Nerdish - Learn Something New Every Week

All work and no learning will surely make you dull! Download the Nerdish app to learn something new every day!

Updated on April 05, 2024
Nerdish - Learn Something New Every Week

Bettering yourself is always a good thing. Not only does it reduce your boredom but also opens up new doors to gain new experiences and leads your brain to tackle life challenges with confidence. Discovering interests and learning new things you’re always curious about, makes your neural pathways active.

Now, the question is how are you gonna do it? With everything going on with the smartphone, why not this? We have brought a smartphone app - Nerdish that is interestingly packed with brief and inspiring articles to make your everyday life more lovable. You get thousands of interesting things to explore that save you from distractions, give your life a direction, and boost your mental health and personal growth.

From action, art, science, health to culture and life, there is something for everyone. The app makes sure you will never get bored. The best part of this app is you will certainly never lose interest, because every day, there is something new to learn.

To understand the app more closely, let’s jump to the Nerdish app review, which says a lot about this out-of-the-box app. The more closer you get to this amazing self-improvement app, the more motivated you’ll be to continue.

What is Nerdish?

Nerdish is a next-gen self-education app available for iOS that offers you inspiring and engaging short articles on science, culture, health, arts, society, and other fields, fostering self-development and personal growth released every week. It is one of the best self-development apps, which enhances the reading experience by keeping the articles short, crisp, well-structured, and designed in a way that is easy to read.

Nerdish App Review

Nerdish is a perfect solution for curious but busy people. The most interesting part of the app is that you will never get the most out of it because the app helps you stay updated with everything happening in the world.


Top Features of Nerdish App

This self-education app serves a sequence of features that helps you enhance the quality of life and increases your adaptability. Let’s go to the features of this self-learning app - Nerdish.

1. Interesting articles every week

Nerdish App Review

Nerdish releases new and fresh articles twice a week. The app makes sure the featured articles are concise, less conventional, and more inspiring in subject categories such as art and culture, health and the human body, history, politics and society. They make sure that regular Nerdish Topic reading makes you an interesting person at a party, a business lunch, or a date.

2. Read what you love!

Nerdish App Review

Nerdish is focused on segmented learning. Considering this, all the topics are distributed evenly across the fields to provide users comprehensive education. For example, you may just use it as a source of interesting reading that is science-based, bite-size, and covers many topics. Reading the topics on Nerdish takes 10-15 minutes - just like drinking a morning coffee. Wink!

3. Never get bored

Nerdish App Review

Users get updates on concise and engaging articles with insights on science, arts, society, and other fields of knowledge. It will keep you fresh and going.

4. Learn from scratch!

Nerdish App Review

One more important outcome is that creativity, critical thinking, and self-development are possible only with a good knowledge background. You can’t create new things without comprehensive knowledge of the world. And Nerdish is a perfect provider of this knowledge in a concise form. So, it is not only about curiosity but about self-development as well.

5. Why is Nerdish all you need?

The main app idea is to provide readers with bite-size articles about how the world works for broad knowledge. Nerdish is here to find the answers for you and deliver them right to your phone, so you could discover something new the minute you're up to it, be it the realm of Arts, Natural Science, History, Social Science, Technology, etc.

The articles featured in Nerdish are brief, yet they aren't just collections of facts. Rather, they contain essential knowledge on the subjects and life-long learning while reading them won't take much time. The key points in one article are logically interlinked with those of the others to provide comprehensive knowledge and be easily remembered.

What’s New?

Version - 1.9 - Nerdish Guide Topic released. (The app was released in July 2021)


The self-development app is free to download and use. However, it comes with a monthly subscription of $4.99 as an in-app purchase.

Future Updates

They are planning to release Topics weekly in different categories. We are working on Discovery Feed with fun facts. And they're working on user progress measurement and a global Nerd leaderboard.

Nerdish Reviews, Ratings, and Additional Information

Additional Information

Hits and Strikes


  • Learn something new each day
  • Stay on top of the trends  
  • Diverse category - Arts, Natural Science, History, Social Science, Technology
  • New articles twice a week
  • Easy topic distribution
  • Best for mobile self-education
  • Short and crisp articles 
  • Free e-learning app for self-growth


  • Available on iOS only

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.5
Navigation- 4.2
UI- 4.7
Security- 4.5

Our Verdict

Learning is a consistent process that not only enhances your grasping power but also makes you ready for future challenges. And Nerdish is among the rare life-long learning apps, which is making a difference. The app has been successful in removing the learning barriers, as you can read, learn and grow anytime, anywhere you want. The users get short and engaging articles on science, arts, society, and other fields of knowledge, twice a week.

What we loved about this self-improvement app is the content distribution, which is so simple and easy. If you want to learn about a certain topic, you can directly go and read that, otherwise, you can have access to a comprehensive content library fragmented into topics and sub-topics, to get in-depth knowledge about anything you wish to learn.

Nerdish personal growth app offers a seamless reading experience plus navigation is also comfortable. Overall, the app is good to go for all those nerds who are looking for inspiration and insights. Also, anyone who wants to grow!

If you liked the concept of this self-learning app, get the Nerdish app download and share your experience with us. To publish your app on our page, you can also get your app reviewed by our team. Moreover, if you want some good app development company that can give shape to your ideas, you can browse the latest MAD report featuring top app development companies.


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