ScreenKit App - An Ultimate Free iOS 14 Custom Icon, Widgets, Theme Maker

Customize your iOS 14 home screen with an Aesthetic app icon changer & Custom logo maker - ScreenKit

Updated on March 27, 2023
ScreenKit App - An Ultimate Free iOS 14 Custom Icon, Widgets, Theme Maker

With the release of iOS 14, Apple is winging customization by adding widgets to the home screen of the iPhone and iPad for the first time. Now, you have superpowers to design your Home screen with custom widgets and add beautiful icons in a way to enhance your smartphone experience. 

You are no longer locked to use Apple's curated smart stack widget. But, can create your own stack of widgets, icons, and themes. 

Surprisingly, we’ve got options! 

Revamp your iPhone by personalizing the skin of your app icons, adding widgets, and the hundreds of exotic themes and styles to choose from in this free screen kit app. If you’re looking to make custom iPhone widgets and app icons with iOS 14, we’ve brought the most appealing app to dress up your home screen. 

Are you getting tired of the dreary and almost conventional designs of Apple’s native icons and themes? If you do, then you can completely change the look of your home screen by using the ScreenKit app.

ScreenKit app is evolving the way your app icons look. Create custom iOS 14 icons for your iPhone. Here we have the ScreenKit app, which gives you the creative freedom to customize your iOS 14 app icons, add iOS 14 widgets, and beautify your HomeScreen by giving a new look to your iPhone.

Let’s get started with the ScreenKit app review. 

Jazz-up Your iPhone with ScreenKit App

ScreenKit app is a perfect theme, app icon customizer app developed by Twinstar Creatives, serves you an extraordinary way to customize your native iOS 14 icons and widgets with 5000+ app icons and gives you infinite customization tools to personalize home screen, with over 50 different aesthetic home screen themes to choose from.

Jazz-up Your iPhone with ScreenKit App

With ScreenKit, get access to all the custom app icons, themes for iOS 14, icons for apps, widgets for iOS 14, and the ultimate home screen editor, you have ever fantasized about.

The best part is you don’t need to use the Shortcuts by Apple to change your app icons and design the home screen aesthetic.

ScreenKit App: An Idea behind 

“With the ScreenKit app, we make both the customization of your app icons and installation of your new aesthetically matching app icons simple and easy. The standard method of customizing your home screen is a big-time commitment - a minimum of 4 hours of your time. 

With the ScreenKit app, users can choose which apps to easily install to their home screen by pressing on the ‘Change App Icon’ button for each app so no Apple Shortcuts app is required and the entire app changing experience can be completed using the ScreenKit app in a fraction of the time.” 

- Colina & Hripsime Demirdjian

Then - 

The conventional method of customizing iPhone home screen and app icons takes several hours of manual work depending upon the number of icons you wish to customize. 

Now -

ScreenKit App is built with the iOS 14 release in mind. The biggest advantage of this 1-click special theme installer is that it allows users to personalize iPhone home screen app icons in hundreds of distinctive themes and also install them without using the Apple Shortcuts app method (a lengthy process), saving users tons of time and energy.

What makes the ScreenKit app #1 on the US App Store? 

ScreenKit app is listed as the #1 app in the Graphics and Design category in the US App Store. Here are some amazing features that differentiate this ScreenKit app from the competition.

  • There are 50+ curated themes (all popular apps are included in each icon set). Users can also create their own custom icon theme. 
  • With an infinite color selection tool, users can generate the most diverse icon set ever! There are 130 icons to customize and 2 different styles for each icon (standard and minimalist). 
  • A combination of widgets and wallpapers are also available for each theme kit. 
  • The most interesting part is that users can utilize aesthetically colored apps just as they would have done with the Shortcuts method but with much less time and complexity.

Best Features of ScreenKit App

ScreenKit app is a design tool that makes your iPhone look more charming and lively by giving you the freedom to apply modern UI trends. With 50+ themes matching the UI designs of your custom icons, the ScreenKit app contains a bag full of features to cherish. Let’s move forward with the ScreenKit app review.

Best Features of ScreenKit App

1. Aesthetic iOS Home Screens 

ScreenKit app offers 50 different aesthetic home screen themes (all popular apps are included in each icon set). Users can also create their own custom icon theme. Design your Home Screen with beautiful themes that are completely free and you can use them as long as you want. 

2. Beautiful 5000+ App icons

It offers a rich collection of colorful icons in different designs equipped with custom icon packs. Embellish your iOS 14 by choosing over 5000+ colorful icons such as neon, anime, seasonal, and many more. Get access to a wide range of diverse app icons, minimalist app icon packs, neon app icons, anime app icons, and Christmas app icons. Get ScreenKit download on your iPhone and enjoy trendy icon sets.

3. Choose from pre-made widget templates or make your own

Widgets in the iPhone aren't just for looks. They are packed-up with productivity. With the ScreenKit app, you can design your own widgets or choose from the stunning ready-made themes like Christmas Countdown Widgets, Christmas Advent Calendar Widgets, Christmas Clock Widgets, and much more. 

Now, you can find everything you need in the ScreenKit app for customizing iPhone home screen and personalizing your app icon skins.

4. Weekly and Regular Updates

Receive exclusive updates of all-new trendy themes and icons before anyone else. Freshen-up your iPhone with regular updates, and get rid of monotonous native iPhone icons and themes. 

Awards and Accolades 

ScreenKit app has marked record installs just after its release on the Apple app store. Besides, this app has also attained multiple credits under its hat.

1. 450,000+ New users in the first month of release

The ScreenKit app has had over 450,000 new users in the first month of launch, with around 15,000-20,000 new users per day. 

2. #1 in the Graphics and Design category in the US App Store

The app is currently number #1 in the Graphics and Design category in the US App Store. 

3. Forbes 30Under30 Asia list in 2020

The Demirdjian twins were honored on the Forbes 30Under30 Asia list in 2020 under the consumer technology category. 

4. Globally Recognized

Colina and Hripsime have been talked about on Business Insider, Daily Mail, Startup Smart, Smart Company, ABC Radio, Today Show, Thrive Global, etc., and were invited as keynote speakers at Apple.

About the Founder

Colina & Hripsime Demirdjian, the Australian twins and tech entrepreneurs who created The Moji Edit app, the largest personal avatar emoji platform in the App Store with over 10 Million users. 

Hits and Strikes 


  • 5000+ iOS icons for different apps.
  • Perfectly sized for your iPhone screen.
  • Number #1 Aesthetic app icons changer & Custom logo maker.
  • Best design app to create custom app icons, themes, icons for apps, widgets, for iOS 14.
  • Offers weekly and regular updates.
  • Free to use.


  • If you are fond of trendy icons, then it takes some pennies.
  • Available on Apple App Store only.

ScreenKit Ratings and Additional Information 

Checkout the ScreenKit review, rating, and details. 

ScreenKit App Review

Future Updates 

With the new year around the corner, the ScreenKit app will be launching celebratory app icon themes and widgets to make it a better 2021.

Is ScreenKit a free app?

This ScreenKit app is Free to download. For upgraded packs, you are asked to pay a one-time payment of $9.99 USD, which includes all the future updates. 

MAD Verdict 

iOS 14 is launched with loads of great new features, but among them, customization happened to be a swarm-puller. ScreenKit app is an icon theme app icon changer, gives you the liberty to customize your iOS 14 app icons, add iOS 14 widgets, and lets you pick your favorite or make your own iPhone themes and styles. 

So, if you’re looking for a free design app to customize your iPhone home screen experience? ScreenKit turns out to be a cool option, by adding custom icons, widgets, and themes perfectly sized for your iPhone screen. Above all, it’s free, so try it out, and share your experiences with us.

This is all about the ScreenKit review with MobileAppDaily. You can also get your app reviewed with us. Till then, keep reading, stay safe!

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