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cost to develop an app like tinder In this article, we have discussed in detail the cost to develop an app like Tinder along with the key features to be included while developing such dating apps.

There is no going back once you start internet dating. The number of dating apps has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2012, Tinder made its way onto the mobile app scene. 

Additionally, it helped singles find mates and changed how mobile app development was done in style and functionality. Users overwhelmingly liked the swipe functionality. But how much did Tinder cost to make, or how much does it cost to create a Tinder-like app?

Creating something great, like a relationship or a dating app like Tinder, takes time and money. The well-known formula for calculating app development costs reads: "Feature set + scale + hourly rate = total development cost." 

This is accurate for anticipating and measuring Tinder app development cost as well. And in this article, we will examine this equation to understand the cost to develop an app like Tinder. 

So, read this article to learn how to build a dating app like Tinder and how much it would cost to create an app similar to Tinder.

Why should you be interested in making an app like Tinder?

Before discussing how much it would cost to develop an app like tinder, it is important to understand the benefits of establishing such an app in the first place.

People are interested in this software because it makes a significant portion of daily life—including interpersonal relationships—digitally simpler. This dating service is dynamic, quick, and effective at finding a better mate. 

Here are a few advantages to be aware of when developing a dating app.

1. Higher user retention rate

The retention rate is determined by examining the user's interaction after the application has been loaded on the device. Building a devoted consumer base is crucial for a lasting connection rather than just one or two uses. This dating app is becoming increasingly popular since it offers a fresh way to meet people. 

2. Tremendous monetization opportunities

The creators of dating mobile apps have a wide range of monetization options. Some common methods developers use to monetize their apps include in-app advertising and third-party services. 

It has even been observed that 20% of users interact with the features of the paid edition. We will discuss this in detail later in the article, so make sure you read till the very last!

3. Gaining immense popularity

Customers now have a great deal of trust in dating apps, which helps to increase sales. Most users of this app are looking for and communicating with their ideal partner. 

They even comprehend their preferences in this way. Many users can be drawn to a dating app with a distinctive idea. This might be an important factor that can compel you to build an app like Tinder.

Must-have features to be included in Tinder-like app

When considering developing a dating app, there are numerous elements to consider as they significantly impact the overall dating app development cost. In order to comprehend the cost of creating an app like Tinder, let's examine each of the crucial characteristics separately.

cost to build an app like tinder

1. Easy registration process

When deciding how to develop a dating app, one of the better solutions might be to use the Facebook permission engine. Using the said engine will help prevent the app from remembering your login credentials and registration password. This interlinking of the two apps can be accomplished with the aid of an OAP (Open Architecture Product). 

Another method of creating a login is by utilizing the phone number to create an app similar to Tinder using the current type of user authorization. This is the authority to display the primary app feature following authorization. Always deal with devoted developers because they have the tools and expertise to work on your project.

2. User profiles and details

When profiles include the following information, such as age, location, a brief description, common hobbies, and Facebook connections, they become more interesting. The user has the option of manually entering the information or having it imported from Facebook. Users can later add their bio, photos, and other details.

3. Communication and geolocation

Without geolocation, the app would be useless because a dating app's whole point is finding people nearby. To construct dating software similar to Tinder, developers can use geolocation API or core location. 

Once matched, users can communicate with one another on the dating app. The conversation function is deactivated if there is no mutual interest. This rule can be implemented with HTTP. Users can even link their Instagram profile to make the most recent Instagram photo accessible. On Instagram, however, the stuff from Tinder is not accessible.

4. Matchmaking

Users can "swipe" to approve or disapprove potential mates depending on their preferences. Swiping left indicates declining a certain offer, whereas swiping right establishes a match. Users make choices based on a person's description of themselves or photos of them. It is the first level of communication and demonstrates the other person's interest in finding out more about you. Consider the user's previous selections and recommend new matches that are comparable to win hearts with precision.

On Tinder, a match is created when two users swipe against one another. As soon as there is a match, you can begin communicating. The chat box feature of the app allows for secure and covert communication. In real-time communication, users can send emoticons and GIFs and like one another's messages.

5. Linking social media

Tinder users can link their Instagram and Snapchat accounts to their dating profiles and accounts. More dialogues and user engagement arise from this as it enables the users or matches to get to know one another better. 

6. In-app purchase or monetization

Today's audience needs high-quality software with a variety of appealing concepts. With some dating apps, users can purchase a paid subscription to access various extra services. Adjusting their location, viewing their most recent swipe, turning off the advertisements, and more. 

Even the store kit framework for iOS and the in-app payment API for Android allows for the integration of in-app purchases. After reading this, you will know how to build a dating app. You need to think of a novel concept that will appeal to the target market.

Technical expertise, time and rate required to build an app like Tinder

It may take a lot of laborers with advanced knowledge of mobile and web development to create an app similar to Tinder. You can appoint a developer to regulate the process of application development and, inevitably, also the cost to build a dating app. 

The developer can complete the project in time by placing the right person in the correct position and could decrease your overall cost to build a dating app. All of these specialists contribute extensively towards the tinder app development cost, and thus, you should take the help of the best mobile app development companies to complete your app development process.

Here is a list of the specialists and the hours needed to create a Tinder-like app for each. This will enable you to comprehend the cost to build an app like tinder.

1. UX Designer

The entire application must have a wireframe created by one UX designer after defining the project's parameters. A UX designer is among the first people that will account for the cost to build an app like tinder. 

  • Rate: In the US, a UX designer can cost an average of $48 per hour. In India, a UX designer with average experience may charge between $20 and $25.
  • Time: A tinder-like app's scope of work could take a UX designer 60 to 80 hours to complete.

2. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is necessary to produce original, personalized vector graphics that later play a crucial part in app design. They are the second set of people that contribute towards the cost to build an app like tinder.

  • Rate: Graphic designers get paid differently per hour depending on their region and experience level. The typical hourly wage for a graphic designer in India is between $18 and $20. In the US, a Graphic Design Specialist can average $28 per hour. 
  • Time: In order to build a dating app, one may require 50 to 60 hours of graphic design labor.

3. Quality Analyst

The process to build a dating app must be completed through a quality inspection process by the quality analyst. He usually has to test the program and look for potential bugs. An app that functions like Tinder can have several flaws that need to be fixed, such as the inability to swipe right after a certain point or communicate effectively with matches. Most of the time, QA is also in charge of pushing an app to the app store.

  • Rate: In India, debugger and quality analyst hourly rates typically range from $15 to $18. In the United States, a Quality Assurance Specialist's typical hourly cost can range from $28 to $34.
  • Time: The program's complexity and quantity of defects may fairly influence the number of hours needed for QA and thus would also affect the cost of building a dating app. A typical app like Tinder needs 100–120 hours of quality assurance. This includes the time spent on app store deployment, which takes up almost 20 hours of QA's work.

4. App Developers

Any platform can use two to three mobile app developers to create a dating app, depending on the platform of choice. These also account for the cost to develop dating app.

  • Rate: The hourly pay for mobile app developers varies by nation. India is favored for app development mostly due to its inexpensive pricing, which provides excellent ROI for creators. 
  • Developers for iOS and Android might charge anywhere from $22 and $30 per hour. Comparing these rates globally, Ukrainian coders charge between $80 and $100 per hour, whereas the price soars above $100 in the US.
  • Time: It may take devoted app developers between 700 and 900 hours to create a smartphone app similar to Tinder. The same can be decreased depending on how many developers work on the application. But in a perfect world, it would take an average of 700–900 hours for 3 developers to work together to create one app.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Tinder?

Since the total cost to build an app like Tinder largely depends on the features you would like, the type of app you want, the complexity of the business logic you choose to implement, and the time required for development, it would be illogical to put a fixed price on the concept of "dating app development cost."

The extent to which the factors mentioned above differ for each dating app concept determines the pricing to build a dating app. Think about the fact that it takes two developers two months to create a dating app. The price would undoubtedly rise, and the developers' time would need to be doubled if you wanted the app to be created in a month.

However, the average cost to build an app like Tinder is between $8000 and $40000.

How to make money through a Tinder-like app?

cost to develop dating app

Creating a dating app requires a large investment of time, money, and enormous effort. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that you are not making this investment and learning about the cost to make a dating app without considering the app's financial future! 

So, as soon as your process to create a dating app begins, you should start looking for ways to monetize your dating app. The cost to make a dating app might be a huge investment, but this investment can help you make a lot of money in the following ways:

1. Advertisements 

Many businesses target the dating market with their goods and services and prefer advertising on these dating sites. As a result, these ads represent a lucrative revenue stream for your dating app business and cover the basic cost to make a dating app.

2. Gifts & recommendations 

Giving users the option to purchase gifts and related items directly from the app will increase their chances of making money. You can do this by integrating with some online retailers or by setting up your online shop, and you can also suggest gifts based on the likes and dislikes data gathered by the app.

3. Subscriptions and memberships 

Although money cannot buy happiness, it may buy additional features for a wonderful date and, therefore, more users! Dating apps like Tinder offer a variety of membership plans based on pricing and features. You may make money by adding fascinating and cutting-edge features that are in high demand and that can only be accessed by paying subscribers. This might increase the cost to make a dating app, but it is well worth it!

4. In-app purchases

Users of dating apps seek a variety of emoticons and stickers to maintain more interesting discussions. This is where you may increase your earnings by integrating extra emojis, stickers, etc., and compensate for the Tinder app development cost.

How to develop a dating app like Tinder?

build a dating app

You must first understand how to build a dating app like Tinder from the beginning to fully comprehend the cost to develop a dating app. Knowing how to create a dating app can assist you in estimating the dating app development cost. So, for your convenience, here's how to create a dating app like tinder:

1. Ideation

Ideation refers to selecting the precise niche for your dating application. For instance, numerous applications have various niches, including hookup apps, dating apps, and matching apps.

2. Making an outline 

The following stage is to create a basic structure or sketch. You can also produce a wireframe at this stage. Give specifics on the user experience and useful information architecture.

3. Design

A dating app that is visually appealing appears to be a dating app in the truest sense. Place the greatest emphasis on design and make it appear appealing and lovely. Take care of the dashboard, icons, images, and anything else.

4. Coding

This is where the spirit of your program is created. You must ensure that the code is flawless and error-free. And this procedure is the one that takes the longest. Either you can start with the coding portion with your team, or you can outsource the process. You could work with an app developer.

5. Tests and quality control

At least three times, you should test everything. When your app goes live, you must feel that it is bug-free. Testing allows you to determine whether each function is operating properly or not. You can correct any errors that are discovered.

6. Debugging

Yes, there will initially be some issues. Before retesting, fix those errors and go through the coding. Repeat the testing and debugging procedures to ensure a seamless app experience.

7. Launching the app

Make your ideal application live in the last phase. The next stage is to market and sell your software after submitting it to the app store or play store.


As more people spend time online, dating apps are becoming increasingly commonplace. Future predictions indicate that online dating will increase rapidly. The functions and connectivity features of the Tinder-like apps are among the factors contributing to its success. A similar approach can be used for making other similar apps as well. So, knowing the cost to develop dating app can be fruitful for you.

Other than the dating idea, Tinder-type applications may be used for job searching, a social tool to connect similar-minded individuals based on filters like sports, movies, music, and many other things. 

The reach of the Tinder-like app is sufficiently broad to be applied to e-commerce websites, where users can swipe right their selections to revisit them and look them up to see if any deals are available.

These are precisely the reasons you should know about the cost of developing a dating app and then start with your process to create a dating app like Tinder. It should connect people with new people and cater to your target population.

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