of mobile app development before transforming your idea into an app. Actual Cost Of Mobile App Development You Must Know

Now there is no need to prove that mobile apps are an integral part of the business and play a crucial role in the world. In recent years, mobile apps have gone much higher in terms of generating revenue than a traditional website. It is seen, 65% of the revenue of an organization comes from the mobile market. This technology has become so common and every business requires the one. But don't make the mistake of taking the development time taken for developing an app for granted. The mobile app development is a multi-level process that requires the testing at the individual level for ensuring the functionality and the quality of the product. 

App Development cost

According to a report, the total mobile app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion and it is expected to go beyond 350 billion by 2021. The popularity and the business of the industry are only going to increase in the coming time. Another report suggests that the industry will draw over $100 billion revenue by 2020. In case, you want to be part of that gigantic amount of revenue than having a mobile app for your business is must and prior to that, you must know how much the app development exactly costs

There are some pivotal factors that need to be considered.

Why is Mobile app necessary for business growth?

The world has rapidly shifted to the smaller screens for faster and convenient solutions. This means everyone looking for a service must be using their smartphone to know about the best service providers. This requires your business to be mobile friendly for alluring the more number of potential customers. In case, you already own a mobile-friendly website, you are definitely ahead of the 90% of the competition. Adding a great app will help you in giving a tough time to your closest competitors.

total no of mobile app

  • Make your service 24X7 available to the customer as today's user spend approximately 200 minutes a day on their smartphones and it will help them to access your business details without any trouble.
  • Keeping the users alert frequently with the notifications will boost up the users' engagement and that will hike up the customer conversion rate.
  • Mobile apps effortlessly keep branding your business all the time that helps in gathering more users for revenue generation.
  • Adds value to the customer which is a key feature in order to garner the users’ trust and maintain a healthy business relationship.
  • Boost up your business growth. A study shows that people spent 89% of their time on mobile. With the mobile app, it is more likely to get more customer compared to a website. 

Some important factors need to be considered prior to the app development

Here are some crucial points you should consider before getting into the actual process of app making.

Business Plan or Business Model

The business for which you are building an app act as a major factor in deciding the cost of development. The structure of your business and your service for the consumer will lay the base of the app for the developers to start the development. Prior to the development, you need to make sure that you have a pretty good idea of how you want to embed your services and business model into the app. You can start with the following questions:

  1. Where are your targeted customers spending most of their time?
  2. Preferred platform and devices according to target customer?
  3. Will it be free or paid to install?
  4. Will it only brand your own product or will also advertise 3rd party?
  5. Will you go for in-app purchase to earn?
  6. What are the latest trends in mobile app technology which are relevant to your business?

These questions will help you get the basic idea about your app that is necessary prior to the development. You can also come up with more relevant questions to gather additional information for making a strong strategy for the development process.


This factor involves the decision like which platform you want to target depending on the targeted users. Android and iOS are the two major platforms available and you need to choose which one suits your mobile app the most while considering the targeted user’s majority. This is the major decision you need to make prior to contacting any mobile app developer. Choose between the platform or you can go for both, only if you have a bigger budget for the development. 

app development platform

Here are few factors that should be considered while deciding the platform 

Targeted Users- The first and foremost focus should be the users' majority that is targeted to grow your business. In order to kick-start the development, you need to analyze whether iOS or Android have the higher number of users interested in your service.

Budget- Usually the iOS apps cost less than the Android app to develop, so you also need to check your development budget.

Time- Android apps takes two to three times more time in development than the iOS.

Money/Users- The iOS users are lesser in number as compared to Android. However, the iOS users are more likely to spend money on the paid apps. So, you need to decide which platform you want to go for investing your money to start the development process.

Types of Apps

Here you must decide, which type of app you will require for your targeted customers. Your business and the needs of the market defines the type of the app you require. Here is the graph to get a better idea of what you and what are your business needs.

type of apps

  1. Shopping or E-commerce apps- There is already a number of shopping apps available that requires specific functionalities.
  2. Educational apps- These types of apps deal with educational content and sharing the knowledge with users.
  3. Gaming App- This app includes some of the complicated processes during the development.
  4. Business apps- If you want to carry out your business via a mobile application then you will be needing a business app like Uber.
  5. Entertainment apps- These are the apps that deliver the entertainment-related media like images, videos, and other multimedia offerings. 


This will work when the user goes through your app. A catchy icon or attractive design can make a user use the app more and more. You need to decide what kind of user interface you want, an average or high end. It also depends on targeted customer and product. The design of the app also influences the development costs as you need to explain the designer, how you want your app to look. Nowadays, there are a lot of latest trends going around which also includes the material design that makes the app more appealing but increases the overall cost.


This is where you need to make the hard and smart choice for the development. In the market, there are developers available offering the quality service at some affordable price rates. These developers are basically divided among three categories:

1. Freelancers
2. Small Scale Company
3. Large Scale company 

Cost of apps

Freelancing is one of the most growing markets in the industry. The experience freelancers are offering is best in the mobile app development services. If you are able to find a genuine and good freelance developer, it could save you a lot of money. However, there is always a risk factor that accompanies the freelancers.

Small Scale companies are the most preferred choice for the development, as they are good and budget friendly as well. You can easily find the best small-scale mobile app development companies over the internet. 

Large Scale app development companies will be the best option if you are looking to get a flawless end product. However, it will cost you a more as compared to the small-scale companies and freelancers, but it will bring you the assured and quality work without any hurdles.

What kind of team will you need for development?

The development process is the collection of various steps that require different people mastering their respective field. Here are the people you will be involving in the mobile app development team.

1. Project Manager- A Project Manager is responsible for handling the overall development process and act as a link between the team and the client.

2. Coder- Works on the backend structure of the app and is responsible for creating all the functionalities via codes and different programming languages during the development.

3. UX/UI designer- This person adds the user interface to your app, that helps the users to actually see the content and media with visually rich elements.

4. QA Engineer- Once the functionality and features are developed it is necessary to try them out. Here comes the QA engineer in the picture who spots the flaws and mistakes by looking it as a reader and an engineer for maintaining the quality of the app. 

Develop and deploy

This team is assigned by the development companies on a project that takes care of the client's need. The development cost of the team depends on how complex your app is and according to the functionalities and features. A simple app usually takes 10 weeks to build including the 90 hours for design and 800 hours for backend development. On the other hand, a complex app requires about 28 weeks to develop and comprises 270 hours of design and development takes up to 2,200 hours.

Actual Cost For The App Development

The cost estimation of Android/iOS app development after considering factors which also involves the type of developer.

Mobile App Development Cost For Android apps

Complexity Cost
Elementary Level $25-$35
Standard Level $45-$55
Complex Level $55-$10,000
High-tech Level $75,000-$150,000

Mobile App Development Cost For iOS apps

Development Services Cost
Developed by giant companies $500,000 - $1,000,000
Developed by small agencies $150,000 -$450,000
Developed by freelancers $50,000 - $100,000

Some Other costs to consider depending on the app’s features

Feature Cost
In-app purchase support $1,000- 3,000
Web services $1,000- $5,000
Game center $1,000
Social Media Sharing $500- $1,500
SDK’s $50- $200

Here are some of the hidden mobile app development cost you should know about.

During the mobile app development, you will be going to spend a lot of money, which also includes some of the things that you will find out during the development.

Copyright- You need to buy the copyright of your product in order to protect the content, visual, idea, and multimedia of your app from being copied or plagiarized by others.

Patents- Any idea or product of the company should be made a patent, to make sure that no one copies it and getting your app patent will help in protecting it against any duplicity.

Trademark- If you haven't trademarked your business yet then you need to do it with the development of the app, as it makes sure that your brand belongs to you only and it will be unique in the market.

The advice 

The mobile app market is growing exponentially and it is important to own an app for your business to compete and grow. However, the mobile app development is quite a complex process, but if you know the details and play smart, you can come up with the best app at an affordable rate. The above information about the mobile app development cost will help you in making the right decision for your app. You need to make the smart decisions with your app as considering the cost-cutting at the initial stage will hamper the business in the longer run. In addition, you must do a good background check on the app developers that you shortlist, regardless of the category. 

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