Real Cost of Developing an Mobile App for Android and iOS

Mobile App Development 6th April, 2017   |   by Joshua Anderson


Now there is no need to prove that Mobile apps are an integral part of our life and play a crucial role in the business world. In recent years mobile apps have gone much higher, in terms of generating revenue than a traditional website, it is been seen 65% of the revenue of an organization comes from the app market. Mobile apps are everywhere and you can download them in free from the store, but don't make a mistake of thinking a great app can be developed in afternoon for the price of lunch. Making a well efficient and featured app which can help you to capture consumer's wallet and attention involves a multistage process.

There are some pivotal factors needs to consider:

Why is Mobile app necessary for business growth?

Let's  have a quick look over benefits of app:

  • Makes your service 24?7 available to the customer as today's user spend approximately 200 minutes a day on their smartphones.
  • Increases user engagement by keep alerting user time to time.
  • Regular Branding of the organizations and products which ultimately converts into higher revenues.
  • Continuous interaction and branding on daily basis increase the probability of user to buy your product.
  • Adds value to the customer which is a key feature.

Factors should consider before starting Mobile app development :

Here are some crucial points you should consider before entering into the actual process of app making.
  • Business Plan or Business Model

This factor covers a major portion in terms of deciding the cost of mobile app development. When you are going for an app, you need to look and analyze your business model and figure out some questions like : 1. Where are your target customers spending most of their time ? 2. Preferred platform and devices according to target customer ? 3. Will it be free or paid to install ? 4. Will your app only brand your own product or will advertise 3rd party ? 5. Will you go for in-app purchase to earn ? 6. What are latest trends in mobile app technology relevant to your app ? Above are the questions need to figure out first before app development. But you can also come up with some important question and solve them in accordance with your business model and targeted users.
  • Platform

These factors involves the decision, like which platform you wanna target depending upon your users. Android and iOS are  two major platforms are available and you need to choose which one suits your mobile app, most considering targeting users majority. The costing for android/iOS app development

  • Type of App

In order to get a fully featured app, you need to decide what type of app you want. Basically, there are 4 types including Table/List, Database, Dynamic, and Game.

  • Design

This will work while user going through your app, a catchy icon or attractive design can make a user to use the app more and more. You need to decide what kind of user interface you want, an average or high end. It also depends on targeted customer and product.

  • Developer

This is totally a personal choice whether you wanna go for freelancer, big agency or small agency. There is no doubt small agency or freelancers can develop giving competition to the gain in industry but need to look out for genuine and professional. Do research and by considering your budget look out for the best in the market.

Actual Cost of Mobile App Development

The cost estimation of Android/iOS app development after considering  above factors, also involves the choice of developer. The estimated cost of developing a mobile app are

  • Simple Apps for single platforms starts with $25,000
  • Apps developed by giant companies in the industry will cost you in between $500,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Mobile App Development by small agencies will cost somewhere between $150,000 to $450,000.
  • Mobile App built by freelancers or smaller shops likely cost anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000.


To compete in the present market it is necessary to continuously engage with the customer and interact as more as possible, mobile apps are the best way in doing so. If you haven't considered an app strategy in your business then you should immediately implement it by using above information, get an estimate and certain idea about mobile app development cost.

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