HIX.AI Review: A Smarter Way to Write

Leverage AI’s ability to generate high-quality content!

Updated on October 31, 2023
HIX.AI Review: A Smarter Way to Write

Imagine you have to write a thesis for your college or an email to your boss, but you are out of ideas. After hours of research and staring at the blank screen, you are still not making any progress. That could be a scenario a few years back when AI smart enough to write for you did not exist Thankfully, now there are several AI tools with the capability of producing written content quickly. This HIX.AI review talks about one of these smart AI tools.

HIX.AI stood out among all of the AI writing tools that we explored. HIX.AI is equipped with a suite of useful AI tools to speed up the writing process.

What is HIX.AI? Background of the AI writing copilot

“HIX Editor doesn’t just match Notion AI; it surpasses it.”

                                                                                                                          - Camille Sawyer, CEO of HIX.AI

The HIX.AI suite was founded in March 2023 by Camille Sawyer who is also leading the organization as its CEO. This all-in-one AI writing copilot has proved itself as one of the toughest ChatGPT alternatives out there. It is known for its ability to generate high-quality content, provide accurate responses, and more.

Features of HIX.AI

The AI content writing tool is equipped with a handful of tools to boost the overall creativity and productivity of the user. The product is suitable for academic, personal, and professional requirements as well. 

Here’s a list of a few features that need to be discussed in this HIX.AI review.

1. AI Writer

AI Writer

The HIX AI Writer is equipped with over 120 writing tools to generate high-quality textual content. It can be used to come up with new content ideas, create social media posts and ads in bulk, and write any type of content you want.

In addition to content creation, it also offers multiple features to cater to other writing needs. For example, it has a Content Rewriter to generate unique content from an already written piece, a Content Improver that boosts the readability of the written content, a Content Summarizer that provides a short summary of the whole writeup, and a Proofreader that can find errors in the writeup and refine it easily.

2. ArticleGPT

This smart long-form article generator, ArticleGPT, interconnects AI and creative writing well with each other. Its functionalities allow you to generate error-free, SEO-friendly reviews, product roundups, product comparisons, news articles, guides, and general articles among others.


The AI article writing software offers two modes; One-Click Mode and High Quality Mode. You can set tones, primary keywords, secondary keywords, point-of-views, and other such characteristics of a writeup and generate it within seconds. 

Unlike many other article writers that irresponsibly create articles with false or fabricated information, ArticleGPT is reliable enough that it draws information from trustworthy sources and offers fact-based, up-to-date information in the content it generates, eliminating the manual fact-checking process.

3. HIX Editor

HIX Editor

HIX Editor is a built-in text editor with a range of features to enhance your writing experience. Similar to Notion AI, it helps you write, edit, and refine content. One of its standout features is that you can have the AI continue writing or generate a draft for you within the text editor by simply typing //.

It also integrates well with HIX AI Writer and HIX Chat. This way, you can use any of the 120+ writing tools or chat with the chatbot without having to switch the tabs, making it easy to get content ideas and seek information or guidance as you write your content.

4. HIX Email Writer

HIX Email Writer

The HIX Email Writer is equipped with the capabilities of GPT-4 and can generate high-quality emails for you. To generate the email draft, you only need to type //, select an email template from the popped-up toolbox, and enter a brief description of what you want to write. 

You can also use the HIX.AI writer to generate replies to emails you receive. Simply paste the email you received and HIX.AI’s email writer will assist you in drafting the best reply for the same.

The above screenshot shows our attempt to trust this product. Upon entering a short summary, the recipient’s name, and the subject, its AI-powered text editor and generator exported this creative e-mail copy which we liked in terms of quality, tonality, and even information.

5. HIX Chat

HIX ChatPowered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, HIX Chat can reply in a human-like tone to any kind of question. It is a smart chatbot that is better than ChatGPT thanks to its web accessibility. Using the latest data, it can answer your questions with up-to-date information.

Moreover, it can also answer your questions based on the PDFs you uploaded or the webpage you provided. You can even ask HIX Chat to summarize a YouTube video for you by sending it the URL.

HIX Chat is not only accessible through the web app but also through the Chrome extension. It is useful if you want to generate content, find new ideas, or get your questions answered anywhere on the web.

6. HIX.AI Chrome Extension

Hix extensionThe AI tool for writing comes with a Chrome and Edge extension that lets you use its features anywhere on the web. This extension works well with social media platforms, Google Docs, Gmail, and more. Simply type // and you can effortlessly create AI-generated content on these platforms.

Additionally, the extension provides a Quick Lookup bar that enables you to rewrite, summarize, translate, shorten, expand, and grammar check any selected text. In addition, the extension includes a sidebar that gives you faster access and better control over HIX AI Writer and HIX Chat features. 

Pros and Cons of HIX.AI

Pros Cons
Powered by GPT-3.5 and 4 You have to pay at least $1 to access the trials for its premium packages
Comes with a smart chatbot
Variety of content types
Offers a free package with limited features
Supports popular social media platforms
Offers multilingual supports

HIX.AI Pricing Model

HIX.AI Pricing Model


Packages of HIX.AI are divided into four categories- Free, Basic, Pro, and Ultimate. Features of this package vary depending on the package you have subscribed to. At the time of writing this HIX.AI review, its Basic feature costs $19.99/ month, the Pro feature costs $39.99/ month, and the Ultimate package costs $99.99/ month. In Pro and Ultimate packages, you can even activate a 7-day trial for $1.

HIX.AI Review by MAD Experts

Upon testing HIX.AI’s features, it became clear that the platform has one of the easiest user interfaces among the AI generator tools out there. Its features can be easily found whether you are using its website or the extension. What makes HIX.AI a perfect tool is its ability to leverage the best potential of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. 

However, GPT-4’s abilities are locked behind a premium package. You can use GPT-3.5 for free in most of its features. But, to improve the quality of results you receive, you will need to upgrade your free account to either a paid trial or premium package to access the quality delivered by GPT-4.

As for our HIX.AI review, the tool is equipped with perfect features that make it a perfect fit for personal or business use. HIX.AI has designed a perfect ecosystem for using the artificial intelligence capabilities of HIX.AI. 

MAD Ratings -

Features- 4.8
Navigation- 4.6
UI- 4.5
Security- 4.8

What Do Users Think of HIX.AI? is loved by the majority of its users. Its ability to leverage the best potential of GPT-4, an easy-to-use interface, and speed are some reasons why it is popular. Here are some reviews by users that can tell you more about HIX.AI.

One of the standout features of HIX AI is its ability to paraphrase, translate, rewrite, proofread, simplify, and summarize content. This versatility allows me to tailor my writing to different purposes, whether it's for an SEO-oriented article or a marketing campaign. No matter the task at hand, HIX AI has got me covered. 

                                                                                                                       - Noah Black, USA

HIX AI is an exceptional product that has revolutionized the way I write content. As a professional writer, I often find myself struggling to come up with captivating and grammatically correct sentences. However, with HIX AI, those days are long gone. This AI-powered writing assistant has helped me write articles, papers, ads, social media captions, and website content effortlessly.

- Evan Read, USA


“It is very important tool for Daily uses.I'm so happy work this tool. It work properly and perfectly.”                                                                        

- Tufayel, Bangladesh

How to Use HIX.AI?

There are two ways to use this best writing assistant software- the official HIX.AI website & an extension. Let’s go through the detailed process of using HIX.AI!

1) How to Use HIX.AI Through Its Website?

1. Type HIX.AI in your web browser
2. Click on Start for Free


3. Fill in details manually to create your account or let your Gmail account do the magic

Fill in details
4. Pick from several AI tools available on the platform
AI tools

2) How to Use HIX.AI Through Its Extension?

To use the features offered by HIX.AI through the extension, simply install it from the Chrome web store or the Edge Add-ons page. Once installed, accessing the features of HIX.AI is very simple. Here are a few ways to access the extension:

1. Click on the extension icon: You can click on the HIX.AI extension icon in your browser's extension bar. It is usually located in the upper right corner of the browser window. 

2. Shortcuts: Another way is to use shortcut key combinations. On Windows, you can press CTRL + P. On a Mac, you can press Command + P. 

3. Input shortcuts: You can also just type // or select any text on a web page. 

Well, this is all for the HIX.AI review. If you have a digital product that you like to get reviewed by MAD experts, write to us and list your product on MobileAppDaily with a comprehensive review.

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  • How can you download the HIX.AI extension?
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