Best International Money Transfer Apps for Global Payments in 2023!

Check out our inclusive list of the best international money transfer apps available for both Android and iOS users in 2023.
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July 26, 2023
international money transfer apps

Money transfer apps are designed to help you transfer money from person to person or entity to entity quickly, conveniently, securely, and instantly. Currently, online money transfer is the most common and preferred service worldwide.

You can always use instant money transfer apps from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere. Along with sending money to friends and family, these apps can be used to pay for goods and services. With a robust set of security features, international money transfer apps have entirely revolutionized the funds transfer system.

From small and big vendors to service providers and retail vendors, everyone prefers and accepts digital payments instead of cash and cards. With the bonus convenience, international money transfer apps are becoming a common source of remittance across the globe. The market is constantly expanding, with new apps being introduced daily. We have curated an inclusive list of the best money transfer apps that allow you to make electronic transactions and payments with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Our Top Picks

Factors like cost, transfer speed, and international capabilities are all important to consider when choosing the best international money transfer app. Check out our favorite and the best payment apps that offer a convenient alternative to costly and slow traditional bank wires.

Secure and Empower Global Transfers with the Best International Money Transfer Apps in 2023!

Outward remittance is critical to many people as it raises security and privacy concerns. Additionally, sending money abroad can also be extremely expensive for some users. The best international money transfer apps available for Android and iOS users are packed with all the essential features that can simplify the process for users.

All these options are extremely viable and are vetted based on their features, utility, availability, and customer reviews. Let’s head to our list of the best International money transfer apps in 2023.



Apple 4.6
android 4.6

Wise is the best money transfer app that is packed with a range of features enabling users to transfer money across borders securely. It is a financial technology company that specializes in international payments and low-cost currency exchange.  This international payment app can be used to send payments to over 40 different countries.

If you are looking for an international money transfer service that's affordable and accessible, Wise is the perfect solution for you. All the payments and transactions are arranged through an online channel or the Wise app. The payments are deposited right into the recipient’s bank account to ensure added convenience and security. 

Features of Wise - An instant bank transfer app

  • Cheaper fund transfers to different countries
  • Fast and free from hidden fees and charges
  • Easily repeat your previous transactions and payments
  • Exchange rate notifications for updated live information
  • Supports 2-factor authentication to protect your account 
Download Wise


Apple 4.7
android 4.6

Revolut is the best international money transfer app that offers a wide selection of digital banking services in an integrated mobile app. This app is targeted toward young, tech-savvy users who are looking for an instant money transfer service. 

It is one of the best money-sending apps that offer a reliable digital alternative to traditional banking methods. With the low-cost solutions offered by Revolut, you can still have access to an exclusive online account and an associated debit card. It is an all-in-one online money transfer app that empowers you to perform all kinds of transactions, from international transfers to payments. 

Features of Revolut - An international money transfer app

  • Supports peer-to-peer payments and transfers
  • Lock and unlock the card from the Revolut app
  • No additional charge or commission on transfers
  • Immediate transfers between two Revolut accounts
  • Automatically convert balance from one currency to another
Download Revolut


Apple 4.9
android 4.7

Remitly is an online money transfer app that operates in Canada, UK, and the United States. The app offers a global reach and is beneficial for users who regularly send money to friends and family in other countries. The app offers two different ways of receiving money through a mobile app or through home delivery. 

It is the best money transfer app for users who want cheap and inexpensive alternatives for sending money abroad. Remitly is considered among the best apps to receive money through a quicker, easier, and less expensive platform. 

Features of Remitly - An international payment app

  • Low or no fees transfer to some countries
  • Delivers money to recipients within minutes
  • Affordable promotional rates for first-time users
  • Offers resoundingly positive experience for users
  • Receive money through a mobile app, bank account, cash pickup, or home delivery
Download Remitly


Apple 4.9
android 3.6

OFX is an international money transfer app that offers global reach, enabling users to transfer funds internationally to over 190 countries. It places no limits on how much money is transferred and is thus a leading choice for many users. OFX is a suitable option for people who want affordable bank-to-bank transfers and are not concerned about speed. 

OFX is an online-only portal for transferring and depositing money directly to the bank account. Unlike some of the best payment apps, money cannot be delivered home or picked up from a retail store. It sends money to more than 190 countries in over 55 different countries. If you are looking to transfer money without any restrictions and cap on the amount, OFX is the best international money transfer app for you.

Features of OFX - The best money transfer app

  • Transfer is available in more than 190 countries
  • Money is delivered directly to the bank account
  • Charges no additional fee for transferring money
  • Transfers money without any caps and restrictions
  • A well-developed mobile application with all the features
Download OFX
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Western Union

Apple 4.8
android 2.5

Western Union is among the most popular money transfer apps that allow its customers to transfer money, check current exchange rates, view past transactions, and do a lot more through an integrated mobile application. This app is the best digital innovation that offers safe and secure financial services for all its users. 

Western Union is the largest cash app international that lets you send money to the recipients’ mobile app or directly to the Western Union branch location. Users can choose from multiple options for sending and receiving money. You can transfer money directly to the bank accounts, in cash, or deliver it directly. 

Features of Western Union - The best international money transfer app

  • Offers card payments for quick and easy transfer
  • Enables you to view international exchange rates 
  • Pay bills and loans easily through mobile application
  • Saves receiver’s details to allow quick repeat transactions
  • Money transferred to the mobile wallet, bank account, or cash pickup
Download Western Union


Apple 4.4
android 3.0

CurrencyFair is among the top online marketplace apps for currency exchange or transfers. With its robust security features, it is one of the best international money transfer apps, which is firmly recommended for bank transfers worldwide. The app offers online cross-border payments and foreign currency exchange services to many customers globally. Users can expect same-day transfers to over 150 countries in more than 22 currencies. 

This money transfer app offers two different options for trading. You can either exchange your currencies immediately or fix an exchange rate as you like. It is definitely one of the most secure apps to send money internationally at a competitive transfer rate.

Features of CurrencyFair - The best money transfer app

  • Offers fast transfer times at low rates
  • Secured and regulated by CBI, ASIC, MAS, and FCA
  • Clean, easy-to-understand web and application interface
  • No minimum transfers overseas, and maximum limit is high
  • Flexibility to wait and avail of the best exchange rates in the market
Download CurrencyFair


Apple 1.8
android 2.5

TorFX is an international money transfer app and service that enables both individuals and businesses to make overseas transfers, payments, and exchange currencies. It is the most trusted and reliable instant bank transfer app that can be used to send large amounts of money to UK, US, and Australia. 

TorFX supports over 40 global currencies, including some of the major ones like USD, EUR, AUD, and more. With a set of robust security features, this international payment app keeps all your information, details, and money safe. 

Features of TorFX - Among the best apps to send money

  • Offers a dedicated account manager for assistance
  • Offers competitive transfer rates for large sums of money
  • Supportive features for both individuals and large enterprises
  • No additional transfer fee is charged, regardless of the amount
  • Excellent customer support services available through phone and e-mail
Download TorFX

Currencies Direct

Apple 3.3
android 4.1

Currencies Direct is a UK-based international money transfer app and currency exchange service provider for individuals, business enterprises, and online sellers. Unlike other money-sending apps and services, Currencies Direct offers unique and tailored solutions to match individual preferences and money needs. 

With a huge selection of currency exchange and money transfer services, Currencies Direct is among the top international mobile money transfer apps available in the market today. The app offers competitive exchange rates and security features that make it a preferred choice for many users globally. 

Features of Currencies Direct - One of the most secure apps to send money

  • Offers access to a dedicated account manager
  • Specialized features in many locales and countries
  • Competitive exchange rates on large sums of money
  • Award-winning services for simple and east bank transfers
  • Integrated and comprehensive platform with many services
Download Currencies Direct

Paysend Money Transfer App

Apple 4.6
android 3.3

Paysend is an international money transfer app that lets you transfer money to 150 different countries. The app is dedicated to simplifying the process of international transfer by offering fast and low-cost solutions for the same. It offers a secure and safe platform for card payments and bank transfers across the globe. 

Paysend connects around 12 billion card users globally, offering them a convenient and accessible way to transfer money across borders. With a faster and more straightforward money-transferring system, Paysend has successfully acquired over 4 million users worldwide and continues to expand. 

Features of Paysend - A safe money transfer app

  • Low and competitive exchange rates
  • Offers a network of over 100 receiving countries
  • Best services in card payments around the world
  • Total transparency and security are guaranteed by the app
  • Affordable transfer fee without any hidden costs and charges
Download Paysend Money Transfer App


Apple 5.0

Currensea is an innovative fintech company that offers debit card services internationally. The app was developed to make travel abroad easier by offering the best exchange rates and eliminating any sort of additional transactional fees and charges. 

It is a one of its kind travel money card that links directly to your bank accounts. This app saves you from the hassle of prepaying for a separate travel card or having your money locked up in prepaid cards. It offers the lowest exchange rates without any additional charges and is thus a preferred option for many users. 

Features of Currensea - An international money app

  • Quick application process 
  • Monitor and regulate your overseas transactions
  • No fees on non-sterling transactions in 180 countries
  • Offers three different subscription plans to choose from
  • No hidden fee or additional charges on international transactions
Download Currensea

WorldRemit Money Transfer

Apple 4.8
android 4.1

WorldRemit is a digital cross-border money transfer and remittance service that is available in more than 130 countries and over 70 different currencies. It offers multiple payout options for those receiving money and an easy solution for those who are sending money. You can opt for a direct bank deposit, mobile money, or opt for a cash-pick-up. 

It is the best online money transfer operator that lets users transfer money in a secure, fast, and affordable manner. With its unique and pioneering approach toward secure money transfers internationally, WorldRemit is definitely one of the best international money transfer apps available today. 

Features of WorldRemit - The best international money transfer app

  • Quick, simple, and easy service
  • Offers the best and fixed exchange rates 
  • Extensive global reach in over 130 countries
  • Flexible payment and payout options for users
  • Affordable solution for international transfers with low fees
Download WorldRemit Money Transfer
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Key Features of the International Money Transfer Apps

Some of the best apps to send money abroad are exclusively designed to simplify the process of international transfers. Some primary features that you must consider while choosing an appropriate app for making global transactions are discussed below. 

1. Secure and Reliable

Online transactions offer extreme convenience and ease to users. However, there is a flip side to this too. While making a payment online, you are risking your private information, bank details, and money. 

An international money transfer app must offer its users a safe platform for making transactions. The apps should comply with security standards and requirements to safeguard the financial information and payments of users. 

2. Global Reach

The main purpose of an international money transfer app is to facilitate funds transfer overseas and across different borders without any limitations. An ideal app for sending money to a different country must be accessible in different countries. 

The app should be able to transfer multiple currencies in order to simplify the process of transfer and exchange for all its users. Some of the best apps to transfer money internationally offer a worldwide reach and are compatible with the main and popular currencies. 

3. Low Transfer Fees

An app that charges low and affordable fees for international transfers is preferred by a larger number of users. These apps function as a cost-effective solution for sending money abroad. Most of the apps charge a fixed amount, irrespective of the sum of funds being transferred. However, some money transfer apps charge different rates for different amounts of money. 

4. Flexible Payout Options 

A suitable money transfer app must be able to offer multiple payout options for the receiver. Some of the best money transfer apps allow users to receive money through their preferred channel. For instance, users can opt for an instant bank transfer or can get their money delivered to their address. Apart from this, many apps also offer an option to pick up money from the nearest branch. 

Are Money Transfer Apps Safe to Use?

Most international money transfer apps are known for their robust security features and integrated payment platforms. These apps are packed with the best safety features to protect your money and other important information. 

However, as a user, you must be responsible and careful while using these apps for transferring a huge sum of money. You must fill out the recipient details and information correctly in order to avoid any discrepancies. 

Along with this, you must be sure of transferring and receiving money from known users and people you can trust. If any of your fund transfer is misdirected, you may never be able to recover the amount. 

Final Verdict!

International money transfer apps have simplified and streamlined cross-border payments with their robust security features and advanced technology. These apps have the potential to empower individuals and businesses to send and receive money globally with maximum ease and convenience. 

As technology continues to advance, the best international money transfer apps are likely to evolve further, introducing new features and enhancing their capabilities to match the ever-growing demands of their users. These apps are definitely a must-have in this globalized world and are worth giving a shot at. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our reviews and listing will help your app grow and reach the targeted audience easily. Until then, continue to explore MobileAppDaily for more interesting reviews, information, and the latest updates on the world of technology and mobile applications.

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