Leafythings App: A complete Cannabis Directory

This Leafythings review brings top features making this app the best for cannabis users.

Updated on August 08, 2022
Leafythings App: A complete Cannabis Directory

Late 2018 saw a historical moment when Canada became the first country in the world to legalise Marijuana. It was a landmark decision and gave rise to a new industry worth more than CAD 8 billion. Since then, many businesses have erupted around the country, claiming to serve the best Marijuana and Cannabis products. But with the limited exposure the product had in the previous years, there are no ways to find which sellers hold valuable claims and who doesn’t. 

The marijuana industry has given rise to many economic activities, hence helping the economy of Canada as well. From production, packing, transportation to cannabis delivery services, such services have erupted all around. A few marijuana delivery apps have also come into existence which offers facts about weed and other cannabis information like how to buy, from where to buy, properties of a strain, hybrid strains etc. But no app can replicate value the Leafythings app offers to its users. 

In this Leafythings app review, we will see some of its features, what it does and why its a perfect way to find information on CBD and other similar products.

Leafythings App offers authentic cannabis information and impeccable cannabis delivery services

After years of speculation, debates, research and tests, Canada passed the legislation in late 2018 which allowed the consumption, services, delivery, storage and production of Marijuana legal in Canada. With this new business worth billions of dollars, there was a need for a system which can offer authentic information on cannabis and answer popular questions usually asked about marijuana. The Leafythings is a mobile application which offers these services and so much more. 

Leaflythings app is the perfect way of connecting medical and recreational marijuana users with authentic sellers with verified documentation and license from the Canadian government to grow and sell marijuana. The app offers so much more than connecting users with authentic sellers across Canada like users can find sellers via location maps offered by the app and gives you complete details on delivery services, dispensaries, doctors, and a wide range of other products. 

The founder of the app knew that after the legalisation of marijuana, many players will try to join the race to make some money. But due to less awareness about the product and prevalence of myths, there should be an assured place to do all the research a buyer wants to do before they opt any cannabis delivery services. Hence, the created Leafythings app, the perfect place to find cannabis information and details about sellers and various delivery systems. You can search the Leafythings app to find dispensaries, brands and local shops with various deals on cannabis.

Features making Leafythings app the perfect guide to cannabis in Canada

There are many features which make Leafythings app a must for those who want to buy medical or recreational marijuana.

1. Find best sellers in any area across Canada

Leafythings app offers insights about the various sellers of cannabis and their authenticity across Canada. You can find cannabis dispensaries anywhere in the country. If the seller is licensed by the government, all the contact details will be provided to the user by the app.

Find best sellers in any area across Canada

2. Get location via Maps

Another great feature of this app is the maps. Upon request, the Leafythings app will show all the sellers near your location. You can go through the details and select the one you prefer just by tapping on the map. Upon selection, the app will generate a route which you can follow to reach the seller, making it one of the best cannabis delivery apps in the world. 

3. Complete information of brands

The cannabis industry is new, misinformation is rampant and it is difficult to find facts about weed. Leafythings has also offered a robust solution to this problem, They maintain a complete directory of cannabis information and help you learn about THC, CBD and strains that are right for you.

Complete information of brands

4. Guide to dosage and other use

The Leafthings is your guide to marijuana, helping you in making all the important selections. The app tells you about the CBD level in different strains and gives you valuable insight into the dosage. This app is like your personal marijuana resource centre, which you can use again and again to keep your exploration of marijuana going. 

Guide to dosage and other use

5. Find medical marijuana dispensaries

Leafly can help you find dispensaries which can offer you same-day delivery and other specially requested orders. When you look up a dispensary in the Leafythings, you get phone numbers, websites and email addresses. You can also browse for different products like edibles, strains and more. 

6. Find medical cure with Marijuana

You can also find medical services which offer scientific treatments via marijuana to treat many disorders and conditions. The app will provide you with all the necessary details you need to know before you make the final decision. 

7. Get better deal

Leafythings app keeps a credit score which is affected by your usage of the app. You can get various gifts on reaching different levels of credit score. You can also find great deals at popular dispensaries which will help you save money as well as build a repertoire in the community. 

Get better deal

Leafythings App Review

Hits and Strikes


  • Seller information
  • Maps
  • Brand details
  • Details about the level of CBD, THC and other parameters
  • Find only certified sellers


  • Relatively new
  • Only good for Canada

Leafythings app rating - 4.8 stars

Design- 4.8
Features- 4.9
Usability- 4.7
Reliability- 4.8


Leafythings has identified a huge market with immense potential to not only grow but also help people in getting what they want, unadulterated. This cannabis delivery app has created a robust system of connecting authentic and licensed marijuana sellers with the people who want to use it for recreational and medical use. It is more than a marijuana delivery app and offers a wide range of information on strains, CBD, edibles and other products. The Leafythings app also informs you about the THC or CBD level and other properties of various strains. It is a perfect app for those who use cannabis repeatedly and want to explore this naturally occurring weed a lot more. With no cost associated with the app, there is no way you can lose. If you are looking for some green, we will suggest you download Leafythings App. You will not be disappointed.

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