StudyBlue: Best Study tool to Study Anywhere

Lugging your notes, organising your material and asking friends for favours are the talk of the past. With StudyBlue App study wherever and whenever you want.

Updated on April 07, 2024
StudyBlue: Best Study tool to Study Anywhere

Learning continues to process and with fast lives and so much time spent on trivial things, it is really hard for students to manage studies while maintaining work-life balance. Luckily, Studyblue App provides a great solution to this problem. Studyblue is an amazing way to create smart notes/cards, share them and learn them on the go. It is easier done than said, you will see when you use it. 

Studyblue is a brilliant app which uses technology to help teachers as well as students in managing their time and make learning an easy process. One of the best educational apps, it enables students to change their mundane activities into a learning experience. Be it waiting in a queue or travelling for hours, you can now make an hour, your hour of learning. One of the free educational applications, its functionality is helpful for teachers also and helps them in managing their day to day tasks efficiently. In this Studyblue app review, we will share how this app can be used to get straight As throughout. 

educational apps on the phone.

StudyBlue is the new way of collecting study materials

StudyBlue is one of the best apps for learning on the go. Developed in 2006 by two students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison it started taking more professional shape in 2009 and raised approximately $14.8 million in funding by January 4, 2013.  The success of Studyblue app came by solving two basic problems students face in today’s time. The first problem is time management. Due to hours of travelling and other chores, students find it difficult finding time to study. Also, the need to be grounded for studies because of the study-material, limit the study options. The second problem is shared by both students and teachers and that is sharing the information and study material. It is always hard to arrange study material awarded by the teachers and even if you do, keeping it with you is next to impossible. 

StudyBlue app solves these problems efficiently with the help of technology. One of the best education apps available on Android and iOS platforms, it allows students to make cards of whatever topic they want. These cards will be saved in the StudyBlue library and can be recalled anytime a student wants to revise the card. Students can also enter their educational institute and other students from that institute will be added to your account. You can visit your peer’s profile and share the cards they have prepared. Teachers can also use these cards to create study material for students and share it with everyone without any hustle. 

StudyBlue is useful for students as well as teachers to save and share cards 

There are a bunch of features StudyBlue offers to its users:

  1. Create, study and share your digital flashcards for free

    Students can create flashcards with which will be saved in this study guide app. These cards can be used to study or share with your friends.

    Customize your study materials

  2. Customize your study materials with images and audio

    Text notes are the thing of the past. Now students can attach audio clips and videos to their notes and use those for better understanding of the subject matter.

    study guide app

  3. Quiz yourself, track your progress and set study reminders

    StudyBLue also offers self-created quizzes for better learning and revision of the subjects. The scores of these quizzes are saved for analysis.

  4. Access study materials seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices

    StudyBlue offers full control over the card and can be used on any digital device. Use mobile on the go and desktop to create informative cards.

    StudyBlue apps for students

  5. Copy and edit flashcards you like to make them your own

    If you like cards of your peers but want to add something, you can do that and save them as you're in the library.

  6. See flashcard recommendations tailored to your studies

     According to the scores and quiz results, StudyBlue gives suggestions about what topics you should study.

How to use the StudyBlue flashcard app?

Follow the steps to use StudyBlue

Step1: Download the StudyBlue apps for students from the Play store of App store
Step 2: Enter your role. As a teacher or a student.
Step 3: Enter your educational institution and connect with your peers
Step 4: Create cards and add a description. You can also attach images and videos here
Step 5: Use quizzes to learn your cards
Step 6: Share your cards and use other’s cards to enhance our learning.
Step 7: As a teacher, share the cards with students in just a matter of seconds. 

Hits and Strikes 

Hits -

  • Study anywhere 
  • Use it as online study guides
  • Maximize free time
  • Free to use
  • Easy to make cards and attach media
  • Easy to share with your classmates
  • Quizzes make learning fun and easy


  • A few glitches in latest versions
  • No way to verify students who are joining your institute
  • Privacy issues
  • No control on who can view your cards or not.

 study notes cards


Design- 4.5 stars
Usability- 4.6 stars
Features- 4.0 stars
Reliability- 3.7 stars

MAD rates - 4.2

StudyBlue is an amazing way of creating study notes and keeping them with you always. This enables students to study anywhere without carrying any material with them. The creation of cards is also made easier by integrating it with the computer. You can create cards on your computer and access them from educational apps on the phone. The app has usability and benefits in everyday life, especially for students. It has been around for a while and used by many for improving their grades. Being free to use with most features, it is really hard to pass on it. Read our comprehensive app reviews to know about mobile applications that are taking the world by the storm.  

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