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Radio FM - The Charm of Radios on Your Smartphone

A new approach to the old-fashioned radio

Updated on May 20, 2022
Radio FM - The Charm of Radios on Your Smartphone

Radio FM, one of the best services that make it possible to experience the old-fashioned charm of transistors on our smartphones. The Radio FM app was initially founded in 2013 by A Sachdeva. Since its inception, the online radio service has seen an amazing amount of growth. Currently, the service claims to have over 50 million active customer segments across different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web among others. The Radio FM app is also known to have over 30 thousand broadcasters by 50,000+ radio stations spread across the globe and serving customers of different cultures and languages.

Well, if these facts have already intrigued you to know about the app more, stay with us until the end of the blog because we will talk about its features. Later on, we are going to rate the app from different perspectives to find out if the free FM radio app is worth your attention or not.

Features of Radio FM for Android and iOS

This FM radio app download unlocks a huge world of entertainment for you. Furthermore, in this blog, we are discussing a few features to find out if this best FM radio app is all you need.

1. 50000+ stations from 236 countries

best FM radio app

The FM radio app for Android and iOS devices targets a huge range of customers. On this best radio app for iPhone and Android, you can just search for the country you want to enjoy the content from and UI will just shortlist to display all options available. Korean, English, Norwegian, Irish, Spanish, or any other language that you prefer, your favorite radio are just one search away.

2. Begin the day with your favorite channel

best FM radio app

With the Auto Alarm feature, this radio app for iOS and Android can wake you up with your favorite music, news, or tune. With free FM radio downloads, you can change the traditional ways of setting up alarms that still use cliched tunes that might also be annoying for some. 

3. Allows saving favorite channels

best FM radio app

It is super easy to shortlist your favorite channels by marking them on this free FM radio app. To access them faster or to show your favorite channels to others, use this feature as much as you want.

4. Add favorite radios on the home screen

Radio FM for Android and iOS

With the Add to Home screen feature, this FM radio app for Android and iOS lets you bookmark your favorite channels. With these shortcuts, you do not need to find the app and search the channel every time you want to hear something good. Just bookmark, and play the channel with one click.

5. Discovering channels is easy

Radio FM for Android and iOS

With too many options, you might be thinking that it must be easy to access specific channels you want, right? Well, luckily, this FM radio app for iPhone and Android is not that tough to use. You can find channels even if you only know the frequencies of them. On top of that, the best FM radio app also supports searching channels through call signs.

6. Enable auto-off to save phone battery

FM radio app

To ensure that your radio is off when you are either sleeping or hoping to get busier suddenly, you can enable the auto-off feature. The best radio app for iPhone and Android will ask you to set the SLEEP TIMER to ensure this one of the top free apps gets turned off automatically.

7. A large collection to tune into

best FM radio app

With Radio FM for Android and iOS, you can hear music, talk shows, news, sports news, podcasts, and much more. The radio app for iOS and Android is hosted by thousands of broadcasters who publish content for different tastes and genres. 

Future Radio FM app updates

With time, the Radio FM app is evolving to offer better services to its users. Here are a few features planned to be released in the near future.

  • Multi-device support like Apple TV, Android TV, Alexa, Fire TV, etc

Pros and cons of the best FM radio app

There are a few pros and cons if you proceed with the FM radio app download. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

Pros of the Radio FM app 

  • Free to install and use
  • Takes seconds to play channels
  • Allows background run
  • Accessing bookmarked channels takes seconds
  • The auto-on feature works well
  • Does not drain too much of battery
  • Supports many international languages 

Cons of the Radio FM app

  • Includes ads
  • Requires stable internet connection

Additional information for the Radio FM for Android and iOS

Additional information

MAD Rating

Features- 4.7
Security- 4.6
Pricing- 4.7
Navigation- 4.5

Wrapping up

This best radio app for iPhone has features that prove that it is indeed worthy of all the popularity that comes its way. The app has kept up with the demand of evolving smartphone users while maintaining the traditional touch of radios as well. From making radio channels accessible beyond limitations of boundaries to allowing users to use them as their alarms, the free FM radio is indeed a pick you can go for without thinking twice.

Well, these were our two cents for the Radio FM that we had to offer. Hopefully, this Radio FM app review was helpful in making a decision. Now, if you are a developer and own an app as well, you can also get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily experts to receive feedback that can be helpful for its growth. Moreover, the app review can also help your app in reaching the wide audience of MobileAppDaily that is spread across many countries.

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