10 Best Apple Watch Apps to Make Your Life More Convenient

These best Apple Watch apps are selected on the basis of their usability to offer you the best possible options.
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August 03, 2022
best Apple Watch apps
Apple Watch was released for users in 2015 and after only a short time, millions of units of the Apple Watch were sold already. As new versions of the Apple Watch were released over time, new features were added to its configuration. The latest Apple Watch Series 7 has features like a retina display, five aluminum colors, IP6X certified dust resistance, WR50 water resistant and swim-proof feature, etc. Users also have the freedom to keep their health in check with this amazing wearable technology. The watch comes with an in-built sensor and app that allows you to track your heart rate, and take an ECG, anywhere and anytime.

Now, undoubtedly unique features of the Apple Watch opened plenty of new opportunities for developers across the globe. Developers have been building the best wearable apps that can be helpful in tracing health, making quick notes, replying to texts, and more. In this blog, we are introducing you to a few apps that you can install on your Apple Watch.

Our Top Picks

To select these further Apple Watch apps, we reviewed them thoroughly, reviewed their features, and considered their performance and user reviews. So, you can trust any app mentioned further in the list and start using them without thinking twice.

Top Apple Watch Apps Of 2022

With each name, we are breaking down crucial features of apps for your convenience. You will also find links to apps that will take you directly to the download page. Hopefully, this convenience helps you find the right apps for your needs.

Map My Run by Under Armour

Apple 4.8

One of the best apps for the Apple Watch for fitness, Map My Run has millions of users across the world. This one of the best free apps for Apple Watches offers in-depth insights that can make you a much fitter person. Moreover, you can also track your running routes, speed, and workouts. The app also includes a community feature where users can share their daily workout updates to inspire others. 

Features of this one of the best apps for Apple Watch Series 7

  • Support for multiple workouts
  • A global community of Map My Run users
  • Get curated training plans with a premium subscription
  • Track and access workout data from the watch app itself
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Apple 4.7

Designed to make it more convenient for you to take care of your fitness, Strava is a well-thought app designed for runners. The app allows you to track your running routes and routines. You can also review other data such as calories that you burn, time consumed in the running process, speed, pace, etc. Moreover, there are challenges too that you can attempt and compete with other Strava users.

Features of this best-running app

  • Track route, speed, elevation, and pace of your rides
  • Push yourself to attempt challenges and accomplish goals
  • Includes data of routes suitable for running
  • Track other sports like swimming, hiking, cycling, Crossfit, etc
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Water Reminder

Apple 5.0

Developers of this one of the best apps for the Apple Watch know how important it is for you to keep a track of your water intake. Thus, the app exists to remind you to drink water multiple times a day. You can also select multiple types of drinks depending on your preference. On top of that, you can also customize the intake of your water depending on your requirements.

Features of this one of the best free apps for Apple Watch

  • Customize your water intake
  • Select your preferred drinks
  • Receive reminders to drink enough
  • Get reminders based on your drink choices
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Nike Run Club

Apple 4.8

One of the important additions to the list of top running apps for Apple Watches, Nike Run Club is designed to train users to accomplish their fitness goals. The app can provide you with required information such as distance, pace, BPM, etc. You can also review the route that you take in this one of the fun Apple Watch apps.

Features of this one of the top iPhone watch apps

  • Expert and community support for running exercises
  • Track the data such as distance covered, BPM, pace, etc
  • An in-built run tracker that uses GPS to track distance and speed
  • An easily accessible user interface for the Apple Watch
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Apple 4.5

If you travel often or planning a trip, you should definitely install this one of the cool Apple Watch apps on your device. The trip companion app uses GPS to provide you with variants of the data such as maps, tracks, routes, and more. This one of the top apps for Apple Watches can also provide you the data like the height of your location, distance covered, and snippets of locations.

Features of this one of the top iWatch apps

  • Snippets with the location data
  • Includes other details like height, distance, routes, etc
  • Track your live location
  • Track your health as well with the Apple Watch
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Apple 4.5

As the name suggests, you can install this one of the most useful healthcare apps for Apple Watches if you are going through any help problems or want to keep a track of your poop health for your doctor. The app lets you record your daily poop data like color, shape, defecation time, etc. You can easily share this data with a health specialist to get records of your fitness.

Features of this one of the top Apple Watch apps

  • Supports Apple Health Sync
  • Record poop health daily 
  • Share easily with your health specialist
  • Easy-to-use interface
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Apple 4.8

Famous as one of the best meditation apps, Headspace is designed with all crucial features for your Apple Watches. You can use the audio player to control and hear soothing everyday Headspace sounds. On top of that, this one of the good apps for Apple Watches also comes with an in-built running and walking tracker.

Features of this one of the cool Apple Watch apps

  • In-built running and walking tracker
  • Build your exercise streaks by following a daily routine
  • Get other data such as BPM before and after your exercises
  • Daily meditation and calming exercises 
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Apple 4.8

Another top name in this list of must-have Apple Watch apps Calm is designed to gift you with mental relaxation after a tiring day. The mental health app has expert guides that can reduce your stress levels and help you in feeling calmer and more relaxed. You can also follow mindfulness exercises including walking so you can heal your mind.

Features of this one of the cool apps for Apple Watches

  • Easy calming exercises
  • In-built audio player for relaxing audios
  • Walk tracker with exercise guides
  • Over 30 soothing nature sounds
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Apple 4.7

As the name gives it away, this one of the best sleeping apps allows you to set alarm clocks, and reminders, and track your sleep routine automatically with the help of the Apple Watch. The app provides all of its features for free and does not require any subscription or in-app purchases. The best thing about this mental health app is that you can wear your watch to bed and it will automatically track your sleep cycle if you want. That way, no manual entries are required to be done.

Features of this one of the newest Apple Watch apps

  • Record your sleep automatically by wearing the watch to bed
  • Sleep data includes duration, quality, deep sleep duration, etc
  • Set alarm just like a normal watch app
  • Get battery reminders
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Apple 4.8

A top name among the leading music streaming apps, Spotify offers its music experience on the Apple Watch. The app allows you to access your playlists, control music, and change the output device easily. You can select an available device where you want to hear your music. And the interface makes the user experience much more convenient.

Features of this one of the must-have Apple Watch apps

  • Control music, volume, etc from the Apple Watch
  • Change the output speaker device easily
  • Access and make playlists of songs and podcasts
  • Mark songs favorite depending on what you like
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Well, these were the best apps for Apple Watches that should have on your phone if you find them relatable. As you might have noticed, most of these apps are thoughtfully designed to make users mentally and physically healthier.

Each of these best Apple Watch apps mentioned above is reviewed and shortlisted by taking a few factors into consideration such as their reviews and usability of features. So, hopefully, with this list, we helped you in locating an answer to the question- what apps can you get on Apple Watches?

In the end, if you are a developer and looking for some inspiration for your next app, or already own an app that you built, you can get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily as well. These reviews will make a place for your app in such blogs after a quick review by experts and you will be able to know the real potential of your apps.

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