Universe - The Website Developer on your phones

With its unique ‘grid’ technique for web development, the Universe app makes the impression.

Updated on October 18, 2019
Universe - The Website Developer on your phones

A mobile-only web builder aptly supports the adage- big things come in small packages. The Universe app is an acute illustration of the same. It specifically conforms to Apple devices, including the iPhone and the iPad where you can create your website in a jiffy. Whether it’s a business website or a personal blog, Universe makes the domain creation process quite easy. 

‘The infinite canvas’

While there is a streak of website builders like Wix, Wordpress, GoDaddy, Squarespace who are already established and have been game-changers in the world of website building, Universe, on the other hand, is known to create ‘lighter’ websites with its amazing UI designs which you can make right in the palm of your hand. The Universe website builder allows you to be creative in your own way. 

It’s USP lies in its grid-style mode of designing (reminiscent of Instagram). It targets websites specifically for mobile and doesn’t adhere to traditional templates, rather makes your experience quirkier. 

Let us ponder a bit more on the app itself.

About Universe App


Symmetry and asymmetry can be used profusely and the logo manifests the expression with a valid representation. Building blocks of square vantaged on grids and one square with a different gradient can be viewed as diverging from the rest or converging towards it. Basically the app explained in a nutshell.

Setting up

website builder iphone app

Initially, you are asked to convey what type of website do you want to build for yourself. Whether it’s for personal use or business or any other commercial purpose, you need to specify. The website builder for iPhone provides you with a list of options to choose from. Suppose, if it’s a business type, you are asked to select a photograph that best represents the same. Enter a domain name with a filter (theme) that you want to keep for the business and viola! Your business website is ready.

What follows after is the part where you design the rest of the website. The 3-column editor which can be extended up to 5 is in a grid format where you can optimise each cell/block as per your accord. You can drag and drop each block to wherever you feel there is a necessity. In these blocks, you have to fill the elements that constitute a website. This includes elements like pictures, videos, content (text), social networking links and icons, contact details (phone, e-mail, fax, etc), addresses, Google Maps, blogs, methods of payment (if any), code blocks, et al. 

You can further moderate them for interlinking among different pages of your website or web portals. 

universe website builder review

New ‘thang’

The latest update introduces the interesting button block feature where you creatively animate the buttons of your website. With this, you can create a custom website using these awesome new tricks to even conventional buttons like Sign Up, Subscribe, About, Pay here, etc.

Hits and Strikes


The ‘grid’ methodology of website building is unique and makes the website building process quite innovative and easy.

  • Excellent visual design and quite a flexible page layout
  • Best for simple businesses and commercial websites. 


Websites don’t look very appealing in phones with smaller screens or computers. You might need big-screen phones or tablets.
No contact form
There are hardly any other languages than English in which the app functions. 

the grid website builder review

Fast Facts

  • Universe was founded by Joseph Coen and its development team is lead by Ryan Poolos
  • Universe was able to secure funding for a total of four times to date with a net collection of $7.3 million. 
  • Their portfolio includes 11 investors with Eniac Ventures and Paul Buchheit being the latest entrants.
  • Universe powers more than 400,000 websites 
  • Universe uses a wide assortment of technologies which uses 55 technologies which include Viewport Media and SSL Media apart from iPhones
  • It experienced a fall in its numbers as the app was downloaded just over 33,000 which is lesser than their earlier statistics. 


  • Design- 4 stars
  • Usability- 3.5 stars
  • Features- 4 stars
  • Support- 3 stars

MAD Rates- 4 Stars

To build a website from your phone may sound a gravelling task half a decade earlier, but the Universe app has made it an easy day job for anyone who likes to create his/her website. It follows some modern and trending methods to develop apps which you will surely love to explore. The website builder design for iPhone and iPad has gathered a lot of fan following in a short span of time, and with its timely updates, it gives you something new to explore quite often.

Written By Pallavi

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