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Updated on January 27, 2020

Car troubles can occur anywhere and anytime! In all honesty, one of the most common issues with vehicles is running out of gas, we bet you can relate to that!

But there’s no need to worry anymore as we might have just found an appropriate solution to your query. How about a mobile app that enables you to find the nearest gas stations and filter out the ones that are the cheapest? Sounds amazing, right?

Well, the GasBuddy app does that for you and helps you in getting a hold of the lowest gas prices in your area. Currently, the GasBuddy application ranks among the top gas saving apps, let’s take a look at why it is that.

What Is GasBuddy App Used For?

GasBuddy is a mobile application that is basically created with the purpose of connecting drivers to their appropriate pit stops while serving the entire lifecycle of being on the road.

In addition to that, we would also like to mention that the database of the GasBuddy application consists of more than 150,000 gas station convenience stores. This also includes many other crucial details like real-time fuel price information, defined station locations, ratings as well as reviews etc.

Another thing worth mentioning about the GasBuddy app is its payment service model, where users can easily pay with GasBuddy. This feature also entitles the vehicle drivers to save fuel on each and every gallon of gas they pump.

GasBuddy app review

Key Features Of The GasBuddy App

Here are some of the main features that are offered by the GasBuddy app, which are as follows:

  • It effortlessly locates gas stations with the lowest-priced gas near your location.
  • It includes hundreds of thousands of reviews and ratings by the community.
  • GasBuddy assists users in finding their perfect Pit Stop.
  • Using GasBuddy will save you money as well as make the process more efficient.
  • Never pay full price again by joining their option of ‘Pay with GasBuddy’.
  • It sends push notifications for gas price hikes.
  • Explore various deals offered by local convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Filter the search results as per the desired price, location, and brand such as car washes, restaurants, restrooms etc.

GasBuddy app review

The above-mentioned features also consist of the primary functionalities of the GasBuddy app but apart from them, there are still many not-so-famous features that are offered by this app.

For instance, on GasBuddy, application users get the chance to win $100 worth of free gas in a lucky draw activity that takes place on a daily basis.

Some Tips For Using the GasBuddy App

Below are some of the useful tips and tricks that you should definitely know of while using the GasBuddy application:

  1. To make your app more effective, add your vehicle directly to the GasBuddy app in order to receive automatic notification whenever a new recall is issued.
  2. Users can even report their gas prices to help other users save some extra money. With this feature, they can also improve their ranks in the support community of the GasBuddy app.
  3. GasBuddy allows you to earn additional achievements by completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges in the mobile application.
  4. Users can constantly write reviews and even rate gas stations for their service. Here, they also have an option to include tips for other GasBuddy users.  

Our Take

Let’s start by saying that we really appreciate the fact that GasBuddy is a free application and there are no additional or hidden costs for while the different functionalities of the app.

One of the things that left a mark on us is GasBuddy’s feature of ‘Pay With GasBuddy’ which allows the user to never pay the full gas price ever again. In addition to that, there are also some things that might be concerning for some app users.

For instance, GasBuddy uses your location to assist you in finding the best nearby gas stations that are highly affordable, which also means that the GPS running in the background can easily consume a significant amount of your smartphone's battery life.

Overall, GasBuddy is an effective app to use if you are someone who is always on the road as this app can suggest cheap gas stations near your location. It is a highly convenient app that the expert team of MobileAppDaily recommends you to try.

And, in case you are still interested in exploring some more awesome Android, as well as iOS apps, then you should check out our App Review section for sure!

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