NannyHunt : Hire A Local Nanny

Easily Find Experienced and Trustworthy Childcare with NannyHunt App

Updated on January 07, 2020
NannyHunt : Hire A Local Nanny

Hiring an experienced local nanny has never been so easy!

Thanks to NannyHunt, an amazing app that helps its users in finding reliable childcare from the comfort of their homes.

This nanny app will assist you in finding experienced nannies along with their reviews. NannyHunt’s network of local caregivers will help you find a nanny or baby sitter for your child based on what users say about them.

Keep on reading the NannyHunt app review for finding answers to questions such as ‘how to hire a nanny’ and ‘How to get instant nanny care.’

Why do you need the NannyHunt app?

The expansive network of professional nannies at NannyHunt will allow you to look for a nanny near your location.

This nanny finder app can also be referred to as a social network, for instance, the more users you’re connected with, the more well-reviewed nannies you can find on the platform, making it one of the best nanny apps available on the internet.

Here, parents have the option to ‘Search’ and ‘View’ different nannies profiles and can see the overall babysitting experience of every nanny along with information regarding their caregiver style.

Functionalities like this will ensure that you find a suitable nanny for your child. Apart from that, parents can also see their references and reviews straight from their profile on this huge childcare network.

The nannies at NannyHunt are rated by regular parents like you, so there’s a surety that you can find an experienced nanny to babysit your children.

Another interesting feature that NannyHunt offers is that the reviews and ratings of your friends can further help you in speeding the hiring process by cutting down the time-consuming interviews.

How Does the NannyHunt App Work?

The NannyHunt app is super easy to use and consists of three main steps to describe the features offered by NannyHunt, which are as follows:

Step 1: Find a Nanny

  • The vast network of caregivers at NannyHunt allows you to connect qualified nannies and babysitters that are available near your location.
  • Here, you can opt for the option of finding local nannies in your own city.
  • The NannyHunt app also helps its users in building connections with reliable nannies and babysitters available near selected locations.

Step 2: Get to know the Nannies

  • Go through the profile of each nanny before finalizing one.
  • Take a look at the experience level and credentials of all Nannies.
  • Users can see the connections of all Nannies and reviews so you’ll know that they’re reliable.

Step 3: Message your preferred Nannies

  • Reach out and connect through our in-app messaging.
  • Monitor your child any time by reaching your nanny with ease.

Statement by Developer of NannyHunt

“Finding a new sitter or nanny is perhaps one of the most under-recognized stressful challenges of parenting. It’s both very time-consuming and anxiety-producing because there’s a leap of faith in literally leaving your child in the hands of a stranger. For people living in wider rural areas or even sometimes isolated urban neighborhoods, just finding experienced caregivers is a tough job in itself. NannyHunt is here to help!”

Our Verdict

Design - 4 stars
Support - 3.5 stars
Usability - 3.5 stars
Features - 4 stars

MAD Rates: 4 stars

There’s no denying the fact that the concept of NannyHunt is interesting and extremely useful for parents that have busy personal and professional lives who cannot find some alone time.

Using the NannyHunt app is really simple as the interface of the app guides its users just right. In addition to this, when you find a nanny whose reviews you like, just send a message and chat with a reliable nanny of choice.

As per our review of NannyHunt, it is one of the best nanny apps out there if you are looking to hire a private nanny. Users do not need to stress too much about the nanny hiring process as all the transactions are secure and users get access to important tools to find experienced nannies near you.

In case you still have some answered questions regarding the NannyHunt app, just leave a comment below and our team of experts will get back to you at the earliest. And if you are a tech enthusiast, then we highly recommend that you check out our other detailed app reviews covering different app categories.

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