Spectre Camera App: The Majestic AI Powered Camera

Experience the breathtaking AI effects on your pictures with the Spectre camera app.

Updated on December 19, 2019
Spectre Camera App: The Majestic AI Powered Camera

There are hundreds of iPhone camera apps available on the App Store, but not many offer you the features and functionalities that you look for. Some apps present you with futuristic light trials, while some have options for interlopers from your scenery shots.

However, there are a few photo camera apps that can add a mix of styling and technology. Thankfully, with the Spectre app, we have got all the required ingredients of an ideal long exposure camera app.

The brilliance of the Spectre app can be well gauged by the fact that it bagged the ‘Best iPhone App of 2019’ award.

Spectre app is a product developed by Halide, a popular iOS camera app that once earned the iOS editor’s choice tag.

More About Spectre iPhone Camera App

Spectre app is an AI-powered camera that lets you capture amazing long exposure shots. The app makes use of the computer vision tech to auto-detect the environment, then it stabilizes the frame, and capture long exposure pictures by arranging multiple frames together.

In short, Spectre long exposure photography app is best to make edits like removing crowds, turning pictures into paintings, making light trails on the road and much more. And the credit for it goes to its auto scene detection feature.

Spectre iPhone camera app offers you the following functionalities: 

  • Auto-Stabilization
  • Scene Detection
  • Intelligent Exposure

It’s challenging to capture long exposures shots from our regular smartphone cameras because it’s one of the features that still distinguishes DSLR cameras from that of others. It’s just not easy to keep the device steady and capture the exact amount of light for perfect long exposure photos. However, the Spectre iOS camera app makes all of it look effortless.

As a matter of fact, the app records the imaging process in a Live Photo mode that can be easily reviewed and shared from the app itself.

Spectre Camera App Notable Features

Here are the top features of the Spectre iPhone camera app that set it apart from its competitors:

1. Live Photos and Video

The app is packed with an intelligent computational shutter that is designed to pick up multiple shots within a fraction of seconds. Then the app combines all those shots to compose a live photo. It allows you to apply live-photo effects and use long exposure photos as the live-wallpaper.

2. Tech Packed App

Its cutting edge computational photography technology makes it elementary for the app to click miraculous pictures. From computer vision aided digital image stabilization to machine learning-based scene, the app has it all.

Here are just a few of the latest technologies that we use in Spectre:

  • DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut
  • Live Photos
  • HEIC Capture and Pipeline
  • Metal Graphics Acceleration
  • Tripod Detection
  • Auto Stabilize
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision

3. Ultra User-Friendly

The app is designed keeping in mind even the littlest of details of the user behavior and requirement. For dark shoots, it has dark UI complemented with glowing highlights that make it gentle on the eyes. Even if the user is a professional photographer, he won’t find it difficult to get used to this long exposure camera app on a smartphone because it has custom typefaces and iconography combined that makes it look like an actual physical camera.

The best part of the Spectre app is that its controls can be well adjusted to being used even on the largest iPhones.

Spectre Camera App Price

Here comes the tricky part. The iOS camera app comes with a price. There is no trial period as offered in similar apps and the reason behind it is the fact that it’s backed by Halide. And don’t worry, this paid camera app comes with an added array of features like long-exposure shots, blur moving elements and capture of detailed stationary elements.

  • Spectre Camera App Cost: $2.99

MAD Verdict: Spectre Camera App Review

Here we conclude the review of the Spectre app. Undoubtedly, the AI-backed full spectrum camera app is an excellent option to add creativity to your pictures and try long exposure pictures. Still, there are stumbling blocks that you need to consider before downloading this app.

The problem with this image stabilization app for iPhone is that it isn’t that effortless in clicking varied pictures as it may seem. For instance, the motion blur function of the Spectre app will take an average person to capture a perfect shot after multiple attempts. Again, holding a device in hand will make it more exhausting. Therefore, you may find it frustrating to achieve that particular shot.

Then the iOS built-in Live Photos feature can help you to achieve almost the same experience that the Spectre app claims. You just need to click a live photo from the iOS device and put it in the Photos app. Although there is a slight difference in the motion blur offered by the Spectre app and the one which you achieve through the photo app for iOS.

But if you have that photographing skills in you, the Spectre camera app with image stabilization can help you a great deal in clicking some superlative pictures.

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