WhatsOnFlix App: What's Trending on Netflix?

Discover what’s new, expiring, and coming soon on Netflix. Hit the ground with WhatsOnFlix!

Updated on April 07, 2024
WhatsOnFlix App: What\'s Trending on Netflix?

Spanning 16 million new sign-ups around this lockdown, Netflix created a new record by doubling the number of new subscribers in just the past quarter of 2020. 

After the COVID-19 shuttered movie theaters and pushed people to stay home, Netflix marked a rush in demand. Interestingly, people who never streamed, have started scrolling their retinas over Netflix. 

If you’re a die-hard Netflix lover, ditch cable, and choose Netflix to watch your favorite TV shows, then this interesting app will be a cherry on top. 

Watching your favorite shows, binge-watching sessions, before anyone else is a fantasy. Even if you’re a Netflixaholics, still you probably haven't seen some of its biggest shows just after they have gone on air.

Are you wondering what is the best series to watch on Netflix? And what is the quickest way to search “What’s trending on Netflix?”

Heck yes!

Are you looking for the most talked Netflix shows and movies around the world just after their release? We’ve got the biggest unofficial Netflix app, your guide to what's new on Netflix, what's coming soon, and what to watch next. 

To discover what’s actually new on Netflix, let’s get started with a striking app WhatsOnFlix. Let’s get crack’n with WhatsOnFlix App review with MobileAppDaily.

What is WhatsOnFlix App?

WhatsOnFlix is an independent Netflix companion app developed by Zeemo for all entertainment buffs to help discover, search, filter, “what’s trending” over Netflix entertainment.  Personalize your watch and get rid of the streaming chaos of the Netflix catalog for your favorite entertainment buckets.

Netflix is the largest streaming service in the world. Every day, millions of people visit Netflix to enjoy their top Netflix shows, seasons popular on Netflix. With 13,900+ titles and your busy daily schedule, it’s hectic to pick “what to watch” from the pool. 

Although, Netflix has created a separate tab named “Coming Soon”, but being so confusing and tremendous in size. It is extremely tough for the users to stream the specific content they love, just at its release.

Here, the WhatsOnFlix app comes into action. This app helps you find great movies, best shows to watch on Netflix, and documentation with complete information, description, ratings, trailers, and direct links for viewing on Netflix.

Why do you need WhatsOnFlix App?

The On-demand app, Netflix has brought recent changes in its algorithm. Netflix is promoting just their originals in the “New” section and titles stay “New” for months. Also, they don’t inform you of what’s expiring soon. WhatsOnFlix app is a boon here, that shows what to watch next,  and what will expire soon. 

WhatsOnFlix app enhances the Netflix experience by notifying users what’s truly the latest, and what’s going to be removed soon. The app offers an improved search engine and filters to help users don’t miss a title they’ve been wanting to watch. 

“The biggest challenge is to present users with the best possible data in the easiest possible way. We hope we have succeeded in doing this with WhatsOnFlix.”

~ Sven Ziegler, Founder, WhatsOnFlix

Additionally, you get editorials on Netflix content, more details about all the shows and movies on Netflix such as New trailers, reviews of episodes, previews, or podcasts, etc.

So, if you are looking for a full list of 2004 movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix with subtitles and a 9.0 or better rating? No problem. If it is on Netflix, “WhatsOnFlix” will find it for you!

Top Features of WhatsOnFlix App

WhatsOnFlix is one such app that enhances your Netflix experience by updating you of all the new movies and shows, not just Netflix originals and all the best things on Netflix. Here are some of the best things you can do with this app - 

1. Discover what’s trending

WhatsOnFlix’s augmented discovery helps you reveal, what’s actually new on Netflix, what’s soon to be removed from it. 

Discover what’s trending

It lets you check out the new movies and shows, not just Netflix originals. Discover the upcoming titles, to plan your Saturday spree with push notifications to know what’s coming next?

2. Search top Netflix shows

WhatsOnFlix uses an enhanced search algorithm that helps you get filtered search results through your smartphones. Get the exact titles, what's coming to Netflix with complete details of the casting couch, utilizing a full-text search engine to identify the patterns and serve you with more precise matches.

Search top Netflix shows

3. Filter with your mood swings

If you are stuck between what to watch on Netflix now? WhatsOnFlix app narrows down your search with advanced filtering. 

Filter with your mood swings

You can filter down results by movies, series, or both, multiple genres at once, input both “horror” and “comedy” to discover titles that are just right, IMDb ratings, and languages. 

4. Get details before every dive

WhatsOnFlix app is a wonderful app that gives in-depth summaries, by displaying overall ratings, description, ratings, trailers, and direct links for viewing on Netflix.

Get details before every dive

5. Guides to watch your better

In our daily lives, every second count. WhatsOnFlix app saves your time by providing detailed guides that let you watch exactly your mood is calling off. Be confident before diving into any one of your favorite series, get a better season, episode synopsis and summaries. 

Guides to watch your better

6. Create your own Watchlist

Sign in or register to begin using the watchlist. Build a collection to track your favorites. Watchlist helps you get notified of new episodes/seasons, you picked. And also get updates of the content going to removed soon. 

Why choose WhatsOnFlix over others?

“We offer Netflix users the features and views they miss at Netflix!”

~ Sven Ziegler, Founder, WhatsOnFlix

Though, the WhatsOnFlix app is an amusement package for all entertainment buffs, that offers more realistic and comprehensive information by utilizing an enhanced search algorithm, and augmented discovery.

The top 4 USPs are - 

  • Tremendous Netflix search-engine.
  • An intuitive and easy to use UI.
  • Advanced search and filter functions than Netflix itself.  
  • More detailed season and episode summaries (such as description, ratings, trailers, etc)

Hits and Strikes 


  • Free App for Netflixaholics.
  • Complete Netflix catalog for the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Regular listing of newly added & expiring content.
  • Push notifications for highlights (optional)
  • Comprehensive Netflix search-engine.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Frequent improvement updates.
  • Blended data from IMDb and TMDb.
  • Available for both Android and iOS users


  • Increased number of video ads in the free version.


WhatsOnFlix is fully packed with priceless features for entertainment buffs. The app is free to download. However, you can disable the ads and unlock features for a one-time $3.49 in-app purchase, such as preview, unlimited access to all titles, and other details.

The users can unlock the premium features (to remove ads and some more comfort features) in the app via a one-time in-app-purchase (no subscription here!).

Additional Information: WhatsOnFlix App Ratings and Reviews

WhatsOnFlix App Review

MAD Verdict 

Netflix is a gigantic platform and can trouble you with its endless streaming options. WhatsOnFlix is an intelligent app for all the movie buffs, or big into tv shows, who are always up for the latest on Netflix. With so many astounding features, WhatsOnFlix can be your perfect entertainment escape in the streaming chaos of Netflix. 

Heads-up for what’s trending, less time in searching, and more time into watching your favorites without hassle, everything on WhatsOnFlix. 

To relax your Netflix experience WhatsOnFlix app is all you need. Overall, it’s a good app, that’s free, so try it out, and share your experiences with us.

This is all about WhatsOnFlix App review exclusively with MobileAppDaily. You can also get your app reviewed with us. Till then, keep reading, stay safe!

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