Droid Transfer: Android To PC Sharing Made Easy!

Bridge the gaps of data transfer between PC and Android smartphones with Droid Transfer.

Updated on April 08, 2024
Droid Transfer: Android To PC Sharing Made Easy!

Data sharing has become a vital necessity these days. While many data transfer-related chores have become convenient, there are still complexities. For instance, different operating systems, data formats, and types of data.

Also, the modern requirements have changed. For instance, we need data transfer to save text messages, back up, restore, and transfer contacts. So, we decided to do the Droid Transfer review.

While searching for products that transfer images and videos between Android and PC, we came across Droid Transfer. To better understand the product, we tested it and created this review.

We have shared its features, steps to use, and our impression here. Therefore, without any await, let’s start peeling layers off in this Droid Transfer Review.

Background of Droid Transfer

According to the founders, “Droid Transfer aims to bridge the gap between Android and PC. It gives users the tools to easily and effectively backup and transfer their Android device messages, photos, music, and other files.”

Droid Transfer software is a Windows application. It is capable of sharing data between Android and PC. The application offers an intuitive and flawless data-sharing experience. It can transfer music, images, videos, messages, and even call logs. The app even allows the user to print messages directly from Android devices. Furthermore, it can establish a connection via two ways, i.e., USB Cable and Wi-Fi.

It is an impeccable solution for anyone looking to share files. It is a product of Wide Angel Software. A UK-based software company that created this perfect solution in 2018.

Droid Transfer Features - One-Stop Solution to Send Files from Android to PC

Droid Transfer software is full of useful features. These features allow for seamless data transfer between Android and PC. Also, the features enable a lot more for the user than one can imagine. Therefore, let’s start with them:

1. Transfer Images and Videos

Droid Transfer software allows the sharing of images and videos. This can happen between an Android and a PC via USB or Wi-Fi connection. It is super easy to transfer images or videos. Also, the user can easily identify new data without a backup for transfer.

droid transfer

2. Play, Manage, and Copy Your Android Music Library

Droid Transfer lets users view their Android music library through the PC and play or share music with any of the contacts. You can also sync iTunes with Android and transfer music.

android to pc sharing

3. Transfer, Backup, and Restore Contacts

Droid Transfer provides the functionality of importing and exporting contacts. It can add more contacts or back up the phone’s contacts. All this happens collectively with just a push of a button. It can also restore lost contacts from the account history.

droid transfer software

4. Send File From Android to PC

Users can transfer files, docs, PDFs, or any other file type. Simply connect your Android device. After that, use the application’s window to send files from Android to PC.

send files from android to pc

5. Access Your Call History

You can access your entire call history via Droid Transfer for PC and save it in various formats. It also allows for digital backups of call logs.

droid transfer

6. Common Clipboard to Transfer Data

A clipboard is a temporary memory where data is saved whenever you “copy” it. Using the Clipboard functionality, you can paste/save information from the Android clipboard to the PC. This information can be Plain text / HTML content, but not full files. 

7. Wireless Connectivity

You can transfer files from mobile to PC by Droid Transfer in two ways. You can connect it via a standard USB cable on your phone or use Wi-Fi to establish a connection.

System Requirements of Droid Transfer

The system requirements of Droid Transfer are twofold, i.e., Android and PC. Therefore, the user needs to understand the requirements in these two folds. One is for the Droid Transfer installation on PC, and the other is for the Transfer Companion app installation. So, here are the requirements:

Windows PC Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher
Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework 4
Architecture: Neutral
Size: 129.2 MB

Android Requirements:

Latest Version: 4.07.2
Minimum OS Requirement: Android 4.4 or up
Size: 10.24 MB

Pros and Cons of Droid Transfer

Unlike any other application, this Android-to-PC sharing app has pros and cons. These pros and cons can give you a decent idea of the product’s capabilities and associated limitations. So, here they are:

Pros Cons
Quick and efficient file transfers between Android devices, and PCs including wireless options Doesn’t work with iPhone
The software is generally considered user-friendly with a clear interface. User-friendly interface  
Supports various file types such as photos, music, contacts, messages, and call logs  
Easy backup and restore of Android device data  
Sync iTunes with Android  

Plans and Pricing - Droid Transfer

Droid Transfer is available with both a free trial and a one-time payment model. Therefore, here is a breakdown of the two:

Plan Price
Free Trial No time duration with limited access of features
One-Time Payment $29.99

Impressions from MAD Experts + Ratings

Design - 3.2
Usability - 4.4
Features -  4.0
Reliability - 4.2

Amongst the several Droid Transfer Reviews that focus exclusively on features, we went a step further. We tried to dissect the offerings from a user’s perspective. At a glance, Droid Transfer is a simple application that manages data between Android and Windows. It even provides the comfort of Wi-fi to establish a wireless connection.

Furthermore, the user can easily transfer photos, music, and videos between Android and PC. However, the real win is in the capability to manage messages and call logs. These can be exported to readable formats like PDF.

However, Droid Transfer has its limitations. For instance, the UI/UX is very functional and easy to use. However, it feels outdated compared to modern software. Also, it delivers a free trial, while its competitors have a free version.

Overall, Droid Transfer is a decent option for basic file management and message organization. However, if it had a modern interface like its competitors, it would be a leader in its niche.

How to use Droid Transfer? - Pre-Requisites and Steps to Use!

Before starting with Droid Transfer, it is important to fulfill the prerequisites. As discussed earlier, Droid Transfer requires two-fold installation, i.e., on the PC and the Android device. Furthermore, the user must establish a connection between PC and Android for data transfer.

Installation of Droid Transfer on PC and Android:

  • Visit the Microsoft Store page of Droid Transfer for purchase or use the free trial.
  • Now, use the Play Store to install the Transfer Companion for Android devices.

Once done, the user will be ready to establish a connection. Here are the steps since the connection is established using a wire or wi-fi:

Connect Using a Wifi network:

  • Connect the Android device with your Wifi network.
  • Connect your PC with the same Wifi network.
  • Now run Transfer Companion on your Android device.
  • After, tap on the button “Scan Droid Transfer App QR Code”.
  • Now, use the ‘Transfer Companion’ to scan the QR code provided in the PC app.

Connect Using a USB Cable:

  • Make sure that your device has enabled ‘USB Debugging mode.’
  • Connect your Android device to a USB port using a USB cable.
  • Finally, wait for Droid Transfer to detect your Android Device.

Steps to Droid Transfer:

Step 1: Connect your phone with the PC via USB or Wi-fi.
Step 2: Open the Windows software.

send files from android to pc

Step 3: From the dashboard, click on Calendar, Call logs, Contacts, Files, Messages, Music or Photo, whatever you want to back up.
Step 4: Sync, make back-ups, or transfer data between your devices. 

Droid Transfer Alternatives - Check Out the Top Contenders!

Droid Transfer Alternatives

Several productivity apps of different formats. However, products that can transfer data between Android and PC are a niche. To uncover some of the free & paid popular alternatives, we have mentioned them below:

  • AirDroid: AirDroid is a free web-based app. It lets the user manage an Android device from the computer. It can enable file transfers, screen mirroring, send/receive messages, and more.
  • SHAREit: SHAREit is another free file-sharing application. It lets users quickly transfer files between PCs, Android, and iOS devices. It can be a great option to transfer large files quickly.
  • MobiKin Assistant: MobiKin Assistant for Android is a paid app that lets the user manage an Android device from a computer. It allows users to easily transfer files, take backups, manage contacts, and more. The app also offers a free trial.
  • Android File Transfer: Android File Transfer is a free app from Google. It helps with file transfer between Android and Mac devices. It is a simple, straightforward option. However, it doesn’t have all the features many competitors have.
  • Samsung Smart Switch: Samsung Smart Switch is a free app. It lets the user transfer data to and from Samsung devices. It is great for Samsung users. However, the app won’t work with other Android devices.


Hands down, Droid Transfer is the best way to transfer files from Android to PC. It allows SMS backups, call log sharing, audio and visual sharing, and the transfer of files in any format. It offers a USB and wireless connection, which makes the transfer super fast. It is convenient and allows users to back up new data that was not backed up before. The overall usability of the application is amazing, and it helps bridge the gap between Android smartphones and Windows PCs. We strongly recommend Droid Transfer download for those who want to easily back up their phone’s data.

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