MOXY: An App For Your Political Inclination

Discussing politics and finding authentic source to fetch information can be difficult but MOXY App allows you to be completely aware of current happenings

Updated on April 05, 2024
MOXY: An App For Your Political Inclination

Politics is full of unimaginable twists and turns and nowadays it is more confusing than ever. Questionable moves made by the governors or any concern regarding your state should be brought into light and discussed without fear in this era of democracy. 

Your representatives are a part of you and they should be held accountable or rewarded for their actions. Transparency is the soul of democracy and it should be restored by people and you should be more vocal about your thoughts and opinions.

Politics impacts our everyday life in so many ways but being an aware citizen you too can actively be a part of politics through MOXY app and engage in diplomatic discussions related to politics and restore your faith in democracy.

Let’s know more about MOXY app in our descriptive MOXY app review down below.

What Is MOXY App All About?

Engineered with faith in the power of change and trust in the American spirit, MOXY seeks to establish a more direct communication line between politicians and people, as well as create a vital platform where individuals can easily be informed about their local, state and national issues.

MOXY is a non-partisan ecosystem connecting voters, elected representatives and authorized organizations with the goal of enhanced mutual understanding and greater empowerment of the general citizenry to truly disrupt the political status quo.  The app is a platform to lower any real or perceived obstacles to democratic participation and will facilitate greater engagement and change.

MOXY App Review

Here is what founder of MOXY Mr. César M. Melgoza has to say:

 “MOXY will transform democratic governments through an interactive nonpartisan platform that puts actionable information at the fingertips of any U.S. resident 13 years or older,” said César M. Melgoza, founder and CEO of Epluribus, LLC., developer of MOXY  “Our goal is connecting voters, elected officials and thought leaders to create a fruitful dialog and broad-based influence.”

MOXY is a vocal platform which understands what power is vested in the people and has the courage to bring various bold opinions and questions.

How To Use MOXY Best Political News  App

Your concerns are of huge importance to this app and you can easily ping your representatives, friends and pundits for anything that concerns you about your state.

  • Download the MOXY app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign in using your number or email address or sign up using a new email address.
  • A verification link will be sent to your mobile number.
  • And enter your biometric credential for example your fingerprints.
  • Enter your country and area of residence.

This app allows you to connect with your elected representatives and connect with residents, voters, elected officials, organizations and thought leaders.

What Makes MOXY Political App Different

This political voting app  is a platform where you can  get knowledge about recent happenings and listen to podcasts by politicians so that you are well informed. MOXY holds a ton of features which are listed down below:

Local News: Receive latest government news on MOXY and stay updated about your locality and country. MOXY news can be personalized as per your preference  and get you news from the authentic sources.

Representative Page: See representatives that are representing your local areas and know which political party they are a part of. You can see national, local and state representatives.

My Jurisdiction: With this feature you can easily see what your area of jurisdiction is through a map depending on your county and state. See profiles of your representative to know more about them.

Podcasts: Podcasts are an interesting part of life and  nowadays it is more interesting when politicians are speaking, this political party app allows you to listen to your favorite political topics in a seamless manner.

Chat and Interact: You can  make your opinion heard and listen to other people by chatting with them on latest political updates and even comment on posts made by people.

Forums:  Energetic discussion and debate is a key quality of democracy.  Users can join forums of interest, participate in dialog and express their points of view while hearing from others.

Surveys And Polls:  Users can respond to surveys and polls on a variety of topics to ensure their opinions are included for a greater community understanding and receive political poll updates.

MOXY is one of those apps that provide you with the latest news about politics in real-time and is your source of information no matter where you are. During the election period, you can get unlimited latest election coverage without any hassle.

Why Do You Need MOXY Political News Updates App

Unleash your inner debater with the MOXY app and get into intelligent discussion with people regarding government, elections, representatives, and much more. Stay abreast with the latest government information and ask questions to keep the soul of democracy alive.

With the MOXY app you will get answers to every political question that you are looking for. Indulge yourself in meaningful debates and let this app be your source of unlimited knowledge. Not only this, political news and discussions can help you discover plethora of information which you were not aware of before.

MOXY app

Is MOXY App Free For Cost

This political app for iPhone and Android is free of cost with an ad-supported version.  This allows users to register to vote or check their status; connect with representatives; get election and ballot information; join forums and live streams; use direct and group chat messaging and listen to podcasts.  

MOXY app has 2 different versions which you can choose from and they are listed down below:

  • A Premium version priced at $4.99 per month or $49 per year, removes ads and also allows the subscriber to Go Live daily for 15 minutes.
  • The Power User priced at $14.99 monthly or $149 annual.  Power Users may lead their own forum, create chat groups, create their own podcast and Go Live up to three times daily for 30 minutes each. 

MAD Verdict: MOXY App Review

You can do a lot with MOXY app, it can be your platform for having interesting debates or knowing views of people around you.  It is one of those apps that educate you and ensures complete transparency.

Your ideologies can be a great conversation starter and can make other people aware about views that they never have thought about. Not only this, but you can also message politicians and representatives for anything that bothers you regarding your country or states. 

Get midterm elections live updates and know what is brewing in politics with interest. MOXY app can be your platform for unlimited learning and is sure to teach you something interesting about countries and your jurisdictions. Catch the latest news of politics and read about topics that interest you the most.

If you like MOXY app let us know in the comment section below and read our detailed app reviews to know mobile applications taking the world by the storm.

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